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Regional Transport Office - Sambalpur

Sambalpur is one of the largest city in the Indian state of Odisha. Sambalpur RTO gets its guidelines from the transport commissioner. It has been founded as per the provision of the motor vehicle act of 1988. Sambalpur RTO conducts various activities to ensure smooth flow of transport and traffic.

All the functions performed by Sambalpur RTO are mandatory. One of its essential tasks is to facilitate users with all the compulsory documents. Vehicle owner not having these documents gets penalized. Sambalpur RTO is majorly responsible for the enactment of the motor vehicle act of 1988.

Tasks & Operations of Sambalpur RTO

  1. Maintain smooth transport and traffic
    To maintain smooth transport and traffic in the city, Sambalpur RTO ensures all the vehicles adhere to transport and traffic rules and regulations. Some of the compulsory documents that are required by all the vehicles are tabulated below.
    • Registration Copy (RC)
    • Valid Driving License (DL) /Learning License
    • No Objection Certificate (NOC) (if applicable)
    • Pollution Certificate
    • Motor Insurance Document
    • Special Permits ( if applicable)
  2. Road tax management
    Sambalpur RTO is responsible for the collection of road tax from all kinds of vehicles. For all kinds of vehicles, criteria of tax may be different. Below are the details of how vehicle excise is managed based on the type of vehicles.
    • Type of Vehicle - Basis of Tax Criteria
    • Two-Wheelers - Engine capacity
    • Three-Wheelers - Vehicle Weight
    • Four-Wheelers - Cost of vehicle
    These criteria may keep on changing timely. Sambalpur RTO ensures to collect these road tax periodically.
  3. Vehicle registration & no objection certificate (NOC) management
    It is mandatory for all the vehicles to have registration copy (RC) in their vehicles. All the new vehicles purchased in Sambalpur can get its RC from the RTO office. Vehicle owners need to submit a few documents to possess RC. Sambalpur RTO facilitates all the required changes in RC. It also helps in providing NOC to all the outstation vehicles from other states. Thus Sambalpur RTO helps the vehicle owner in the following ways.
    • Issuing registration copy(RC) to all the vehicles
    • Making amendments in the RC
    • Granting NOC
    • Dispatching temporary RC
  4. Issuing all kinds of driving licenses
    Sambalpur RTO assists in issuing all kinds of driving licenses. These licenses can be learning license, driving license or international license. It also helps in granting the duplicate license and license renewal. Learning license is valid only for a period of 6 months and is granted only to the beginners in driving. After the expiry of the learning license, Its must to possess a valid driving license. Sambalpur RTO can issue the driving license within a day if all the documents submitted are accurate and driving tests are passed successfully. The same process is applicable for granting any other kind of license.
  5. Special permits
    Sambalpur RTO is authorized to grant special permits as and when required. These permits may be required for the tourist vehicles or in the case of imported vehicles as well. Granting road permits and its renewal is the regular task of Sambalpur RTO. It is also authorized to grant permission to any commercial fleet and cargo.

Sambalpur RTO Code And Contact Details

RTO Code: OD-15

Regional Transport Officer (RTO), Sambalpur, Odisha - 768001.
Phone Number: +91-663-2410371.