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Regional Transport Office - Ajmer

Ajmer is a famous religious district of Rajasthan state in India. Ajmer RTO manages numerous activities to ensure smooth traffic and transport in the city. It is headed by the transport commissioner. All the tasks of Ajmer RTO are conducted as per the instructions laid down in the motor vehicle act of 1988.

Tasks & Operations of Ajmer RTO

  1. The utilization of RTO funds
    Ajmer RTO utilizes all the RTO funds in the development of its transport and traffic. There are many activities organized that contribute to the betterment of city traffic and transport.
  2. Online RTO information management
    Ajmer RTO facilities all its information online for its users. It assists in making the process swift and convenient for all the users. With online availability of information, even appointment to the Ajmer RTO is possible speedily. Besides that, it assists in addressing any query instantly.
  3. Automation of the process
    The focus of the RTO In Ajmer is to make the complete process automated. If the process is automated operations becomes smooth. It prevents any confusion created because of multiple manual huddles.
  4. Vehicle database management
    Ajmer RTO is responsible to manage the database of all the vehicles in the city. Having details of all the vehicles at a central place assists in manage the traffic and transport in an efficient way.
  5. Management of vehicle excise
    All mode of transport needs to pay the excise duty to operate smoothly. Ajmer RTO is authorized to manage the excise of all modes of road transport. Tax is collected based on the types of vehicles. Criteria for the collection of two-wheelers are different from three-wheelers or four-wheelers. In the case of two-wheelers it’s collected based on the weight or its engine capacity. In the case of four-wheelers, it may be based on the cost of the vehicle. Ajmer RTO collected these tax based on the latest slab on a regular basis.
  6. Issuing the road permits
    Ajmer RTO is authorized to grant any kind of road permit and its renewal as well. These road permit may be required by any kind of vehicle. Road permits in Ajmer can be granted only by it’s RTO.
  7. Authorised to grant special permits
    Certain vehicles need special permits to move smoothly within the city. This special mdoe of transport can be tourist or imported vehicles. Ajmer RTO facilities in granting the permits for any sort of specialized vehicles. Permission is given after following certain process and procedure only.
  8. Permission to commercial vehicles
    Ajmer RTO is also the concerned authority to grant any kind of permission to commercial fleets or commercial cargo as well.
  9. Vehicle registration copy (RC) management
    Any new vehicle purchased in Ajmer must get its RC from the RTO office in Ajmer. The process is automated , RC is granted without any hassle if the required procedure is adopted. Documents that vehicle owner needs to submit are chassis number of engine, their Identity & address proof etc.

Ajmer RTO Code And Contact Details

RTO Code: RJ-01

Regional Transport Officer (RTO), Ajmer, Rajasthan - 305001.
Phone Number: +91-8432080376.