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Regional Transport Office - Pathankot

Pathankot is the city in the north Indian state of India. Pathankot RTO operates efficiently to manage the transport and traffic in the city. It has been established under the provision of the motor vehicle act of 1988. It is headed by the transport commissioner. Various functions are performed by Pathankot RTO to manage traffic and transport efficiently.

Tasks & Operations of Pathankot RTO

  1. Vehicle vigilance
    Pathankot RTO conducts regular vehicle vigilance process to ensure possession of mandatory documents. Traffic police officers are deputed at many points to check the vehicles on the regular basis. As soon as they find any defaulter, they report the same to the RTO in Pathankot city.
  2. Penalising the lawbreakers
    One of the responsibilities of the Pathankot RTO is to ensure smooth flow of traffic and transport. To guarantee the same, they keep the track on the drivers who jump the traffic light or break any other rules. Traffic violators are required to pay heavy fine as per the applicable law.
  3. Online information management
    Online information availability of Pathankot RTO assists in making the entire process faster. Access of RTO details on web abets people in scheduling appointments for an offline visit to RTO easily. Online data also address many trivial queries, which may otherwise require the person to pay a visit to RTO.
  4. Utilisation of funds
    Pathankot RTO is authorized to use RTO funds for the welfare of traffic and transport. With the aid of the available funds, RTO in Pathankot can conduct all the tasks smoothly that can lead to the betterment of traffic and transport. Activities can pertain to using better material for road construction, developing infrastructure or any other task. It conducts all the activities that can lead to the improvement of the transport and traffic.
  5. Vehicle excise management
    Vehicle excise management is one of the mandatory tasks of Pathankot RTO. Any vehicle running on the roads need to pay a certain tax. Pathankot RTO collects these tax on a regular basis as per the latest slab. Criteria for tax collection varies based on the type of vehicle. The slab may change time to time, Jalandhar RTO keeps a tab on the same and manage vehicle excise efficiently.
  6. Formulation of policies
    Pathankot RTO also engages regularly in framing various policies to improve traffic and transport in the city.
  7. Dealers management
    All the vehicle dealers need to pay a regular visit to the RTO in Pathankot to collect the required documents. They must adhere to a proper process to get their document on time. Pathankot RTO issues these mandatory documents with ease after validation of submitted documents.

Pathankot RTO Code And Contact Details

RTO Code: PB-35

Regional Transport Officer (RTO), Udit Nagar, Pathankot, Punjab - 145021.
Phone Number: +91-1870 -255305