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Regional Transport Office - Bareilly

Bareilly is the city in the north Indian state of Uttar Pradesh. Bareilly RTO is controlled by the transport commissioner as per the provision of motor vehicle act of 1988. It conducts a couple of activities to manage the traffic in Bareilly. The motive of establishing Bareilly RTO is to manage transport and traffic swiftly.

Tasks & Operations of Bareilly RTO

  1. Managing all kinds of tests
    Bareilly RTO assists in conducting all kinds of tests. These tests can range from several driving tests to conducting vehicle emission tests. Driving tests are organized for issuing the driving license.
    Vehicle emission tests are conducted to check the roadworthiness of the vehicle. Other tests that may be organized is related to checking the pollution level of the vehicle.
  2. Action against traffic lawbreakers
    Time and again periodical tests are done to check the possession of the mandatory document in the vehicle. People not having these documents are penalized. A person not following basic traffic rules are also penalized. A strict legal action is taken against people conducting any crime with their vehicle as well.
  3. Making all the traffic policies
    Traffic policies are formulated to maintain better traffic and transport in the city. All rules and regulations are framed for the betterment of transport and traffic in the city.
  4. Automation of RTO operations
    Bareilly RTO is also responsible for the automation of entire RTO process. It helps in managing the transport and traffic in an efficient manner. If the process is automated then there is no ambiguity of action. Furthermore, It helps in saving a lot of time as well.
  5. Road tax collection
    One of the prime responsibility of Bareilly is to collect the applicable road tax from the vehicle owners. These taxes are levied as per the latest slab. Criteria for excise or tax varies based on the types of vehicles. The slab of the tax also keeps on fluctuating periodically. Bareilly RTO keeps track of all that and collects the road tax as per latest slab only.
  6. Issuing all sorts of driving license
    There are many kinds of license that Bareilly RTO needs to submit time and again. All these licenses are tabulated below.
    • Learning License
    • Driving License (DL)
    • International License
    • Duplicate License
    • Renewed License
    For issuing any kind of license above there's a stipulated process. Once the process is adhered, the required license is granted as soon as possible. Learning license is issued for a period of six months. After that, it's mandatory for all the drivers to apply for DL.
    Bareilly RTO is authorized to issue the DL within a day if all terms and conditions are met. Applicants need to submit few documents and need to undergo few driving tests. Upon verification of paperwork and successful clearing various kinds of driving tests, DL is issued within a day.
    Bareilly RTO also facilitates an international driving license and permits as and when required. Besides that, Bareilly RTO also does the needful to issue a duplicate license and assist in license renewal process. For any sort of abetment for either of the licenses above, an applicant must pay a visit to Bareilly RTO.

Bareilly RTO Code And Contact Details

RTO Code: UP-25

Regional Transport Officer (RTO), Bareilly, Uttar Pradesh - 243001.