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Regional Transport Office - Imphal East

Imphal is the capital city of Manipur State in India. In order to manage the transport in efficient manner its divided into different zones. RTO of Imphal East helps in managing transport rules and regulations of the eastern zone of Imphal. It has been established as per the discretion of Motor Vehicle Act of 1988 and The Motor Taxation Act of 1966.

Tasks & Operations of Imphal East RTO

Imphal East RTO performs a dynamic role in managing traffic rules and regulations. Transport management is another task of Imphal East RTO. Few of its important functions are described below.

  1. Granting registration copy to all kinds of Vehicles
    Vehicle Registration copy is mandatory for all kinds of vehicles. Imphal East RTO is responsible to sanction registration copy to all the vehicles running in the city. It is granted only after submission of a few required documents.
  2. No Objection Certificate (NOC) Managment
    No vehicle from outside state is permitted without No Objection Certificate. The maximum grace period that is allowed is usually for 3 months. Beyond that, each and every vehicle must take NOC from Imphal East RTO.
  3. Learning License Management
    Without proper Learning License, we cannot learn the driving. Imphal RTO assists in issuing the same with ease. In order to get the learning license, we need to submit some documents. These documents are like 6 passport size pictures along with birth certificates etc. Upon successful verification of paperwork, the learning license is quickly issued.
  4. Driving License Issuanc
    Imphal East RTO can issue a driving license within a day. This can be possible only if our documents are correct and we are able to clear the driving test.
  5. Vehicle Fitness Certificate Management
    Vehicle fitness is determined by its fuel emission test. If Vehicle is fit to be driven on the roads than only it is provided with Fitness certificate.
  6. Permitting Fancy Number Plates
    In case we want special number plates in Imphal east than we need special permission. We should contact Imphal East RTO to do the needful.
  7. Road pollution Management
    Road pollution is managed by issuing pollution certificate to all the vehicles running on the road. Imphal East RTO manages the road pollution as per the instructions laid down in the Motor Vehicle Act of 1988.

Imphal East RTO Code And Contact Details

RTO Code: MN-06

Regional Transport Officer (RTO), Imphal, East Manipur