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Regional Transport Office - Nawada

Nawada is the district in the state of Bihar in India. Nawada RTO runs its operations quiet efficiently. It is administered by the Transport Commissioner of Bihar. Section 213(1) of the Motor Vehicle Act 1988 has laid down its foundation. Nawada RTO performs multiple tasks to ensure smooth operations of traffic and transport in the city. All the functions are directed to ensure the code of conduct is followed as per the instructions of applicable laws.

Tasks & Operations of Nawada RTO

  1. Assisting in the registration of all the new vehicles purchased in the city of Nawada.
  2. Management of dealers and handling their queries.
  3. Facilitating prompt delivery of Driving License. At times DL can be issued in a day, subject to the submission of documents and completion of the driving tests.
  4. Arranging all kinds of driving tests related to the issuance of DL.
  5. Granting special permits for all tourist vehicles and likewise.
  6. Management of Vehicle Excise duty. Excise is levied based on the types of vehicles.
  7. Issuing the learning license as and when required.
  8. Managing the license renewal process.
  9. Making required changes in the RC.

Nawada RTO Code and Contact Details

RTO Code: BR-27

The Regional Transport Officer (RTO), Nawada, Bihar - 805130.