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Regional Transport Office - Nagarkurnool

Nagarkurnool is a city in the south Indian state of Telangana. Nagarkurnool RTO plays a key role in managing the traffic and transport in the city. Transport commissioner operates this RTO as per the instructions of the motor vehicle act of 1988.

Tasks & Operations of Nagarkurnool RTO

  1. Articulating transport policies
    Nagarkurnool majorly contributes in framing the policies for the smooth operations of transport and traffic.
  2. Vehicle registration process management
    The major contribution of Nagarkurnool RTO in this regards is issuing registration copy( RC) to all the new vehicles. It is issued only upon successful verification of the documents submitted by the vehicle owners.
  3. Transport Permission
    Nagarkurnool RTO grants all the permissions as and when required. These permissions are related to granting the road permits and renewals. Others are related to commercial fleets. RTO in Nagarkurnool also plays a key role in allowing the flow of any imported or tourist vehicles.
  4. Online details of Nagarkurnool RTO
    Nagarkurnool RTO assists in the online disbursal of all required details. Online presence saves lot of time of the users by handy availability of all RTO details. Through the online platform, it also schedules a lot of appointment for an offline visit.
  5. Issuing all kinds of driving license
    Nagarkurnool RTO helps in issuing all kinds of driving licenses. From learning license to international, it's authorized to sanction all. Types of license it issues are tabulated below.
    • Learning license, having validity 6 months.
    • Driving license that is valid for 20 years.
    • International driving license
    • License renewal
    • Issuing duplicate license
    All these types of licenses are issued after thorough verification of documents of aspirants and successful completion of the driving tests.

Nagarkurnool RTO Code And Contact Details

RTO Code: TS-31

The district transport office (DTO), Abbas nagar main road, Nagarkurnool, Telangana - 518002.
Phone Number: 9705188449 / 9705188449
Email: dto_nagarkurnool[at]tstransport(dot)in