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Regional Transport Office - Dharamshala

Dharamshala is one of the popular city in HP. It is one of the favorite tourist attraction as well. Dharamshala RTO plays a prominent role in managing the transport and issuing mandatory documents to an individual as well as Vehicle owners. It is headed by the Transport Commissioner. Operation of Dharmashala RTO is conducted as per the discretion of the Motor Vehicle Act of 1988 and Motor Vehicle Taxation act of 1966.

Tasks & Operations of Dharamshala RTO

Dharamshala RTO performs lots of activities to ensure the smooth flow of traffic. It is also an authorized body for issuing mandatory documents on the roads. Tasks of Dharamshala RTO is summarised below.

  1. Granting Learning License
    As soon as someone starts diving they need learning license. People who start learning driving in Dharmshala should take learning license from its RTO.
  2. Issuing Driving License
    Anyone driving in the city of Dharamshala needs to have a Driving License. They can get the same by visiting Dharamshala RTO.
  3. License Renewal
    Once our Driving License is expired we must renew it as soon as possible from Dharamshala RTO.
  4. Vehicle Registration
    As soon as we purchase any vehicle in Dharamshala than it must be registered. Dharamshala RTO is authorized to issue Vehicle registration copy.
  5. No Objection Certificate (NOC)
    If we shift from another state to Dharamshala than we must take NOC from Dharamshala RTO.
  6. Pollution Control
    Every Vehicle running in the city of Dharamshala must have Pollution certificate in their vehicle. Dharamshala RTO is responsible for managing the same.
  7. Collection of Road Tax
    Dharamshala RTO is responsible for the collection of all kinds of road tax. Tax is issued based on the types of vehicles. Criteria are different for different kinds of vehicles.

Dharamshala RTO Code And Contact Details

RTO Code: HP-04 / HP-39 / HP-68

The Regional Transport Office, Dharamshala, Kangra, Himachal Pradesh - 176215
Landline Number: +91-1892-223315.