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Bajaj Allianz Travel Insurance

Bajaj Allianz travel insurance is made to make overseas travel and national travel easier and hassle-free. Bajaj Allianz's travel policy includes almost all countries. To name some are Japan, Switzerland, Germany, USA, Canada, Austria, Denmark, UK, Italy, etc. This travel insurance will give hospitalization and treatment facility while you are on another land. Plus, there are losses like passport loss, delay in flights, trip cancellations, which may lead to disruptions in the journey.

Types of Travel Insurance Plans for Overseas

Family Travel Insurance

When you are traveling with your family there is an endless number of uncertainties in your mind. This may involve health-related issues of your family in a foreign land, threat of financial loss and accidental damages. This plan will give financial support to cut down your expenses to meet the casualties.

  • Travel Companion Plan: This plan is divided into three Travel Care, Travel Secure, Travel Value.
  • Travel Elite: It is also divided into 3 sub plans namely- Silver, Gold, Platinum. The coverage is decided based on the sub-plan chosen.
  • Travel Prime: It gives broad coverage and give 5 options to receive the coverage Silver, Gold, Platinum, Super Platinum, & Maximum.

Benefits of Family Travel Insurance

  • Expenses of hospitalization, Medical Evacuation and Repatriation, Emergency dental pain relief, Delay of luggage, Loss of Passport, Personal Liability, Loss of Baggage, Trip Delay, Emergency Cash Advance, Golfer Hole-in-one, Hijack are covered in all the three plans.
  • Events like Trip Cancellation, Trip Curtailment, Hospitalization Daily Advance, AD & D Common Carrier are additional coverage under Travel Elite and Travel Prime.

Student Travel Insurance

Aspiring to study in foreign? This plan will provide financial safety from travel emergencies such as hospitalization, loss of passport and baggage, etc. You have the option to choose the duration of your travel insurance as per the duration of your stay abroad.

  • Student Companion: The coverage is given according to the sub-plans opted i.e. Standard, Silver, Gold.
  • Student Elite: Just like above, this plan also gives 3 options which are- Standard, Silver, Gold.
  • Student Prime: There are five subs plans mainly - Silver, Gold, Platinum, Super Platinum, Maximum.

Benefits of Student Travel Insurance

  • All three plans give coverage for- medical treatment, medical evacuation & repatriation, emergency dental treatment for pain relief, tuition fee for pursuing a course, baggage loss, liability to third party, accidental damages to sponsor, family visit, personal accident.
  • Apart from covering above events, Student Elite also includes accidental death & disability common carrier, bail bond insurance.
  • In addition to coverages mentioned in a) and b), Student Prime also covers the loss of laptop, suicide.

Individual Travel Insurance

Any individual who wishes to travel abroad can protect from the casualties happening during the period of travel by purchasing this policy. Sum insured options available range from USD 50,000 to 500,000 USD. This Bajaj Allianz Travel insurance gives 3 plan options to provide the coverages.

  • Travel Companion: An individual traveler has three coverage options- Travel Care, Travel Secure, Travel Value. Choosing one will decide how expenses will be paid.
  • Travel Elite: Just like the above plan, Travel Elite also gives three coverage options- Silver, Gold, and Platinum.
  • Travel Prime: The person has to select one coverage option from Silver, Gold, Platinum, Super Platinum, Maximum. The sum insured available are- $50,000, $2 lakhs, $5 lakhs, $7.5 lakhs $10 Lakhs.

Benefits of Individual Travel Insurance

  • Bajaj Allianz promises coverage such as hospitalization cost, evacuation & repatriation, baggage loss during checking (maximum 50% covered), misplaced or loss of passport, personal liability, hijack, personal accident (maximum payment of 50% of the sum insured on death), emergency cash supply, delay in trip, golfer hole-in-one, emergency dental pain relief. The benefits are available under all 3 plans.
  • Trip cancellations and curtailment, home burglary insurance, daily cash allowance for hospitalization up to a maximum of USD 125, are some additional coverage to Travel Elite.
  • Whereas, Travel Prime will cover all the benefits under Travel companion and elite plans plus other benefits. Other benefits include compensation for missed connecting flight expenses, difference in airfare due to delayed or early return, and Personal Accident in India.

Senior Citizen Travel Insurance

The plans give required medical and financial loss support to the senior citizens i.e. above 60 years during their travel duration. The plan gives coverage for 1 to 180 days. You may have to appear for medical tests before taking a policy. Senior citizens have four plan options mentioned below-

  • Travel Elite: Senior citizen between 61 years to 70 years is allowed to take this policy and have three sub-plan options namely- Silver, Gold, Platinum.
  • Travel Elite Super Age: The person above the age of 71 years and below 90 years is eligible and will get 3 options to get coverage.
  • Travel Prime Age: If you fall between 61 years to 70 years and want to travel, then this is the best option. This contain 5 variants- Silver USD 50000, Gold USD 200,000, Platinum USD 500,000, Super Platinum USD 500,000, Maximum USD 1,000,000.
  • Travel Prime Super Age: Under this plan sum insured is one i.e. USD 50000 and age limit is 71 years to 90+ years.

Benefits of Senior Citizen Travel Insurance

  • All the plans under Bajaj Allianz Senior Citizen travel insurance will compensate the cost of Medical treatment, Medical Evacuation & Repatriation, Personal Accident, loss of Checked Baggage (maximum 50% covered), one illness (if detected), one accident, cancellation of trip, passport loss, trip curtailment, emergency cash inflow, personal liability, hijack of airplane, golfer hole-in-one, home burglary insurance, accidental death and disablement common carrier.
  • Medical expenses abroad may cover hospital room charges, board, and hospital miscellaneous, intensive care unit, anesthetist services, surgical treatment, ambulance services.

Corporate Travel Insurance

Corporate travel insurance is dedicated to the corporate professional who frequently travels from one country to another for business meetings or other corporate affairs. Bajaj Allianz promises to provide maximum coverage of 180 days in a year. Let’s look at what kind of coverage is offered.

Benefits of Corporate Travel Insurance

  • Health related costs such as hospitalization, repatriation of mortal remains, dental pain remedy and evacuation of the insured person from a danger zone abroad are covered under this travel policy.
  • Other expenses included are emergency cash benefit, delay in trip timing, trip cancellation, delay of checked-in baggage, home burglary insurance, daily cash allowance while in hospital, death and disability resulting from accidents, golfers hole-in-one.

Travel Asia Policy

This policy is valid for Asian countries like Japan, South Korea, Vietnam, etc. There are two plans in total that provide distinct coverages. The policy term is between 1 to 30 days. Coverage of $15,000 is given under Travel Asia flair and $25,000 under Asia Supreme. There are 2 plans available under Travel Asia policy-

  • Travel Companion: The plan is distributed into two sub-plans- Asia Flair and Asia Supreme
  • Travel Elite: SSame as above, it also consists of two sub-plans Asia Flair, Asia Supreme. The coverages under the two may differ.

Benefits of Travel Asia Policy

  • Loss of checked baggage (maximum 50% covered and 10% for each item in the bag), medical costs, accidental death and disability (common carrier), delay of baggage, medical evacuation, personal liability, emergency dental pain, repatriation, loss of passport, hijack, personal accident.
  • Accidental death & disability and emergency cash service are additions in Travel Elite plan. However, these are not included under Travel Companion.

Bharat Bhraman Policy

This plan is specially designed for the traveler exploring India and wish to ensure complete safety. Also, it will conserve your money and give compensation whenever you face an emergency.

Benefits of Bharat Bhraman Policy

  • Cost arriving during the trip such as loss of passport, travel tickets, trip delays or cancellations or curtailment, emergency hotel extension, delay in check-in baggage, repatriation of remains, adventure sports benefit, delayed check-in baggage, loss of baggage is duly paid.
  • Other Medical costs such as medical procedures, personal accident cover, accidental hospitalization expenses, hospital daily allowance are covered.
  • Other benefits involve personal liability to third-party damages, home burglary insurance, child education bonus, permanent total disability.

Expenses Included Under Bajaj Allianz Travel Insurance


If your plane gets hijacked while traveling abroad, the company would pay you a lump sum amount as declared in the policy document.

Emergency Cash Advance

The emergency funds will be supplied in case there is loss of funds, theft of luggage, burglary, seizing or occurrence of a natural disaster during your travel.

Personal Liability

This refers to the third party damages and losses committed by the insured person. Insurer will directly settle the third party for physical Injuries or accidental property damages arrived.

Loss Of Baggage and Passport

This loss of baggage is only entertained or compensated when the loss has arrived at an international airline. To compensate for the loss of passport, the insurer will give you the cost of getting a duplicate passport. Also, you must inform the police first before anybody.

Home Burglary Insurance

when you left your home in order to travel to other countries, there are chances that someone can rob your home in your absence. To keep insured worry-free during the journey, compensation is allotted for the loss generated due to burglary, if any.

Child Education Bonus

The education of your dependent child will also get coverage. The insurer will pay 2% of the sum insured to help each dependent child in pursuing their studies. The child must be less than or equal to 21 years and must be studying in a recognized institution.

Trip Delays And Cancellation

Changing flights to reach the destination is common. However, If one connecting flight gets late or canceled, it has negative repercussions on the following flight. Any financial loss incurred will be paid. Also, if airplane authorities gets late in providing checked in luggage, the insurer will pay for the loss incurred.

Medical Procedures

The treatment of the insured person in a foreign country is also covered under travel insurance. Facility of hospitalization, medical evacuation, out-patient care, emergency dental pain relief and daily cash supply is made available during the policy period if any unfortunate events happens. Personal accidents are also given coverage in case of death or disability.

The Golfer’s Hole-in-one

This coverage is designated to golf lovers who have incurred a cost on celebrating a hole-in-one event at a respective United States Golfers’ Association recognized golf course. This coverage is generally provided to keep the sports spirits alive. The coverage is valid in all the countries except India.

Expenses Excluded Under Bajaj Allianz Travel Insurance

  • Pre-existing Disease: All the pre-existing diseases that persisted before taking travel insurance policy are excluded. No hospitalization facility is allotted for pre-existing diseases.
  • Suicides: Anybody who has intentionally injured or harmed herself/himself will not be eligible to avail the medical benefits during the policy period.
  • Injuries Due to Involvement in Harmful Occupation: If the insured person is involved in any hazardous occupation where there is danger of losing life is not included under travel insurance coverage.
  • Allopathy Treatment: The treatment availed at any allopathy centers which is different from modern treatment will not be included under the coverage.
  • Detention of Passport: If your passport has been detained or seized by any lawful organization for harming or disgracing the rules and regulations.
  • Delay in Reporting Loss: If the insured person fails to report the case to the police officials within 24 hours after the incident took place, the claim is rejected.

Services Offered under Bajaj Allianz Travel Insurance

  • On-Call Support Anywhere in the World: The insured person can get phone assistance regardless of the location of the person. The customer can call on the toll-free number i.e. 91-124-6174720. On a priority basis, Bajaj Allianz will address the issue.
  • Flexible Plans for Every Individual: There are different kinds of plans introduced under Bajaj travel insurance for senior citizens, individuals, students valid for various locations.
  • Automatic Claim Settlement with Trip Delay Delight: This option is available on the software application of Bajaj Allianz to assist the customers in tracking claim and claim payments. Here, the payments are released in an automated manner.
  • Quick Claim Settlement: The easy-to-understand process of claim reporting and settlement makes the overall process quick. Also, Bajaj Allianz, as it claims, has one of the quickest turnaround times.

Claim Process Of Bajaj Allianz Travel Insurance

For Cashless Travel Insurance Claim

  • Report the claim: To inform the insurer about the claim, either call on the toll-free number or email at official Email ID.
  • Send the Documents: Collect all the types of documentary proof relevant to a specific claim. Submit the same to the company.
  • Approval of the Claim: You claim will get approved only when Bajaj Allianz issue a payment letter guarantee. This letter will be issued within 2 days to the healthcare provider to assure the payment.
  • Payment of the Claim: After availing the cashless treatment, the insurer will pay all the medical bills as mentioned in the policy document.

For Reimbursement Claim

  • Fill the Claim Form: First, responsibility is to give verbal as well as written notification of the claim. For this, reach to the customer care team through call or email. Also, ask for the overseas travel insurance claim form.
  • Collect the Documents: All the documents pertaining to the claim should be submitted with the claim form to Bajaj Allianz General Insurance company. If documents are insufficient, then 15 days' time is given to meet inadequacies.
  • Verification of the Documents: An inspection of the documents submitted will be organized. Based on this examination, the claim is approved or rejected.
  • Payment Settlement: The payment is released when all terms and conditions are met. Reimbursement of expenses will be transferred to the bank account within 10 working days through NEFT.

Bajaj Allianz Travel Insurance : FAQ’s

1. How to extend my coverage under travel insurance?

To extend the policy before the expiration of the policy, you need to inform Bajaj Allianz. A good health form has to be filled by the customer given by a company’s representative. The request for extension will be reviewed and accordingly passed.

To extend the travel policy after the expiry, the customer should first convey the proposal to Bajaj Allianz team by disclosing the real cause behind the delay. The request is evaluated, and the decision is made based on the information submitted.

2. What is the set of documents required to file a travel insurance claim?

  • Duly filled overseas travel insurance claim form
  • Authorization for release of medical information form
  • Attending physician's statement

3. What information do I need to provide to buy online travel insurance policy?

Details like insured name, date of birth, E-mail address, passport number and mobile number in India, the name of the nominee or beneficiary who will get the compensation in case of death or disability of insured and the date of travel. This information is required to proceed to buy a travel insurance policy online.

4. What to do if I have forgotten my Bajaj Allianz travel insurance policy?

In case you forget your travel policy at home during your travel and foreign officials are asking for the same. Then, you can provide a soft copy of the policy or the policy number or the customer ID number to them.

Last updated on 04-09-2020