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Chola MS Travel Insurance

Chola MS Travel Insurance is a product of India-based Chola MS General Insurance Limited Company, headquartered in Chennai, India that is the brainchild of Murugappa Group and Mitsui Sumitomo Insurance Company Limited, Japan. Chola MS General Insurance Company presents a rich range of insurance products varying from Motor, Health, Property, Accident, Marine, to Travel and Crop insurance for individuals and corporates. This company has bagged different awards and accolades from the Indian government and international entities.

Chola MS Travel Insurance is an Overseas Travel Cover and one of the pivotal and renowned products of this company, which makes your travel a worry-free one and keeps you prepared for the unanticipated hindrances while traveling abroad.

Features of Chola MS Travel Insurance:

Some of the key features of Chola MS Travel Insurance are mentioned below:

  • The different plans cover various overseas medical expenses according to the plan.
  • You can choose a plan(s) according to your convenience. The plans are dynamic and flexible.
  • You can get some additional discounts based on the chosen policy.

What are the different types of Chola MS Travel Insurance Plans?

The company provides three types of insurance plans and they are as follows:

  • Comprehensive Travel Insurance
  • Student Insurance
  • Leisure Travel Insurance

Let's proceed one by one for a better understanding

1. Comprehensive Travel Insurance

Chola Comprehensive Travel Insurance covers a wide range of perils that a traveler might face while traveling abroad, which is cost-effective and beneficial for the globetrotter.


  • You can customize your travel insurance by selecting desired and convenient plans among the various options that they offer.
  • This policy can be employed for self, spouse, and parents ranging from the age of 18 to 65 and for children from 03 months to 26 years. Though the Travel Delight Plan is not available for the insured members who are above 60 years of age.
  • It offers an optional domestic travel cover.
  • You can extend your insurance up to 185 days for a single ingle trip.
  • You can also get a family discount on covering more than two family members.
  • This policy offers coverage of up to $5,00,000.

2. Student Travel Insurance

Chola Student Travel Insurance or Chola Student Protection Plan helps a student to travel hassle-free to a different country than India. It's divided into three sections- Silver, Gold, and Platinum.


  • It provides a student amazing plans to secure his / her travel abroad at a pocket pinch that is much cost-effective than the plans offered by foreign travel insurance.
  • As Chola MS is connected with Europ Assistance India Private Limited, it offers worry-free and quick compensations to the students.
  • With its Platinum Plan, an international student can avail of extended medical expenses like inter-college sports injuries, treatment of mental or nervous disorders, cancer screening, and many more.
  • This student travel insurance becomes active the moment a student steps out from his/her home (India) and till (s)he gets back to the home.
  • It covers different areas like Bail Bond, Loss of Passport, Study Interruption, Sponsor Protection, and many more.

3. Leisure Travel Insurance

Chola Leisure Travel Insurance is basically a Corporate Travel Insurance. If you are going abroad for business reasons or to visit anyone/for a holiday to a different country, this policy provides you with a tension-free, easy, and excellent travel experience.


  • You can choose from different plans like Silver Cover, Gold Cover, and Senior-citizen Cover (71-80 years).
  • This travel insurance is always with you, be it business travel or a personal one.
  • Under the business travel insurance plan, you can protect your family members from the age of 3 months to 80 years. People (up to 65 years of age) do not need any prior medical check-up to avail of this plan.
  • You don't need to pay for a slab-based premium; rather you can only spend money for the exact duration of your travel.

How Can I Buy Chola MS Travel Insurance?

The following is a simple and easy process to buy and get connected with Chola MS Travel Insurance.

  • Visit the official website of Chola MS General Insurance.
  • From the 'Products' option, select 'Travel Insurance'.
  • Click on the 'Get a Quote' option.
  • Fill the blanks with the required details and submit.
  • You will be contacted soon with further details.

You can also visit the nearest branch of Chola MS General Insurance Company to buy travel insurance.

How Can I Make A Claim For Chola MS Travel Insurance?

In case you run into trouble while traveling abroad, you need to immediately connect with Europ Assistance India Pvt.Ltd. on their helpline number (00 800 9944 1234) and take their approval before attending any expenses.


1. What are the exclusions of Student Travel Insurance?

Some of the exclusions are listed below-

  • Traveling abroad to get treated for pre-existing conditions
  • Treatment by relatives
  • Consequential loss
  • War, nuclear perils and terrorism
  • Pregnancy complications

2. How much medical cover will I get in Leisure Travel Insurance?

You can grab up to $250,000 as medical coverage.

3. I have a Student Travel Insurance and I have lost my passport. How much coverage will I get?

The policy will offer up to $150.

4. Will I get coverage for trip cancellation under Leisure Travel Insurance?

Yes, of course. The policy will hand out up to $500 as the coverage amount.

Last updated on 19-11-2020