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Regional Transport Office - Porbandar

Porbandar is the coastal city in the state of Gujrat in India. Transport commissioner manages the operations of RTO in Porbandar. Motor vehicle act of 1988 issues the guidelines for the systematic execution of Porbandar RTO. There are a lot of activities performed by Porbandar RTO time and again. With the help of Porbandar RTO transport and traffic operates smoothly in the city.

Tasks & Operations of Porbandar RTO

  1. Checking roadworthiness of the vehicle
    Vehicle roadworthiness is checked to ensure it's fitness. In order to check the same vehicle emission tests are conducted. One of the main motive of this test is also to control pollution. After successful test fitness certificate is issued to the vehicles.
  2. Suitable action against the lawbreakers
    All the people who drive any vehicle need to follow a certain rule. Some of them are like possession of the mandatory documents. Other is to drive as per the rules of traffic. If someone violates these rules than they are penalized for the same. At times legal action might be taken against lawbreakers. This is done to ensure road safety.
  3. Issuing international driving license
    If someone plans to shift abroad than they need an international driving license. Porbandar RTO is authorized to issue international driving license whenever required. There are certain documents required to issue these kinds of license. Once documents are verified successfully international driving license is issued within no time.
  4. Granting permission to tourist vehicles
    International vehicles need special permission for smooth travel in the city. The vehicle owner must approach Porbandar RTO in order to get the required permission to drive internationally.
  5. Managing vehicle databases
    Vehicle database for all modes of transport are very important for Porbandar RTO. By maintaining their data it is easy to manage the transport in the city. It also assists in regulating the complete system
  6. Online management of appointments
    Online disbursal of details by Porbandar RTO facilitates many activities. One of the important activity is faster appointment with RTO for getting any document. With the help of this channel, no agents are required. Hence it helps in saving both time and the cost.
  7. Swift issue of all the mandatory documents
    There are lots of documents which are required by the vehicle owners and anybody who drive vehicles. In order to get these documents in Porbandar person must contact its RTO.

Porbandar RTO Code and Contact Details

RTO Code: GJ-25

ARTO Office, Landmark- D. S. P. Office, Lane - Vadia Road, Porbandar, Gujrat - 360575.
Phone Number: +91-0286-2222215