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Regional Transport Office - Manipur

Manipur is beautiful State in North East Coast of India. Imphal is its capital city. Surrounded by Burma its one of the tourist attraction. With the population of close to 3 million, it has got lots of vehicles as a mode of transport. In order to manage transport Manipur RTO has been established. It is headed by the transport commissioner. The major objective of Manipur RTO is to enforce Motor Act. Besides that, it plays many important functions. Few of which are like Issuing driving licenses, Vehicles registration, road permits etc.

How Do Manipur RTO Imposes Road Tax?

As soon as someone buys Vehicle they need to pay road tax as applicable. Vehicle Road Tax in the state of Manipur is decided as per the discretion of application section of Motor Act of 1988.

Tax is different in case of both two-wheelers and four-wheelers. Slab, as decided, has been shown below.

Type of Vehicle Criteria Road-Tax *
Two-Wheelers Cubic Capacity between 50 cc and 100 cc Rs 1700 one time
Two-Wheelers Cubic Capacity between 100 cc and 250 cc Rs 2700 one time
Two-Wheelers Cubic Capacity between 250 cc and 350 cc Rs 3000 one time
Four-Wheelers Price less than Rs. 3 lakhs 3 % of Vehicle Cost
Four-Wheelers Price between Rs. 3 lakhs and Rs. 6 lakhs 4 % of Vehicle Cost
Four-Wheelers Vehicle cost between Rs. 6 lakhs and Rs. 10 lakhs 5 % of Vehicle Cost
Four-Wheelers Vehicle cost between Rs. 10 lakhs and Rs. 15 lakhs 6 % of Vehicle Cost
Four-Wheelers Price between Rs. 15 lakhs and Rs. 20 lakhs 7 % of Vehicle Cost
Four-Wheelers Vehicle Price more than Rs. 20 Lakhs 8 % of Vehicle Cost

*These Road Tax are flexible as per the government rule.

Tasks and Purpose of Manipur RTO

Manipur RTO ensures that all the Vehicles follows the road rules. They take all the initiative to ensure Motor Act rules are followed adequately. It is also a very important authority as it performs a number of other functions as follows.

  1. Controlling the Pollution
    RTO has made pollution certificate in all the vehicles compulsory. It can be easily taken from any petrol pump. There are separate Pollution certificate Centres within these petrol pumps. After checking the Vehicles health it is issued to the owner. All the Vehicle owner should ensure that it is renewed after a specific time. The validity is mentioned in the form itself. It is one of the mandatory document that should be there in our Vehicles.
  2. All kinds of Driving License
    Driving without a driving license is a punishable offense. Manipur RTO provides all kinds of Driving License. Whether you have two-wheeler, four-wheeler or any other heavy vehicle , Manipur RTO can provide the required driving license.
  3. Manipur RTO is also the concerned authority for issuing learning license. In case we have to renew our licenses than also we need to visit the RTO.
  4. Vehicle Registration
    Whenever we buy a new vehicle it needs to get the registration number. It is another mandatory document for our motors. We need to submit a few documents and we can possess our registration copy with ease. In case there is any change in address or ownership than also RTO needs to be contacted
  5. No Objection Certificate
    If Vehicle is shifted to another city than we need a clearance certificate from the RTO. This certificate is called as No Objection certificate. Manipur RTO assists in issuing the same as well.

Above are some of the major functions as performed by Manipur RTO. However, its role is quite vast and it performs many versatile roles.

All the Vehicles owners or anyone who knows how to drive should be familiar with the local RTO of Manipur state. The list is provided below for reference.

Manipur RTO Codes

RTO Locations RTO Code RTO Locations RTO Code
Imphal West MN-01 Churachandpur MN-02
Kangpokpi MN-03 Thoubal MN-04
Bishnupur MN-05 Imphal East MN-06
Ukhrul MN-07

Manipur RTO Contact details

Transport Office Imphal East District, Kabo Leika, Imphal, Manipur - 795001
Landline Number: 91-385-2225204