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2 days ago

Amit sharma

Fake company . This company never provide Refurbishment. Do not purchase Bajaj Allianz any Policy

November 11, 2019


I bought Religare health Insurance vide Policy no. 16143114 through Mr. Abhishek Mulatkar and his Sr. - Mr. Edward John on 2 Nov, 2019 whereas Mr. Abhishek had promised me a cash back of Rs. 1075.00 after receipt of policy documents which upon receipt was relayed to him on 7 Nov, 2019 upon which h he stated that by Saturday after back office process it will be transferred to my Paytm account which again was changed to Monday and now None of them are answering My calls or text messages while once Abhishek supposed sister stated that today he left his phone home and during lunch he will get back to me. Well anyways I feel cheated and at the short end of the stick and have decided to cancel My above policy as if this is how it starts than God forbid how it will be at the time if an emergency!

November 9, 2019

Raxit Siddhpura

I Purchased Three Policy of Aditya Birla From Policyx and at the time of purchasing they told me that you have included Super NCBj But Now At Time of renewal i Got Renewal Notice From Aditya Birla And They Told Me There No Such Kind Of NCB Included in Your Policy. So Point Is Policyx Only Selling Policies with Mislead Information And They are Fraud And They Just Want to Make Profit out of it so Please Be Aware and Don t Purchase Policy From Here.

November 9, 2019


Really very much disappointed with your approach.please train your executives that how to approach a customer and how to satisfy them.they just mermering what they read in their rules book I think so .And they speak like they know everything but if we ask any doubt or just to repeat the point they can t.what a shame to your company having these kinds troubles .just go and spit in front of the mirror.

October 28, 2019

Supriya Rane

Absolutely disappointed with the officers who tend to sell your insurance policies for 65yr plus. Inspite of mentioning my husband s heart condition I was tempted to apply for health insurance policy with an attractive offer for 3 years premium payment . It was rejected within 2 days and the money has not been refunded since 2 weeks. Next they tried and persuaded me into another policy which according to the officer would be suitable for us. Here they charged a premium second time with the assurance that the first payment would be refunded. Second time too the policy was rejected. I feel its a great tool for the company rep to fulfill sales targets as well as block clients money which can be used by the company at no interest as banks would definately charge exhorbitant OD rates. So beware customers!!!!

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