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National Travel Insurance Online

National Insurance Company Limited, headquartered in Kolkata, is the second-largest insurance company in India. It aims to offer a wide array of insurance plans ranging from Health, Motor, Rural, Miscellaneous, Fire, Marine, Engineering, and many more. The company has bagged numerous awards, achievements, and accolades to date including Economic Times-BFSI Best Brands 2016 for all-round excellence in the general insurance category.

National Travel Insurance is designed to provide comfort against different perils like medical expenses, medical evacuation, delay or loss of checked-in baggage, etc. to make the consumers' journey smooth and hassle-free.

Features of National Travel Insurance

The followings are the key features:-

  • Flexibility to customize your trip according to your convenience as per the destination country.
  • Students traveling abroad can avail of contingency insurance.
  • A 24x7 helpline number is available for the consumers.
  • One can avail of discounts on premiums fulfilling certain conditions.

What Are The Different Types of National Travel Insurance Plans?

National Travel Insurance offers two types of detailed insurance plans from which you can select the desired one:

  • Overseas Mediclaim Business and Holiday
  • Overseas Mediclaim Employment and Studies

Both the plans are available for the travelers of three categories – Business & Holiday, Employment and Study, and Corporate Frequent Traveler. Let us proceed one by one in a detailed manner for better understanding.

Overseas Mediclaim Business and Holiday

Traveling is an innate nature of human beings that comes with excitement as well as worries for the unpredictable perils. To make your journey worry-free, National Travel Insurance offers Overseas Mediclaim Business and Holiday, which is designed to provide different benefits for the globetrotter, be it for business or travel purposes.


The pivotal features of this plan are mentioned below:-

  • It compensates for medical illness, medical evacuation, and repatriation (depending on the destination country), including dental medications up to USD 225 per occurrence.
  • Expenses due to personal accident and disablement are reimbursed (up to $25,000) according to the policy.
  • It takes care of the expenses of the delay or loss of checked-in baggage.
  • Third-party bodily injury and property damage are compensated (up to $2,00,000) as per the policy rules and conditions.
  • Traveling to Asian countries (excluding Japan) covered up to USD 15,000 for both business trips and leisure trips.

Overseas Mediclaim Employment and Studies

Going abroad for studies or employment purposes is always full of excitement and anxiety because of the unforeseen odds. Overseas Mediclaim Employment and Studies plan of National Travel Insurance becomes a messiah here as it aims to provide numerous benefits to its consumers traveling abroad, especially for education and employment purposes.


The important features of this plan are discussed below:-

  • Any expenses due to medical illness and medical evacuation are covered by the company on certain grounds.
  • The cost of repatriation of mortal remains is compensated (up to $10,000) by the company.
  • The company looks after the cost occurred due to the medical emergency reunion (up to $5,000).
  • It reimburses the cost of loss and delay of checked-in baggage (up to USD 1000 and USD 100 respectively).
  • Only for the sponsored students, it provides contingency insurance as per the company conditions.

How Can I Buy National Travel Insurance?

The company has designed an easy process to buy travel insurance. Let's take a look at it-

  • Go to the official website of the National Insurance Company.
  • Click on the heart-shaped icon and then tap on 'Know More'.
  • After choosing the desired travel plan, go to the bottom of the page and click on 'Buy Policy Online'.
  • If you are a registered member, put your necessary details to log in or else register yourself first.
  • Check the premium and pay online.
  • The policy document will be mailed to you.

You can also visit the nearest National Insurance branch to buy travel insurance.

How Can I Make A Claim For National Travel Insurance?

Both policies have different claim procedures. To get accurate information, please contact the insurance provider in the time of need. Its customer care representative will assist you with the same.

National Travel Insurance : FAQ's

1. Can I renew my policy online?

Go to the official website of National Insurance and click on the 'Quick Renewal' option. Fill the blanks with necessary details and pay the amount.

2. What are the exclusions of National Travel Insurance?

The following are the key exclusions:

  • All pre-existing diseases/illnesses.
  • Traveling against doctor's advice.
  • Traveling for medical treatment or a routine check-up.
  • Claims arising due to participation in Military, Naval, and Air force operations.
  • Suicide, self-injury, alcoholism, mental disorder, drug abuse, HIV related diseases are not covered.
  • Claims arising due to participation in winter sports, mountaineering, adventurous sports, etc. are not compensated.

3. Do the compensations differ according to the destination country?

Yes, the compensations differ according to the following types:

  • Worldwide excluding USA / Canada.
  • Worldwide including USA / Canada.
  • Asian countries excluding Japan.

4. What are the extra documents required for a traveler of more than 70 years?

  • ECG report (From an MD Cardiologist).
  • Fasting blood sugar or urine strip test report (From an MD Cardiologist).
  • Proposal form.

If you are unable to produce the above-mentioned documents, cover stands restricted to USD 10,000.

Last updated on 19-11-2020