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Star Health Travel Insurance Online

Star Health and Allied Insurance company Ltd began its operations in 2006 with the business in medical health insurance, foreign places Mediclaim policy, and personal accident. Star Health assets to consciousness on carrier excellence, design merchandise and use middle competency of innovation to supply the best to customers. Star Health and Allied Insurance organization offers star health tour insurance. Star health and Allied insurance provide diverse travel coverage plans for a family , man or woman, pupil, and Corporates i.e. famous person health travel coverage. Overseas travel insurance with the Star health is a sincere and safe method, enabling you to shop for an insurance to match your time table.

Travelling isn't any more an extraordinary, complicated occasion, thanks to the large leaps in the era, transportation, and verbal exchange. Normally there are people visiting throughout the borders and seas, however, no longer without the risks related to traveling. Insurance organizations provide tourists with travel insurance that protect them from unanticipated events like accidents, clinical emergencies and even contingencies inclusive of flight delays, luggage delay, and misplaced passport. Star health travel insurance is one of the best within the market, which helps you to travel chance and fear-unfastened. Star Health And Allied Insurance Co Ltd operations commenced in 2006 and are headquartered in Chennai. Tata Capital invested in the company in 2013, therefore growing the employer`s overall capital base to Rs.5.49 billion. Aside from travel insurance, Star health also affords accident insurance and health insurance.

Star Health Travel Insurance : Achievements

The company has been able to achieve immense recognition and is widely appreciated for its products and services. It received the Health Excellence Award’s "Most Promising Health Insurance Company Award" (the year 2014), the Indian Insurance Award's “Best Claims Service Company Award" (the year 2014) and the Indian Insurance Award’s “Health Insurance Company of the year Award" (the year 2015).

  • The unique features of the Star Health Settlement Policies include.
  • Easy, fast and “hassle free” settlements.
  • A vast network of more than 7000 hospitals where you can settle the health claims cashless.
  • Approximately 300 offices located in different parts of India locations.
  • A personal doctor visit for each policy buyer.
  • ar Health and Allied Insurance has been registering an exponential growth increase year after year, and today enjoys a strong financial status and reputation.
  • The company earned a net premium of 10, 179, 295,000 in the financial year 2014-15.
  • It had a profit of approximately INR 15, 223,000 in the financial year 2014-15.
  • The company distributed a sum of INR 6,510,591,000 towards claim settlement and has a positive reputation in India, known as a customer-friendly company.

Star Health Travel Insurance : Online Facilities

The company is also selling its effective travel insurance products online, with the same, it will be quite easier for you to buy te desired plan from the comfort of home. This will help you in saving your time and hard earned money as well. So, it is basically a win win situation for all customers.

Star Health Travel Insurance Plans

Star Health Insurance recognizes that the customers are looking for several requirements when they search for Travel Insurance which is why Star Health Insurance offer different plans, they are:

Star Travel Protect Insurance Policy

Any person who is a resident of India- above six months of age, traveling abroad for work/leisure can take this travel insurance. Starting from flight delays, missed flights, emergency expenses, repatriation, and compensation for accidental injuries, etc. will be covered by this policy.

Star Corporate Travel Protect Insurance Policy

All corporate officials residing in India aged above 18 years traveling abroad for business purposes would be liable for this corporate travel insurance. The corporate travel insurance plan is available for Travel worldwide including USA and Canada, for sum insured limits of USD 1,00,000, USD 2,50,000 and USD 5,00,000.

Star Student Travel Protect Insurance Policy

Students who are planning for education abroad; there are certain risks that you may face such as medical emergencies, bereavement, litigation-related risks and others.Star Student Travel Protect Insurance Policy offers more coverages for Students. Faster and hassle-free claim settlement.

Star Health Travel Insurance Plans : Benefits

  • Travel Insurance at low rates is what Star health insurance goals for. Here is what makes Star health tour coverage stand out from the crowd of insurance groups within the marketplace, and why it must be the obvious desire the subsequent time you tour:
  • The business enterprise has over 290 branch offices across the country.
  • Medical health insurance products vary from Senior Citizen health insurance to family Floater Schemes.
  • Personalized doctor Visits are ensured for customers who are hospitalized.
  • The large community base ensures that you get reimbursement Facility and Cashless Hospitalization at over 7000 hospitals throughout India.
  • Quick approvals: 90% of all cashless claim approval may be achieved in beneath an hour.
  • Begin health is understood for his or her hassle-unfastened processes. Its simple to make a right claim settlement without the intervention of TPA.

Star Health Travel Insurance : FAQ’s

1. Is it vital for corporates to go through medical check earlier than availing a travel insurance policy?

Generally, a medical checkup isn't required. But, if the person is above sixty-five years or if their medical history is unfavorable, ECG, fasting & postprandial blood sugar, urine strip test and LDL cholesterol profile needs to be taken. But, the most age restriction can be comfy relying on the case.

2. What's the eligibility for availing a corporate travel insurance scheme?

  • The applicant ought to be a company executive.
  • He ought to be a resident of India elderly above 18 years.
  • policyholder needs to be traveling overseas for commercial enterprise functions.

3. What expenses are covered in case of a flight delay?

If the flight is behind schedule for greater than 6 hours because of a mechanical breakdown, business motion, strike or mechanical breakdown, additional transportation prices for the least costly class and costs incurred for meals and lodging up to $50 according to day as much as the restriction may be included.

4. What documents do I need to publish for a non-public coincidence claim?

You will put up helping documents which include police record, death certificate & autopsy report(if relevant), original reproduction of clinical bills and prescription, the copy of e-price ticket, coverage replica and replica of the passport bearing immigration stamp.

Last updated on 04-09-2020