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Regional Transport Office - Jalandhar

Jalandhar is one of the oldest district in the state of Punjab. It is one of the famous religious city as well. Jalandhar RTO is established as per the motor vehicle act of 1988. It gets its instructions from the transport commissioner who also heads the Jalandhar RTO. Lots of essential activities are conducted by the RTO of Jalandhar. Major motive of the foundation of Jalandhar RTO is to ensure a swift flow of traffic and transport. It also assists in the enactment of a motor vehicle act.

Tasks & Operations of Jalandhar RTO

  1. Jalandhar RTO automation process
    Jalandhar RTO is a go-to place for many basic and mandatory activities. Some of the functions it conducts are related to possession of compulsory documents in the vehicle. In the absence of the same, the vehicle owner can be heavily penalized. It's important for RTO to perform all the tasks speedily. Swift process can be achieved through automation. All the RTO employees gets constanty enaged to make the system more organised through couple of steps. Automated process can save a lot of time and make the system more efficient. Some of the steps taken to make Jalandhar RTO process automated are as follows.
    • Online Disbursement of RTO Information
    • Database Management of Vehicles
    • Arranging Online Appointments for RTO Visit
    All the above steps help in time management and making the entire process automated.
  2. Driving license management
    One of the important function performed by Jalandhar RTO is issuing the driving license to all the users. It assists in granting all kinds of licenses. Some of the license that it issue are learning license, driving license, international license etc. Learning license is valid only for the period of 6 months. After that its essential to possess a driving license, that expires within a span of 20 years.
    Jalandhar RTO also facilitates in license renewal process and issues duplicate license if it gets lost due to any reason. To get any kind of license we must adhere to a certain process. A person needs to submit certain documents and underdo driving tests to possess the license. Some of the documents that need to be submitted to RTO are as follows.
    • 1 to 6 passport size pics
    • Identity proof
    • Address proof
    • Nominal fee
    • Any other document as applicable
  3. Managing all kinds of training
    Jalandhar RTO is also engaged in conducting all sorts of training related to transport or traffic. These training can be related to spreading the road safety awareness or driving. To ensure more and more people learn driving, it manages all the driving schools.
  4. Issuing RC copy to vehicles
    Every vehicle must have the registration copy (RC) as it's one of the mandatory document for all the motors. In order to get RC from Jalandhar RTO, certain documents need to be submitted along with a nominal fee. Jalandhar RTO issues RTO with ease upon verification of submitted documents. It also helps in making any timely amendment in the RC as well.

Jalandhar RTO Code And Contact Details

RTO Code: PB-08

Regional Transport Officer (RTO), Jalandhar, Punjab - 14400.
Phone Number: +91-181-2224278.