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Regional Transport Office - Hamirpur

Hamirpur is a city in the North hill station of Himachal Pradesh in India. With the aid of Hamirpur RTO, all its operations are conducted smoothly. It is headed by the transport commissioner. It has been launched as per the provisions of the motor vehicle act of 1988. It performs various activities to ensure smooth flow of traffic in the city.

Tasks & Operations of Hamirpur RTO

  1. Vehicles database management
    Hamirpur RTO maintains the database of all the vehicles in the city of Hamirpur. It assists in the smooth management of traffic and transport.
  2. Online information management
    Ease of online details of Hamirpur RTO can make the entire process swift. Online availability of RTO details can resolve many queries of an individual as well. Instant appointments can be taken online for the RTO visit. It assists in saving a huge amount of time of the users.
  3. Managing the registration process for all the vehicles
    Hamirpur RTO is authorized to grant registration copy (RC) to all the new vehicles purchased in the city. In order to receive the RC vehicle owners need to submit certain documents. After verification of these documents RC is issued. Before the RC temporary RC is issued. RC is one of the mandatory document for all the vehicles. All the vehicle owner must possess it to avoid any penalty.
  4. Granting all kinds of permissions
    There are many kinds of permission that various kinds of vehicles need time and again. This permission can be as follows.
    • Road Permits
    • Permits for tourist vehicles
    • Special permissions for imported vehicles
    • Permission to the commercial cargo
  5. Apt usage of funds
    Hamirpur RTO utilizes all the allocated funds for the development of transport and traffic in the city.
  6. Road Tax management
    It's mandatory for all the vehicles to pay the taxes. For every vehicle criteria of tax payment is different. Hamirpur RTO is responsible for the collection of these taxes.
  7. Framing the policies
    Hamirpur RTO is the concerned body to make all kinds of policies related to the management of the transport and traffic. Instructions for the formulation of these policies are documented in the motor vehicle act.
  8. Issuing the learning license
    Initially, the learning license is issued for all the drivers. This license is issued for a period of 6 months. Once this license is expired they must apply for the valid driving license.
  9. Granting the driving license
    Hamirpur RTO issues the driving license after adhering to the proper process. Driving license is issued after receiving documents from the aspirants and conducting tests. People applying for the driving license must clear the driving tests also their documents should be appropriate.
  10. Managing the license renewal
    Hamirpur RTO also facilitates any other license related activity. It includes license renewal, issuing duplicate license etc.
  11. Giving international permits
    Anyone shifting abroad from Hamirpur will need an International driving license and permit for smooth driving. Hamirpur RTO assists in granting that permission.

Hamirpur RTO Code And Contact Details

RTO Code: HP-22

The Regional Transport Office (RTO), NH-88, Agriculture Colony, Hamirpur, Himachal Pradesh - 177001.
Phone Number: +91-1972-221-330