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Regional Transport Office - Durg

Durg is a city in the State of Chattisgarh in India. Durg RTO is established as per the Motor Vehicle Act of 1988. It plays a great role in vehicle regulation and ensuring transport rules and regulations. All of its tasks are highlighted below.

Tasks & Operations of Durg RTO

Important functions that Durg RTO performs are as follows:-

Vehicle Registration

Vehicle Registration is one of the mandatory document that all the vehicle owners must possess. They get the registration copy once they submit the required documents. Documents that they need to be submitted are like Sales certificate, Insurance Details, Chasis Number and a few others. Upon receiving these documents Durg RTO thoroughly verifies the same.

Durg RTO will do it for all the Vehicles purchased within the city. In case any of the documents are missing then we may not get the registration copy. Its always good to check all the details before the submission to avoid rejections. Once our documents are verified then we can easily receive the copy of the registration without delay.

No Objection Certificate (NOC)

No Objection Certificate is required if we shift our vehicle from another state to Durg. For an initial 3 months, we may not need NOC. But after that, we must get our NOC from Durg RTO. Without that, we will not be permitted to drive our vehicle in the city of Durg.

Road Tax Collection

Collection of Road Tax is done as per the Motor Vehicle Tax Act of 1963. These tax are levied as per the applicable slab. Tax is also based on the type of vehicles. Two wheelers tax criteria will be completely different as compared to the four wheelers. Same is applicable to other vehicles as well. Durg RTO is promptly involved in the collection of these taxes.

Driving License

Anyone who is driving in Durg needs a valid Driving License. In order to get it, they must submit the required documents on the scheduled date. Driving License can be issued on the same day after the successful driving test.

License Renewal

We need to get our license renewed after the expiry period. In order to do so, we need to approach Durg RTO itself.

Pollution Control

Durg RTO also helps in controlling the pollution by ensuring vehicles have required pollution certificates.

Durg RTO code and Contact Details

RTO Code: CG-07

Regional Transport Office (RTO), Durg - 490001
Phone Number +91-788-2324815