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Regional Transport Office - Shimla

Shimla is the capital city of the state of Himachal Pradesh in India. It's also one of the largest city in HP. Shimla is a hill station, many people often visit here for traveling. There's fast-moving traffic here. With a huge number of people and lots of tourists, there is a large number of vehicles flow as well. In Order to manage the transport and vehicles Shimla RTO has been established. It plays numerous functions as per the guidelines of the Motor Vehicles Act of 1988 and other applicable laws.

Tasks & Operations of Shimla RTO

Shimla RTO manages the transport and Vehicles. It performs other roles to ensure people are able to drive as per the required norms. Major tasks of Shimla RTO is explained below.

  1. Vehicle Emission Tests
    Shimla RTO conducts vehicle emission tests to check the health of the vehicles. If any mode of transport is found to be unsuitable then it's not allowed on the roads.
  2. Implementation of Motor Vehicle Act of 1988
    Motor Vehicle Act of 1988 has laid down some rules to implement. These rules are made to manage the transport and the vehicles. Shimla RTO helps in the execution of the same.
  3. Road Tax Collection
    Every vehicle that runs on the road needs to pay the tax. The tax may vary based on the type of vehicles. Shimla RTO is authorized for the tax collection for all kinds of vehicles.
  4. Issuing all Kinds of License
    People who drive on the road may need learning license at an initial stage. After that, they need to apply for the driving license. Once the driving license is expired they will need License renewal. All these stages of license in Shimla are facilitated by its RTO.
  5. Vehicle Registration Process
    As soon as we buy our Vehicle from Shimla it needs to be registered. Shimla RTO is responsible for issuing the registration copy for all the vehicles.
  6. Conducting Driving Tests
    For issuing the driving license Shimla RTO is responsible for conducting the driving tests. Once they examine the driving through these tests than only they issue the driving license.
  7. Granting special Number plates
    If someone needs a special number plate in Shimla than they must visit RTO there.

Shimla RTO Code And Contact Details

RTO Code: HP-01 / HP-02 / HP-07 / HP-50 / HP-51 / HP-52 / HP-62 / HP-63

The Regional Transport office, Shimla, Directorate of Transport, Parivahan Bhawan, Shimla HP -171004
Landline Number: 0177-2658379
Email: rto-shi-hp[at]nic(dot)in