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Regional Transport Office - Gandhinagar

Gandhinagar is the capital city of Gujrat. It is located near Sabarmati River. Father of the nation Mahatma Gandhi was born here. Inhibited by the huge number of the population this city got a large number of vehicles as well. It is headed by the transport commissioner. Gandhinagar RTO is operated as per the discretion of The Motor Vehicle Act of 1988 .

Tasks & Operations of Gandhinagar RTO

Gandhinagar RTO plays a pivotal role in managing the transports rules and regulations. It performs a number of activities to ensure execution of the Motor Vehicle Act.

  1. Checking Roadworthiness of the Vehicles
    Every vehicle on the road should be fit to drive. Gandhinagar RTO ensures the same by conducting Vehicle emission test.
  2. Issuing Vehicle Registration Copy (RC)
    Two-wheelers, three-wheelers, four-wheelers or any mode of transport needs to have registration. Gandhinagar RTO is the concerned authority to approach as soon as we purchase a new vehicle. They help in issuing the RC. Before possessing the RC we need to submit a few mandatory documents.
  3. Granting the Road Permits
    In order to move from one city to another, road permit is a must. Gandhinagar RTO keeps tracks on interstate movements. It also manages the road permit renewal etc.
  4. Sanctioning Learning License
    All the people who are beginners in driving gets learning license initially. After completion of 6 months, they can apply for the Driving License. In order to get the Learning License in Gandhinagar, they must visit their RTO.
  5. Driving License Managment
    People who want Driving License from Gandhinagar need to visit its RTO.
  6. License Renewal Management
    Driving License gets expired after sometimes. In order to get the License renewal from Gandhinagar RTO, we must visit there.

Gandhinagar RTO Code and Contact Details

RTO Code: GJ-18

Assistant Regional Transport Office, Sec-3A, Near G0 Circle, Gandhinagar.
Landline Number: 079232-40954