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Regional Transport Office - Mohali

Mohali is a hill station in the state of Punjab in India. Mohali RTO manages the traffic and transport in the city. It has been established as per the provisions of motor vehicle act of 1988. Transport commissioner heads the operations of Mohali RTO. The motive of Mohali RTO foundation is to regulate the transport and traffic in the city. It also assists in the enactment of the motor vehicle act of 1988. Other key tasks of Mohali RTO are elaborated below.

Tasks & Operations of Mohali RTO

  1. Managing vehicle registration process
    Any new vehicle purchased in Mohali must posses registration copy (RC). It is one of the mandatory document for all the vehicles. To get RC, the vehicle owner must submit the required documents to Mohali RTO. After verification of these documents and charging a nominal fee from people, RC is issued. Documents required to process the RC are sales certificate, vehicle fitness certificate, identify proof or other papers as required.
  2. Making any alteration in the RC
    There can be few instances where changes in RC are quintessential. It can be in the situation when there is any change in contact details of the vehicle owner. Other times when changes are required is during the change of ownership of the vehicles. For processing such changes, Mohali RTO is the only institute in the city.
  3. Issuing no objection certificate (NOC)
    NOC is required when the vehicle from other states is driven in the city beyond three months. It is also important and essential document for all the outstation vehicle. If you got the vehicle from other states shifted to Mohali, you can pay a visit to their RTO office to collect the NOC.
  4. Furnishing learning license
    No one is allowed to drive their vehicles on the road without the license. In the beginning, the learning license is issued. It is valid for the period of 6 months only. To get this license specific documents needs to be submitted, after processing them learning license is issued easily.
  5. Granting driving license (DL) within a day
    Learning license is valid only for the period of six months, after that it is mandatory to have a driving license. To get the driving license within a day from Mohali RTO your documents should be up to mark. Clearing all the driving tests is also mandatory to get the DL.
  6. Assisting in any other abetment related to license
    DL is valid for a period of 20 years, after that it's mandatory to renew it. Mohali RTO facilitates in the license renewal process. Besides that, if there is any other assistance required in the context of DL, Mohali RTO can be approached. It can assist in issuing duplicate DL in the case of its loss as well.
  7. Sanctioning international license
    If someone plans to relocate abroad from Mohali than they must take international driving permits from it's RTO. Mohali RTO is authorized to issue International driving license and permits.
  8. Authorised for granting special permits
    Mohali RTO is responsible for granting any kinds of special permission required by the vehicles. These permits can be related to any kind of road permit or its renewals. Other cases can be permits for tourist or imported vehicles. Permissions can also pertain to commercial cargo or fleets as well.

Mohali RTO Code And Contact Details

RTO Code: PB-65

Regional Transport Officer (RTO), Mohali, Punjab - 140110.
Phone Number: 0-172-5044506.