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Regional Transport Office - Hooghly

District of Hooghly is located in the eastern state of West Bengal in India. Hooghly RTO is directed by the transport commissioner. It is established as per the motor vehicle act of 1988. It manages and conducts lots of activities to maintain smooth traffic and transport.

Tasks & Operations of Hooghly RTO

  1. International driving license
    Granting International permits and license to all the people who drives and planning to shift abroad. With the help of these license they can drive down with ease in other countries as well.
  2. Motor vehicle act of 1988 implementation
    Hooghly RTO conducts all its operations as per the guidelines laid in the motor vehicle act of 1988.
  3. Formulating transport policies
    RTO in Hooghly is responsible for making all the policies related to the transport management.
  4. Vehicle registration management
    Hooghly RTO is responsible for issuing registration copy (RC) to all new vehicles purchased in Hooghly. RC is one of the mandatory document for all the vehicles. Driving without RC is a punishable offense.
  5. Conducting training sessions
    Hooghly RTO organizes the training programmes to ensure road safety among the commuters. It also manages all the training conducted by the driving schools.
  6. Granting special permits
    All the special permits to tourist and imported vehicles are sanctioned by the RTO in Hooghly.
  7. Road Permits
    Hooghly RTO is responsible for providing the road permits and timely renewal of the same.
  8. Commercial fleets permits
    Hooghly RTO is also responsible and authorized to grant permission to all the commercial cargo and fleets.
  9. Online RTO data
    Hooghly RTO assist in maintaining all data related to its RTO online. It helps in easy access to all the RTO related data. An online appointment can also be scheduled with the ease on online RTO platforms.
  10. Verification of vehicles-
    Hooghly RTO is responsible for conducting timely verifications to check the availability of compulsory papers in the vehicle. In the absence of the same vehicle owners are penalized.
  11. Legal action against lawbreakers
    Anyone not following the traffic rules invites legal action enforced by the RTO.
  12. Vehicle excise management
    Hooghly RTO is responsible to collect the road tax on the scheduled time. Criteria of tax vary based on the type of vehicles. For two-wheelers the rate of tax is as per it's weight or engine. In the case of four-wheelers, it is as per it's cost.
  13. Database management of all the Vehicles-
    Hooghly RTO maintains a database for all kinds of vehicles to keep track on the smooth flow of traffic.

Hooghly RTO Code And Contact Details

RTO Code: WB-16

Regional Transport Office (RTO), Chuchura Court Auto stand, Netaji Subhash Rd, Ghatakpara, Hooghly, West Bengal - 712102.
Phone Number: +91-8823813077