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Regional Transport Office - Madurai

Madurai is one of the largest city in the state of Tamil Nadu in India. It's RTO functions are conducted to ensure swift traffic flow in the city. The intention of its establishment through motor vehicle act of 1988 is the enactment of traffic law. Madurai RTO operates as per the guidelines of the transport commissioner.

Tasks & Operations of Madurai RTO

  1. Online information and appointments management
    Online availability of all information of Madurai RTO makes the transport process swift.
  2. Verification of vehicle documents
    Madurai RTO conducts timely checking for all the vehicles. This is done to ensure availability of compulsory documents with all the vehicle owners and drivers.
  3. Penalizing defaulters
    People who do not carry essential documents in their vehicles are penalized.
  4. Legal action against traffic rule breakers
    Individual frequently crossing the red lights or hitting someone with their vehicles are called for legal pursuit.
  5. Vehicle excise management
    Madurai collects the tax with all kinds of vehicles. These tax are collected periodically as per latest slab.
  6. Maintaining database for all vehicles in Madurai
    Madurai RTO is responsible for maintaining the database for all the vehicles running in Madurai city. This assists in managing the transport in a better way.
  7. Granting permission for specific vehicles
    Madurai RTO sanction timely road permits as and when applicable. It is also responsible for renewing these permits. Madurai RTO also grants permission to any international or tourist vehicle. Any commercial fleet in Madurai also needs a permit from its RTO for the smooth conduct.
  8. Implementation of Motor vehicle act of 1988
    Madurai RTO conducts all the operations as mentioned in the motor vehicle act. This assists in the enactment of all the transport operations.
  9. Formulation of policies relates to the transport
    Madurai RTO is also engaged in framing appropriate management of transport and traffic.
  10. Managing the vehicle registration process
    New vehicles that are purchased in Madurai can take registration copy ( RC) from it’s RTO office. Any changes that are required in RC can also be done though Madurai RTO only. RC copy is issued after verification of documents submitted by the vehicle owners.
  11. Issuing No objection certificates (NOC)
    After the grace period of 3 months, vehicles from other states need NOC to drive in Madurai. RTO in Madurai issues the same after checking the required documents from the vehicle owners.

Madurai RTO Code And Contact Details

RTO Code: TN-58 / TN-59 / TN-64

Regional Transport Office (RTO), Melur Road, Madurai, TamilNadu - 625007.
Phone Number: 0452-2569181