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Regional Transport Office - Wayanad

Wayanad is located down south in the state of Kerala in India. It is one of the popular tourist destinations. Wayanad RTO is established as per the provisions of the motor vehicles act of 1988 conducts all its operations efficiently. It is headed by the transport commissioner. The motive of establishing RTO in Wayanad is the smooth movement of traffic.

Tasks & Operations of Wayanad RTO

  1. Conducting the driving tests
    All the driving tests at the time of granting driving license are managed by Wayanad RTO. Tests can be practical or theoretical. Tests are designed to ensure people who know how to drive are only allowed to drive on the road. This is done to ensure the prevention of accident.
  2. Issuing mandatory documents for vehicles
    Wayanad RTO is responsible to issue all the compulsory documents required in the vehicles. These papers are like No Objection Certificates (NOC), temporary registration copy (RC), permanent RC. You need NOC if you drive vehicle from other states for more than three months. Temporary RC is required until permanent RC is granted. After thorough verification of papers of vehicle owners, these documents are issued swiftly.
  3. Controlling the Pollution
    Pollution management is one of the essential tasks of Wayanad RTO. Pollution certificate is issued after conducting a vehicle emission test. Certificate of pollution is a mandatory document for all the vehicles.
  4. Amendment in the registration copy of vehicles
    Any changes in the registration copy of vehicles are incorporated by the RTO in Wayanad.
  5. Appropriate action against transport lawbreakers
    Wayanad RTO ensures people to follow the transport rule. It conducts regular checking to ensure that. Defaulters are penalized to avoid repetition of such actions. People who drive carelessly are also fined heavily.
  6. Framing transport policies
    Wayanad RTO also engages in making policies in the interest of transport and traffic management. Policies assists in managing the transport & traffic smoothly.
  7. Regulating road safety
    Awareness programmes and many training sessions are conducted to manage transport regulation and road safety.
  8. Efficient usage of transport funds
    Wayanad RTO uses the allocated funds for the betterment of transport. It can help in managing the smooth flow of transport.
  9. Issuing international driving license
    Wayanad RTO assists in granting International driving permits to the people who plan to go abroad on a long-term basis. An international driving license issued by Wayanad RTO can help people to drive in other countries easily.

Wayanad RTO Code And Contact Details

RTO Code: KL-12

The Regional Transport Office (RTO),Civil Station, Kalpetta, Wayanad - 673122.
Phone Number: 04936-202607