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Travel Insurance Premium Calculator

Confucius has very well said that, “Wherever you go, go with all your heart.” Travelling is considered as one the most beautiful moments of one’s life. When you travel, you not just create some everlasting memories but also experience a lot of first times of your life. It is a life experience which carves you into a better person both inside and outside. One learns not only famous places on our planet but also the varied culture, food, traditions, rituals, people, clothing, language, architecture, history and a lot more. All these along with adventures, shape an individual a more confident, independent, and more knowledgeable.

In order to make sure that everyone experiences a hassle free trip we would like to tell you about travel insurance.

Travel insurance is a cover which insures you against calamities like loss or theft of baggage, loss of passport and other significant documents, delay or missing of flights leading to monetary loss, and in case of medical emergency. Therefore, one may not be able to control these completely but with the help of travel insurance can calm down the situation a bit.

To get the best travel insurance policy travel insurance calculators are used. A travel insurance calculator is tool which is used to calculate the premium available on different travel plans based on information provided. With the help of travel insurance calculators one is able to purchase the best travel policy for himself/herself as it compares the plans of different insurance companies and generate quotes as per the need and requirements of the person to insured. It is always advisable to purchase travel insurance during the time of booking a trip so that the coverage of entire trip can be availed. Now days with the help of online travel insurance calculator one can very easily find the best travel insurance plan according to their specifications.

Information Required

  • Trip details like start date, end date, destination, number of days of the trip.
  • Personal details like age and date of birth of insured.
  • Type of policy- single or multi-trip policy.

Benefits of Travel Insurance

  • 24/7 customer service support is provide to the insured across the country by the insurer.
  • Insured also gets cover against calamities like accidental death, travel delay, legal expenses, personal liabilities, dental treatments, repatriation, emergency reunion, and personal liabilities.
  • Other facilities or benefits like medical treatments, hospitalization, and hotel accommodation for emergencies is also covered in the plan.
  • Customization is one of the best benefits promised to insured where they can customize their plans according to place they are travelling to. The amount of premium varies according to the plan.
  • Travel insurance plans also compensate for expenses related to trip cancellation.

They also compensate for issues like fight delays and trip delays.

Factors Affecting Travel Insurance Premium

Sum insured : Sum insured is considered as one the most important factor before buying an insurance plan. Sum insured is the amount of money which is promised by the insurer or the insurance company. This amount determines the premium you. The higher the sum insured higher would be the premium and vice versa. Medical coverage costs would be an important component of the insured amount for your travel insurance.

Type of insurance plan : Varieties of insurance plans are offered by the insurance company suiting to your needs. Some of them are student policy, multi-trip policy, senior citizen policy, etc. The premium for the same differs accordingly.

Tenure of the trip : the duration of the trip also affects the amount of premium to be paid. The longer the trip higher would be the premium. Similarly, shorter the trip lesser would be the premium. It is advisable to go for a multi-trip policy, if you plan to twice or thrice to the same place during the same year, it helps you save on premium.

Destination : destination is another important factor which affects premium. For example, a holiday to Unites States would be having higher premium than a holiday to Sri Lanka or Thailand.

Health and Age of the insured : another important factor affecting premium would be health and age of the insured. Younger the age lower would be the premium in comparison to senior citizens. If you have any pre-existing medical conditions then your premium is going to rise than those who do not have any.

Add-on coverage : various add-on coverage like adventure sports, loss/theft of expensive gadgets, jewellery, home insurance are also available, which you opt. for will attract a higher premium.

Various Types of Travel Insurance Plans

International travel insurance plan :

This plan provides you coverage against mishaps which may occur when you are travelling overseas. It provides coverage for hijack, baggage loss/theft, medical expenses overseas, travel delays, repatriation/ evacuation to homeland and loss of important travel documents like passport.

Domestics travel insurance plan :

This plan covers damages for the people travelling within the country which includes, travel delay and personal liability, check-in lost/theft of baggage, medical emergencies, permanent disability and death.

Student travel insurance plan :

A well-constructed student insurance plan offers coverage to students travelling abroad for higher studies in the form of medical and financial assistance. Sometimes unforeseen situations arise where the students might face problems like financial and accommodation in the new country, thus the student insurance plan might help them overcome these calamities without any worries.

Family travel insurance plan :

This type is usually meant for single family which includes the insured, spouse and two kids. It protects from hurdles like medical emergencies, hospitalization, personal accident, hospital allowance, trip delays, loss of baggage and documents.

Medical travel insurance plan :

It is basically a short term insurance plan meant for people travelling overseas which delivers coverage against medical emergency and evacuation etc.

Senior citizen insurance plan :

Senior citizens can travel without any hassles with a comprehensive travel insurance plan offering benefits like cashless medical services, medical concierge services, quality health care facilities, international SIM cards, cover for pre-existing conditions, accidental bodily injury, loss of documents, trip delays/cancellation, third party damage, distress allowance, etc.

Last updated on 14-09-2020