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Regional Transport Office - West Bengal

State of West Bengal is located in an eastern zone of India. It’s surrounded by the Bay of Bengal. It is inhibited by a large number of people. Many individuals possess their own vehicles and there are many other modes of transport in the state as well. In order to regulate and monitor transport and vehicles, West Bengal RTO is established. It operates as per the direction by Motor Act of 1988. It has got many activities to perform. Each and every task is important. One of the most basic yet essential activity is to get our new vehicles registered. The entire process has been elaborated below.

How To Get Your New Car RC Through West Bengal RTO?

Its mandatory to get our new vehicles registered. Without registration driving the vehicles is a punishable offense. Registration copy is often referred as RC in short. If you are staying in West Bengal and purchased a new car than you must get it registered. We can visit any of the district RTO office for that purpose. In order to get the copy of our registration, we must submit a couple of documents. These documents are as follows.

  1. Your Address Proof
  2. Insurance Document
  3. Sales certificate Form
  4. Road Worthiness
  5. Your ID Proof
  6. Vehicle Health Certificate
  7. Chasis Number

There might be some additional documents required as directed by the concerned West Bengal RTO office. After receiving these documents they are thoroughly verified. If all our documents are complete then we can expect our RC within a short time.

Major Tasks and Activities of West Bengal RTO

West Bengal RTO is quite proficient in all the tasks it performs. Some of its major activities are as follows.

  1. Issuing License
  2. Vehicle Registration
  3. Enforcement of Motor Act of 1988
  4. Collection of Road Tax
  5. Giving Road Permit
  6. Controlling the pollution

Vehicle owner or person who drives any mode of transport must visit the RTO office. They can go to the RTO in their city. RTO details along with the code for reference has been tabulated below.

West Bengal RTO Codes

RTO Locations RTO Code RTO Locations RTO Code
Kolkata WB-01 Kolkata WB-02
Kolkata WB-03 Kolkata WB-04
Kolkata WB-05 Kolkata WB-06
Kolkata WB-07 Kolkata Salt Lake WB-08
Howrah WB-11 Howrah WB-12
Howrah Uluberia WB-13 Howrah Uluberia WB-14
Hooghly WB-15 Hooghly WB-16
Hooghly WB-17 Chandannagar WB-18
Alipore WB-19 Alipore WB-20
Alipore WB-22 Barrackpore WB-23
Barrackpore WB-24 Barasat WB-25
Barasat WB-26 Tamluk WB-29
Tamluk WB-30 Contai WB-31
Contai WB-32 Midnapur WB-33
Midnapur WB-34 Asansol WB-37
Asansol WB-38 Durgapur WB-39
Durgapur WB-40 Burdwan WB-41
Burdwan WB-42 Kalna WB-43
Asansol WB-44 Asansol WB-44A
Asansol WB-44B Asansol WB-44C
Asansol WB-44D Kalna WB-44E
Bolpur WB-47 Bolpur WB-48
Nadia WB-51 Nadia WB-52
Birbhum WB-53 Birbhum WB-54
Purulia WB-55 Purulia WB-56
Murshidabad WB-57 Murshidabad WB-58
Raiganj WB-59 Raiganj WB-60
Balurghat WB-61 Balurghat WB-62
Cooch Behar WB-63 Cooch Behar WB-64
Malda WB-65 Malda WB-66
Bankura WB-67 Bankura WB-68
Alipurduar WB-69 Alipurduar WB-70
Jalpaiguri WB-71 Jalpaiguri WB-72
Siliguri WB-73 Siliguri WB-74
Darjeeling WB-76 Kalimpong WB-77
Kalimpong WB-78 Raghunathpur WB-79
Mathabhanga WB-82 Mathabhanga WB-86
Kalyani WB-89 Kalyani WB-90
Islampur WB-91 Islampur WB-92
Murshidabad WB-93 Murshidabad WB-94
Baruipur WB-96 Darjeeling WB-77

West Bengal RTO Contact details

Regional Transport Office, Beltala, Kolkatta, West Bengal – 700020.
Landline Number: 033-24751621 / 033-24751622