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Regional Transport Office - Kurukshetra

Kurukshetra is a historic city in the state of Haryana in India. Kurukshetra RTO is in existence as per the guidelines set by the motor vehicle act of 1988. Its operations are managed by the transport commissioner. The motive of Kurukshetra RTO is to manage the traffic and transport in the city. Lots of activities are carried out to ensure smooth flow.

Tasks & Operations of Kurukshetra RTO

  1. Kurukshetra RTO is authorized to issue all kinds of license. From learning license, driving to International license it grants all of them. These licenses are given only after through verifications of all the documents submitted by the aspirants. International permits assist in smooth driving in other countries.
  2. Managing the online information related to Kurukshetra RTO. The data available online helps in scheduling all the appointment that users need as well. Besides that, it assists in resolving any kinds of query.
  3. Vehicle vigilance to verify mandatory documents. In the absence of these papers, the vehicle owner is penalized with the applicable fine.
  4. Punishing and taking action against traffic lawbreakers. This is an important step as it helps in maintaining decorum in the traffic.
  5. Managing the database of all the vehicles in Kurukshetra. It assists in smoothening the process of transport.
  6. Conducting all the activities as per the motor vehicle act of 1988 to improve the traffic.
  7. Formulating the policies in the interest of traffic and transport management.
  8. Authorised to issue vehicle registration copy (RC) or making any changes in the same.
  9. Excise collection for all modes of the transport. Tax is collected as per the available criteria.
  10. Regular training sessions to improve road safety. Controlling all the driving schools that assist in training many people in learning driving.
  11. Granting special permission to tourist and imported vehicles. Kurukshetra RTO is also authorized to approve commercial fleets.

Kurukshetra RTO Code and Contact Details

RTO Code: HR-07 / HR-65

Regional Transport Officer (RTO), Kurukshetra, Haryana - 136118.