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Regional Transport Office - Mumbai (East)

Mumbai (East) RTO is founded for prompt management of transport in it’s vicinity. It is directed by the Transport Commissioner. His major task is to ensure adherence to rules and regulations of traffic and transport. Mumbai East RTO is established as per the section 213(1) of the Motor Vehicle Act of 1988.

Tasks & Operations of Mumbai (East) RTO

  1. Organising timely training to ensure road safety. These trainings are related to the traffic rules awareness etc.
  2. Creating ecosystems for assisting people in driving by launching driving schools.
  3. Online facility of Vehicle Excise duty. It may vary based on the types of Vehicles.
  4. Special Permits for imported vehicles.
  5. Granting permits for cargo transportation.
  6. Penalty against the lawbreakers.
  7. Checking availability of mandatory documents in the vehicles.
  8. Issuing Vehicle RC in as less time as possible.
  9. Disbursing Driving License in a day.
  10. Facilitating aspirants with the learning license.
  11. Assisting in timely License Renewals.
  12. Providing Vehicles with NOC.
  13. Managing all RTO information Online.
  14. Creating the Vehicle Database.
  15. Automating complete RTO process of Mumbai East.

Mumbai (East) RTO Code And Contact Details

RTO Code: MH-03

The Regional Transport Officer (RT)), 3rd floor, Wadala Truck Terminal, Subarea - Wadala, Zone - Mumbai (East).
Phone Number: +91-022-24036221 / 24036479