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Regional Transport Office - Noida

Noida is one of the planned city in the north Indian state of Uttar Pradesh in India. Noida RTO conducts multiple activities to ensure flourishment of traffic and transport in the city. Transport commissioner controls all the operations of Noida RTO. Motor vehicle act of 1988 issues all the instructions to conduct all the functions of RTO in Noida.

The major motive of the establishment of Noida RTO is the enactment of motor vehicle act of 1988. Besides that, it performs many other essential tasks that assist in the overall transport and traffic development.

Tasks & Operations of Noida RTO

  1. Vehicle excise management
    Noida RTO is responsible for the collection of excise from all modes of road transport. This mode can be a two-wheeler, three-wheeler, four-wheeler or any other type of road transport. The basis for tax in all these types of vehicles differs. Criteria for all of them have been tabulated below.
    • Two-wheelers - Engine capacity
    • Three-wheelers - The weight of the vehicle
    • Four-Wheelers - Cost of the vehicle
    It's the responsibility of Noida RTO to collect these taxes on time. The tax also helps in generating a lot of funds. These funds are utilized for the development of traffic and transport. RTO in Noida is responsible for apt utilization of these finance that can ultimately lead to improvement of transport and traffic.
  2. Issuing driving license
    Noida RTO is authorized to grant the driving license within a day to all the applicants however there are certain criteria for doing so. First of all, the documents submitted should be accurate, secondly, all the aspirants need to clear the driving tests. Documents that an individual needs to submit for the driving license are:-
    • One passport size photograph
    • Identity proof
    • Address proof
    • Aadhar card
    • Any other document
    Besides the above step, driving license applicant has to undergo driving tests as well. These tests can be both theoretical as well as practical. Theoretical tests are designed to check awareness of an individual about the traffic rules. Practical tests are arranged to check the driving skills of the person. Once the person successfully submits all the documents and clear the driving tests he or she is eligible to receive the driving license.
  3. Supplying all other driving licenses
    Other than driving license, Noida RTO also assists in issuing many other types of licenses. These licenses are learning license, international license and duplicate license. Noida RTO also helps in the process of license renewal after the expiry of driving license. Learning license is valid just for the period of six months. After that it's must to apply for driving license. Tenure of driving license is usually 20 years. After driving license is expired, you need to renew your license. If you stay in Noida than you must visit its RTO to get the license renewal. In case you have lost your driving license because of carelessness, theft or any other reason than you must request for the duplicate license. Driving license is one of the mandatory document in India. You can not drive any vehicle without driving license.
    If you plan to migrate abroad from Noida than you will need a special permit to drive there. You can request for international driving license or permits from Noida RTO if you shift from there. Nutshell, Noida RTO plays a pivotal role in issuing all the mandatory documents to the people. Kind of licenses it issues are as follows.
    • Learning License
    • Driving License
    • International License
    • Duplicate License
    • Renewed License
  4. Granting vehicle registration copy (RC)
    All the new vehicles purchased in Noida must have valid RC. One of the mandatory document for all the vehicles is the possession of RC. Vehicle owners can get the RC without any hassle after submitting few documents along with a nominal fee. Documents that they need to submit are as follows.
    • Form 20 - Filled in application form
    • Form 21- Certification of sales in original. It can be easily taken from the car dealer
    • Form 22- Vehicle fitness certificate also known as roadworthiness certificate
    • Vehicle insurance papers
    • Identity proof of the vehicle owner
    • Proof of address of the vehicle owner
    • Clearance certificate from custom only if the vehicle is imported
    • Vehicle excise certificate/Challan copy
    • Pencil print of the chassis number
    • Any other document as required
    After submission of documents above, RC is issued within a short time.
  5. Making any modifications in the RC
    RC needs to be modified whenever there is a change in contact details of vehicle owners. It can happen in the following instances.
    • Change in the contact details of the vehicle owner
    • Transfer of ownership
    As soon as these changes occur it has to be incorporated in RC as well. Noida RTO facilitates in furnishing these alternations as soon as it receives the request from the vehicle owners.
  6. Facilitating no objection certificate (NOC)
    NOC is one of the mandatory documents for all the vehicles from other states transferred to Noida. You can drive the vehicle only for the period of there months after that you must request for NOC through the Noida RTO. You just need to submit a few documents and pay a nominal fee to possess the same.
  7. Utilisation of funds
    Noida RTO is responsible to utilize all the funds collected in RTO for its betterment. There can be numerous activities conducted in order to make proper utilization of the fund collected. One of them can be the construction of the road. It can help in the smooth flow of traffic. Other can be the development of the infrastructure that can also lead to the betterment of transport in the city.

Noida RTO Code And Contact Details

RTO Code: UP-16

Regional Transport Officer (RTO), Noida, Uttar Pradesh - 201308.
Phone Number: +91-120-2505556