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Royal Sundaram Travel Insurance Online

Royal Sundaram Co. Ltd. (previously called Royal Sundaram Alliance insurance agency constrained), a subsidiary of Sundaram Finance, is the first private insurance company in India to be licensed in October 2000 by the Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority of India.

The enterprise became initially promoted as a joint project among Sundaram Finance, one of the maximum reputable non-banking financial institutions (NBFCs) in India and Royal & SunAlliance PLC, UK, one of the old standard insurers in the UK. In July 2015, Sundaram Finance received the 26% equity keeping from Royal & SunAlliance. Consequently, the complete 100% equity conserving is now held by means of Sundaram Finance (75.90%) and other Indian shareholders (24.10%).

The scenario for Globetrotters has by no means been questionable than it is now. Volcanic ash clouds resulting in remaining down umpteen airports in Europe, political turmoil in Thailand and Jamaica, economic conflicts in Greece, an oil spill placing holiday in the Gulf of Mexico and much more.

Is there a direct relation to these incidents to a dramatic upsurge in insurance income among tourists? Travel is to unwind. Royal Sundaram insurance Pvt Ltd is one company reputed for importing custom designed travel insurance.

Gaining new studies is one of the maximum critical elements of life. Travelling possesses the power to convert; it serves as a stimulant to the body and the thoughts and brings about a heightened experience of joy in our lives. So, whether or not it is a vacation that you are searching forward to or a business trip, traveling distant places is definitely an interesting affair and one you need to be prepared for. Choosing a travel insurance plan protects you from unexpected situations that encompass clinical and non-medical emergencies.

It's approximately being proactive and making sure which you do no longer enjoy any form of soreness, especially while you are away from your local. Designed to secure you from dangers, Royal Sundaram’s travel insurance policy gives overall insurance towards loss of bags, any form of baggage delays, flight delays, lack of crucial files and scientific expenses, on the most low-cost. The packages supplied with the aid of Royal Sundaram make sure that all your trips are the risk and a trouble-free.

Royal Sundaram Travel Insurance Achievements


Celent recognition for developing an intelligent claims management system to improve the productivity of the staff and increase customer satisfaction.


Celent recognition for having a Model Insurer Asia component in the area of Distribution/New Business.


Celent recognition for implementing a work flow enabled policy administration system with externalized engines.

Won the Information week Edge Award for several e-application implementation projects.

Royal Sundaram Travel Insurance Online Facilities

Buying Travel insurance from Royal Sundaram insurance is one of the easiest online tactics. A person desires to follow a sure series of steps.

Anyone who needs to get a travel insurance first wishes to visit the Royal Sundaram online website and click on at the hyperlink that brings them to the travel insurance section of the internet site.

The info of an individual which includes the name, and so forth want to be stuffed up. Different details such like trip info and the details travelers wishes need to additionally be crammed out. On this information, the premium for the travel coverage is calculated.

The quote identification might be created for the travel insurance online can be supplied after the premium is calculated. Some other web page for extra statistics will pop-up after this step. This web page asks for data such as the passport wide variety, for ailments of the passenger and the information of the nominee and so forth.

The communique details and the deal with of the traveler wish to be supplied to the coverage organization. As soon as all of the information crams in, a web page displaying all of the records will be offered. This web page is present in order for the vacationer/policyholder to check if the filled in records is accurate or not. Once the data are proven, the policyholder can continue to shop for the insurance.

Royal Sundaram Travel Insurance Plans

There are two types of travel insurance in which the Royal Sundaram deals. These two tour insurances are

  • Single travel insurance Plan
  • Multi travel insurance Plan
  • Royal Sundaram Eligibility standards
  • Infants who're more than 3 months old and grown-up no more than age 70 can purchase a Royal Sundaram Travel Insurance for their international journeys. Of course, this doesn’t count traveling for education or immigration purpose.

Single Trip insurance Plan

This plan begins as soon the insured boarded a flight on the way to the destination. The plan ends when he/she comes back to India. This plan is for single-time use best and overlaying a length of 180 days.

Multi trip coverage Plan

These plans cover a couple of trips by the policy holder which lasts for one year. There are sure situations, the primary condition being that each experience by means of the insurance holder can't be for greater than 45 days. The second being that the full range of days an coverage holder stays out of the country should now not exceed one hundred eighty days.

Royal Sundaram Travel Insurance : FAQ’s

1. How does single trip different from the Multi ride?

In the single trip, you may pass global traveling as soon as, which starts from the instant you board the flight for your destination and routinely ends upon returning.

However, in Multi, trip, there's no restrict at the wide variety of journeys and is to be had for the duration of the year. One single trip cannot exceed more than 1 year and your standard days out of India have to not be extra than one hundred eighty days.

2. How is the duvet length determined?

For the Multi ride, you could select the setting out duration. But insurance consistent with each journey is both 1 month or 45 days as per policy chosen via you.

3. What's personal liability?

Personal liability is while you, by chance or unpredictably harm a person(coincidence or harm to belongings), you are legally responsible to compensate.

4. Would have a Royal Sundaram health coverage exempt me from travel insurance requirement to go overseas?

No, Royal Sundaram health policy may be used only in India.

Last updated on 04-09-2020