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Regional Transport Office - Rohtas

Rohtas is a district in the state of Bihar in India. With the instructions of the Transport Commissioner, it conducts all its task efficiently. Furthermore, the Motor Vehicle Act of1988 has laid down all essential activities it needs to manage. Various activities and functions that are performed by Rohtas RTO assist in better management of transport. The objective of the establishment of Rohtas RTO is to aid in the progress of transport management in the city.

Tasks & Operations of Rohtas RTO

  1. Granting International Driving License and permit as and when required.
  2. Issuing emblem to the drivers of public transport.
  3. Special permits for the foreign vehicles.
  4. Assisting in the Vehicle Registration Process. Dispatching RC in minimum time after the verification of all the documents. Paperwork involves submission of sales certificate, Insurance copy etc.
  5. Dispatching Driving Licence in a day after vigilance of submitted documents and driving tests.
  6. Managing all kinds of driving tests, theoretical or practical.
  7. Sanctioning Vehicle Fitness tests after conducting Vehicle emission tests.
  8. Vigilance of all compulsory documents in the Vehicle.
  9. Maintaining the vehicle database.
  10. Making all the details related to Rohtas RTO available online.

Rohtas RTO Code and Contact Details

RTO Code: BR-57

The Regional Transport Officer (RTO), Rohtas, Bihar - 802212.