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Care Travel Insurance

Care Health Insurance (formerly known as Religare Health Insurance) is an Indian health insurance firm established in July 2012 by Religare Enterprise Limited, Union Bank of India, and Corporation Bank. Care Health Insurance offers various products across travel, health, personal accident, and so forth. The organization has been awarded 'Best Health Insurance Company' and 'Best Medical Insurance Product Award' at ABP News-BFSI Awards and the FICCI Healthcare Awards respectively.

One of its key products, Care Travel Insurance, offers coverage for the expenses incurred towards uncertain events (trip cancellations, medical emergencies, baggage loss or travel delay, etc.) while travelling abroad for business or pleasure.

Features of Care Travel Insurance

Mentioned below are some of the important features of Care Travel Insurance (formerly known as Religare Travel Insurance):

  • Flexibility to choose from single-trip policy or an annual multi-trip policy.
  • The insurance plan offers coverage against pre-existing diseases and OPD.
  • You can avail region specific plans at an affordable premium costs.
  • Get coverage for diagnostic tests such as chemotherapy, cancer screening, radiotherapy and mammography.
  • You can avail low cost travel insurance plans for students going to international universities.

What Are The Different Types of Care Travel Insurance Plans?

The company offers three types of travel insurance plans-

  • Explore International Travel Insurance
  • Student Explore Travel Insurance
  • Group Travel Insurance

Let's understand them one by one in a detailed manner.

1. Explore International Travel Insurance 

It is an extensive travel insurance plan with journey and clinical inconvenience benefits. The insurance covers medical evacuation, journey put off/experience cancellation, and gives daily allowance in the case of hospitalization.

Features of Explore International Travel Insurance

  • Coverage for personal accidents (US $20,000) and dental expenses (US $400).
  • You can avail of benefits like double the sum insured for accidental hospitalization.
  • It offers coverage against pre-existing health problems and common accidental deaths.
  • You can easily upgrade into business class during an international trip.
  • Non-medical benefits like cover for loss of checked baggage and loss of passport is also available.

2. Student Explore Travel Insurance 

It is designed for students who want to pursue their studies abroad. This type of insurance takes care of all the medical emergencies or travel inconveniences, which the students might face during their journeys.

Features of Student Explore Travel Insurance 

  • There is no per ailment limit and no upper age limit.
  • No pre-medical check-ups are required to avail of the insurance policy.
  • You can avail double the sum insured in case of accidental hospitalization.
  • This insurance comes with a tenure of 1 month to 3 years.
  • You can customize the policy covers as per the needs of the university.
  • You can choose a geographical location for the scope of coverage of travel insurance.

3. Group Explore Travel Insurance

It provides coverage for domestic and international journeys. There is an option to select a single-trip policy, which offers financial protection for a single journey (domestic/international).

Features of Group Explore Travel Insurance

  • You can avail of coverage for dental, out-patient, and in-patient medical expenses.
  • Take the help of a dedicated admin (as the guide for travel policies) during the policy period.
  • The policy offers cover for non-medical expenses, bail bonds, and personal liability.
  • Special cover for medical expenses resulting from pre-existing diseases.

Eligibility Criteria



Minimum Age

  • 1 day for both single and multi-trip
  • Student Travel Plan-12 years

Maximum Age

  • Single Trip- No Limit
  • Multi-Trip- 70 years
  • Student Travel Plan- 40 years

Sum Insured

  • USD 25000/50000/100000
  • For European Countries- USD 30000 & 100000

**Last Updated on 19-11-2020

How Can I Buy Care Travel Insurance?

Care Health Insurance has designed a simple process to buy travel insurance. Let's take a look at it.

  • Visit the official website of Care Health Insurance.
  • Click 'Travel Insurance' and select the insurance plan that you want to buy.
  • Enter the required details and click 'Get Quote'.
  • Fill in all the necessary information and make the premium payment through available modes.
  • You will receive your insurance policy on your registered email id.

There is another way to buy this type of insurance- via Let's check out its buying process.

  • On the top of this page, enter the details under 'Get Instant Quotes' and click 'Proceed'
  • Out of all the quotes, select the Care Travel Insurance Plan of your choice.
  • Make the premium payment.
  • After successful payment, you will get the policy on your registered email id.

How Can I Make A Claim For Care Travel Insurance?

Follow the below-mentioned steps to file a claim in the correct manner.

  • Notify the insurance company immediately for easy claim settlement- US and Canada (+18443013135/+18443013146), from rest of world (Call Back Facility: +911244498760) or Email Id- travelassistance[at]careinsurance[dot]com
  • Provide all the original and photocopies of your documents (passports, visa, flight tickets, etc.)
  • After you have submitted all the relevant documents, you will receive an approval letter from the company's claim management team for claim settlement.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are the documents required to make an online travel insurance claim?

You need the following documents to file an online travel insurance claim:

  • Form A filled by the insurer.
  • Form B filled by the hospital.
  • Discharge summary in the name of the insurer.
  • Duly signed bills.
  • Copy of the passport of insured duly stamped in entry and exit.

2. What are the exclusions under Care Travel Insurance?

Here are few exclusions under Care Travel Insurance Policy:

  • Treatment expenses of HIV/AIDS and sexually transmitted diseases.
  • Treatment expenses incurred due to hazardous activity, the influence of drugs, etc.
  • Consequences of War/Nuclear perils.
  • Expenses incurred by engaging in business activities.

3. Can I cancel my policy?

You can cancel your policy on the below-mentioned grounds-

  • Denial of Visa
  • Cancellation of trip
  • Early return to India

However, you will be required to submit all the relevant documents and documentary proof for cancellation. Also, you will be eligible to avail refund within 7 days only if the difference between the date of request of cancellation and the end date of the policy is 15 days or more.

4. Can I extend my travel insurance policy?

The need for extension should be informed at least 10 days to the time of the expiry of your travel insurance. You can avail a maximum of 180 days of extension.

Last updated on 19-11-2020