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Two Wheeler insurance

In a metro city like Delhi, traveling from one place to another is so impossible without a personal vehicle. Everyone from of personal vehicle, but horror jam packed stories of our city roads do not allow that. Everyone is in a hurry and if you do not follow the rhythm, you will be left out of the success roads. Bikes are our best friends on the city roads. They lead us to home out of the jam areas like a boss, we can travel through the narrow streets to broad highways on bikes. And for the youngsters, bikes are their treasure of life. We take care of our bikes like we care for it. We polish, we wash, we take the motorbikes for the services timely. But there is one more thing that is needed to secure your pride and comforter in life and that is a Bike Insurance.

Importance of Two Wheeler Insurance Plan

The Two Wheeler Insurance refers to the insurance policy that provides a cover that provides the policy holder a cover against any kind of damage that may occur during a mishap like an accident, natural disaster or act of any thief that occur to the bike. The Bike Insurance plan is one solution to all the problems and worries that you face for your motorbike. No matter if your vehicle is a mixed commercial and personal or personal or commercial, insurance will safeguard your motorbike against all odds. Unforeseen events not only cause harm to your motorbike, but they also result in your mental, emotional, financial and legal breakdown the person. This is where the two wheeler Insurance plays the vital role. Any damage that is caused because of the third party is also covered under the same.

Compare Bike Insurance Plan Online

You can compare various Bike Insurance plans online on PolicyX and can get the quote for the same. You will not only get the best policy after the policy comparison at PolicyX but the policy holder will be provided complete assistance and guidance regarding any confusion and dilemma. There are so many insurance companies that provide the facility of the Bike Insurance to the customers, they all have their own profit and loss. Policy holder needs a platform like PolicyX where he or she can compare the various policy plans and then choose what suits him or her best as per the bike and situation and circumstances in which the policy holder ride the motorbike. One can enjoy the best out of rest policy in the easiest manner only at the PolicyX online web portal. The comparison is absolutely free of cost and one can get information like quotes, benefits, exclusions, disadvantages various features and covers of the Two Wheeler Insurance policy that will cause a headache if one try to compare each Bike Insurance plan provided by various insurance providing companies. You can invest all the money that you save for the expense of garage for repair of your bike after any accident. The policyholder can also enjoy the cashless repair benefit at a number of garages after the Two Wheeler Insurance.

The policy will guide you to choose what suits your motor bike and what fits in your pocket to give you maximum profit. There are numerous Bike Insurance plans which start at a minimal rate like Rs. 2 per day. One can compare the quote of the different policies and buy a Bike Insurance policy plan easily at PolicyX. One should make it a point to check the claim settlement ratio of the insurance company. Companies which have the highest ratio or claim settlement are always the first recommendation to buy an insurance cover for your two wheeler. There are few features and covers that an individual need for his or her policy, but the company does not provide them, so one can opt for various add - on. There will be a change in the premium amount, but safety is always better than the cure. One can opt for add - ons like Personal accident cover, cashless hospitalization, medical covers and zero depreciation, cover for the co passenger on the vehicle and other features as per need and situation of the individual. Then, always compare. The policy provides you one platform for the solution of all confusions. Customers have so many confusions and doubts as all want the best plan for their safety. The policy will help you to understand the basic point like premium payment to the claim settlement, from factors like value for money and the cover tenure of the insurance policy offered by different companies like HDFC Ergo Bike Insurance, Tata AIG Two Wheeler Insurance, Oriental Two Wheeler Insurance and other reputable insurance companies. One can get proper assistance from our customer care department.

Types of Two Wheeler Insurance

Generally, there are two types of the Two Wheeler Insurance policies and they are as follows -

Comprehensive Policies

Comprehensive policies provide the cover against different types of wear and tear on the motorbike and the individual rider of the vehicle.


It covers damages caused by you to the Third Party. This coverage does not include damage to the vehicle. Third Party Liability coverage is mandatory in India.

Why Choose Policy X for Your Two Wheeler Insurance Policy?

It is a fact that we all love our vehicle be it a scooter, scooty or a motorcycle. It aids us in our daily commute, which might be for fun or some official work. While we use it on a daily basis, it's become essential to buy insurance coverage for the same. Not just because it is mandatory and but also because it can help us in saving a lot of money in terms of repairs that the vehicle needs to ensure in case of a mishap.

At we help our consumer in choosing the best Bike insurance plans with just a few clicks. Here you will get free insurance quotes that will assist you in comparing different Bike policies from top brands. By taking advantage of our free and unbiased comparison service, you can compare free quotes and can buy the desired plan easily. If you are looking for the most cost effective two wheeler insurance policies, then you can buy the same at our portal. We provide free instant quotes from top insurance companies in India. By using our free comparison service you can save up to 60% on insurance premiums.

Two wheeler Insurance Premiums

There are various factors that affect the premium amount for the Two Wheeler Insurance policies directly or indirectly -

Cubic Capacity of Vehicle - Insurance amount is directly proportional to the capacity of the vehicle and so is the premium amount for the policy.

Insured Declared Value (IDV) - The IDV value is the value that is fixed for the tenure of the Bike Insurance.

Anti - theft device - If the policy holder wants to facilitate their vehicle with any anti - theft device installation by ARAI, they can even avail discount on the premium amount.

If the policy holder does not claim for policy claim then he or she is not valid for the discount on the renewal of the insurance policy in the subsequent years

Age of the insured vehicle also matters for the Premium amount of the Policy

Zone of registration - The area such as the Metropolitan city or a small town also matters at the time of premium and purchase of a policy

Benefits of Two Wheeler Insurance

1. If your motorbike is insured under the Two Wheeler Insurance policy than a loss or damage to your motorbike because of the natural calamities like earthquake, flood, cyclone or landslide will be compensated.

2. If the insured vehicle suffers from any damage or loss because of man - made disasters and actions like burglary, strikes, accident by any external factor will be covered under the Two Wheeler Insurance policy.

3. Any damage caused to a vehicle due to man made a dangerous activity like terrorist activity will be compensated under the Two Wheeler Insurance policy

4. The Bike Insurance covers the policyholder against the legal liability due to accidental damage that results in the permanent injury or death of the respected person.

5. Under the Two Wheeler Insurance policy, a personal Accident Cover is provided for the individual driver of the insured vehicle in case of mounting or dismounting from the Bike. One can opt for a plan for the safety of the fellow passenger.

Exclusions of the Two Wheeler Insurance Policy

Insurance policy always has their terms and conditions and one should check them before buying any insurance policy. There are few situations which are generally excluded from the Bike Insurance Policies, but, the customer needs to check the specification of the desired policy carefully. Some of the exclusions are -

1. Any type of normal wear and tear of the vehicle is not covered under the Two Wheeler Insurance Policy.

2. The insurance policy does not provide any cover for the Mechanical and electrical breakdown of the bike.

3. Any person who is riding the bike without a valid license approved by the government will not be providing a cover for his or her physical damage.

4. In case of any damage caused by the vehicle rider in the influence of alcohol or consuming excess drugs without the referral of a doctor will not be covered.

5. There is no cover for the Consequential loss of the vehicle. This means that if one major or minor damage causes a series of damages or loss further on than the original damage will be covered under the Two Wheeler Insurance policy, not the sequence other damages.

6. Any loss to the vehicle that is caused because of any chemical reactions like nuclear reaction will not be covered under the Two Wheeler Insurance Policy.

7. Loss or damage to the vehicle because of any war or mutiny will not be compensated under the two wheeler Insurance Policy.

Bike Insurance Online Renewal

There are different ways from which the policy holder can renew his or her policy. We live in the age of technology, so we can access the insurance company's online website and after filling the correct data and personal details we can renew our policy. Some insurance companies provide a facility of the mobile app to the customer. You need to fill the basic information like registration number, manufacturer's name, information regarding the vehicle and insurer's name. One need to agree to the terms and conditions of the company and then he or she can pay the premium amount easily every time. One needs to be well informed about the policy details and RC information of the vehicle. The policy holder can visit the nearest branch of the insurance company and can pay the premium with the cash, cheque or demand drafts. Debit card and a credit card can also be used. Two wheeler Insurance policies can be canceled easily during the policy term. You need to submit the valid documents such as the registration certificate of the vehicle has canceled the insurance policy by the Regional Transport office.

One should always ensure the vehicle as the Indian law mandate that any vehicle that is playing on Indian roads should have a third - party insurance. One should choose from the comprehensive coverage, requirements, nature of loss and the necessity of the Two Wheeler Insurance policy. Indian Roads are full of uncertainty, narrow roads, slippery surfaces that lead to a numerous number of accidents so one need to be prepared from all directions. Legal responsibilities, the cost of the spare parts, garage expense result heavy in the pockets and result in mental pressure for the customer. As most of the two - wheeler riders are from middle class, they cannot afford a dent causing half of their salaries disappear, so the Bike Insurance is the solution. It's not only guards against the man made events and the natural disasters.

Documents Required To Buy Insurance Policy

If you are all set to buy the desired Bike insurance, then collect all the essential documents that you need at the time of purchase.

For buying a Bike insurance policy you need to have a proposal form and copy of registration certificate that is also known as RC.

If you want to renew the existing insurance policy, then you need to have a proposal form, RC, and documents of previous insurance policy.

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