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Regional Transport Office - Coimbatore

Coimbatore is the second largest city in the state of Tamil Nadu in India. Establishment of Coimbatore RTO is possible as per the provision of the Motor Vehicle act of 1988. Transport commissioner manages all the operations of RTO in Coimbatore. Functions and activities of Coimbatore RTO are aimed at creating a better ecosystem for transport and the traffic.

Tasks & Operations of Coimbatore RTO

  1. Road funds utilization
    Coimbatore RTO is responsible for allocation of transportation funds for the betterment of traffic. There are a lot of activities that can be performed with the help of these funds. Some of them can be the construction of roads & better infrastructure. There are many more constructive activities carried on with these funds. All these actions ultimately contribute to smooth traffic in the city.
  2. Vehicles registration management
    Registration copy( RC) is a mandatory document in all the vehicles. As soon as someone purchases a new car, bike or any other motor in Coimbatore they must get the RC copy form the RTO. RC is issued once the vehicle owner submits the required documents and make the nominal payment. Initially, temporary RC is issued by the Coimbatore RTO. Permanent RC is given after thorough verification of documents.
    Coimbatore RTO can also make the changes in RC as and when required. These changes are applicable as soon as someone changes their contact details. Also when someone sells their vehicle, RC needs to be updated. All these changes are facilitated by Coimbatore RTO.
  3. No objection cetificate (NOC)management
    Vehicles that shifts from other states to Coimbatore needs special permission to be driven here. Owner of the vehicle can contact the RTO after 3 months time to get NOC. Certain documents with some nominal fees must be submitted in RTO office of Coimbatore. Upon verification of these documents, NOC is issued.
  4. Issuing all kinds of driving license
    There are many kinds of driving license required by the vehicle owners to drive easily on the roads. Types of the license can be a learning license, driving license, international driving license. Coimbatore RTO can also assist in timely license renewal and issuing a new license at the time of driving license theft or loss.
  5. Penalising the traffic lawbreakers
    Coimbatore RTO is authorized to take legal action against the people breaking the traffic law. To keep track of the same regular checking of all the vehicles is conducted. Someone, not possessing mandatory documents are fined. People who jump the red lights are also punished. People found guilty of any criminal activity through their vehicles are sued legally.
  6. Process Automation
    To ensure smooth operations, the entire process of Coimbatore RTO is automated. With the help of automation, activities become prompt. There are some queries that can be easily resolved with ease of process automation.
  7. Online diffusion of Coimbatore RTO information
    Online availability of all RTO related information makes traffic more smooth. People easily possess all the mandatory documents in the vehicle. This also helps in creating a civic sense among people.

Coimbatore RTO Code And Contact Details

RTO Code: TN-66

The Regional Transport Office (RTO), Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu.
Phone Number: +91-422-2248449
Email: rtotn66[at]nic(dot)in