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Regional Transport Office - Raigarh

Raigarh is a district in the state of Chhattisgarh in India. It has been established under the provision of the Motor Vehicle Act of 1988. Under the supervision of transport commissioner, it conducts all it's activities meticulously. Raigarh RTO motive is to maintain traffic and transport rules and regulations. For managing the transport RTO of Raigarh performs manifold functions. All the operations contribute to the wellness of transport and traffic of the city.

Tasks & Operations of Raigarh RTO

  1. Managing vehicle documents
    Raigarh RTO ensures to provide all the mandatory documents required in the vehicle. These documents are like registration copy of the vehicle, No Objection Certificate (NOC), temporary registration for the vehicles etc. Registration copy is applicable whenever anyone buys a new vehicle. NOC is required if the vehicle is transferred from aother state and is driven for more than 3 months.Temporary vehicle registration is required until vehicle owners get proper registration copy.
    Raigarh RTO is responsible for the swift delivery of these documents after thorough verification.
  2. Pollution management
    Another important role performed by Raigarh RTO is pollution management. It is done by issuing pollution certificate after conducting a vehicle emission test. Along with other documents, even certificate of pollution is compulsory for all the vehicles.
  3. Changes in the Vehicle registration copy
    Raigarh RTO is responsible for any changes in the registration copy of vehicles like address or any contact details. It is initiated as soon as the vehicle owner informs about the same.
  4. Managing Driving Tests
    Raigarh RTO manages all the driving tests while issuing the driving license in Raigarh. These tests can be both theoretical as well as practical. These tests are designed in a way that people who are aware of the traffic rules are only issued the driving license.
  5. Ensuring Road Safety & regulations
    Timely training and awareness programmes are launched to ensure road safety and adherence to transport regulations.
  6. Apt disbursement of transport funds
    The funds collected or allocated to Raigarh RTO are utilized for transport wellness. It helps in maintaining road health for smooth flow of transport.
  7. Strict action against traffic lawbreakers
    One of the major tasks of Raigarh RTO is to maintain the decorum of traffic. For that, it needs to ensure possession of mandatory documents with all the vehicle owners or person driving the vehicle. In order to ensure that, it conducts timely checking on all the vehicles. People who don't adhere to the required norms are penalized heavily.
  8. International Driving License
    Raigarh RTO also helps is issuing International driving license to the people who plan to move from Raigarh to abroad on a long-term basis. With international driving permit given by Raigarh RTO people are authorized to drive internationally without any hassle.
  9. Drafting policies related to Transport Management
    Raigarh RTO under the guidance of the Transport commissioner also engages in making lots of policies. These policies are framed in order to manage traffic and transport in an efficient way.

Raigarh RTO code and Contact Details

RTO Code: CG-13

District Transport Office, Raigarh Kelo Vihar Colony, Raigarh, Chhattisgarh - 496001.
Phone Number: +91-7762225026