IFFCO Tokio Health Insurance
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  • 160+ day procedures covered
  • No medical test upto 60 years
IFFCO Tokio Health Insurance

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IFFCO Tokio Health Insurance

IFFCO Tokio General Insurance Company became a company when two prominent companies joined hands in 2000. These two big companies are- Indian Farmers Fertilizer Cooperative Limited (IFFCO) and Tokio Marine Group, a Japan-based company. The company IFFCO Tokio offers a wide range of products to save you from the financial drain that can occur due to medical treatments.

What Does IFFCO Tokio Health Insurance Do?

IFFCO Tokio offers several quality-driven products to the customers that cater to the different healthcare needs of its customers. The plans offered by the company provide various benefits such as coverage for in-patient hospitalization, cashless facilities, health check-ups, ambulance charges, pre and post-hospitalization expenses, and much more.

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IFFCO Tokio Health Insurance

IFFCO Tokio Health Insurance

Some Interesting Facts About IFFCO Tokio Health Insurance

  • IFFCO Tokio offers lifetime renewability to their customers for health insurance policies.
  • They are associated with more than 7500+ hospitals, for cashless claim settlement.
  • They have been serving in the market for 20 years.
  • The claim settlement ratio of the company is 89.38%.

Awards and Achievements of IFFCO Tokio Company

  • Asia's Top Most Influential Insurance Leaders Award - by Insurance Alerts, 2020.
  • Business Leader of the Year Award by TechCircle Business Transformation Symposium & Awards 2020.
  • BFSI Digital Innovation Award 2019.
  • Digital Insurer of the Year Award 2019.
  • Emerging Asia Business Award by ICC.

A Quick Outlook

Cashless Claim Settlement Within 1 hour
Minimum Entry Age 91 days
Maximum Entry Age No Limit
Sum Insured Upto 30 Lakhs
Network Hospital 7500+
Tax Benefits Upto 1 Lakh
Solvency Ratio (2021-22) 1.6 %
Claim Settlement Ratio (2021-22) 89.38%
Ambulance Expenses Covered
Coverage for Accidents Yes

IFFCO Tokio Health Insurance Plans

Iffco Tokio Individual Health Protector Policy

The policy covers healthcare expenses like hospitalization, treatment, medicines, etc. on an individual as well as a family floater basis. SI goes up to 20 Lakhs.

Unique Features

  • No medical check-ups up to 60 years
  • Coverage against critical illness
  • Vaccination and check-ups covered

The plan provides coverage to the entire family including spouse, dependent parent and children, or any other dependent or relatives living together.

Unique Features

  • Daily Allowance up to Rs. 1K per day
  • Emergency Assistance Services
  • 160+ Day Care Surgeries covered

Iffco Tokio Swasthya Kavach Policy

A complete family floater health policy that looks after the health needs of you and your family including the proposer, spouse and 3 dependents.

Unique Features

  • Coverage for Organ transplantation
  • Daily Allowance Cover up to Rs. 250
  • Reinstatement Benefit available

Iffco Tokio Individual Medishield Policy

Offers medical coverage to the policyholders and their families for the expenses of hospitalization, surgeries, organ transportation etc with coverage of up to 5 Lakhs.

Unique Features

  • Lifelong renewal
  • Nursing Expenses covered
  • Ambulance charges up to Rs 1,500

Iffco Tokio Arogya Sanjeevani Policy

A standard health policy that offers coverage to individuals and their families against medical expenses. The policy offers coverage of up to INR 5 Lakhs.

Unique Features

  • Cumulative bonus for claim free year
  • 5% co-payment on all claims
  • Cataract treatment up to INR 40K

Iffco Tokio Individual Personal Accident Policy

The plan offers cover in case of the death due to an accident and covers permanent total/partial disability, and temporary total disability.

Unique Features

  • Children’s education costs covered
  • Increased SI at every renewal
  • Coverage for ambulance cost

Iffco Tokio Health Protector Plus Policy

IFFCO TOKIO Health Protector Plus Policy offers financial aid to the individual and his/her family to cope with high medical expenses against serious illnesses

Unique Features

  • Top-up or Super Top-up options
  • Waiver of deductible cover
  • Emergency assistance services

Iffco Tokio Swasthya Raksha Bima

IFFCO TOKIO Swasthya Raksha Bima policy is an affordable family floater plan especially designed for people dwelling in small towns and cities.

Unique Features

  • Vitamins and tonics covered
  • Additional Daily Allowance
  • Coverage against cataract

Iffco Tokio Critical Illness Insurance Policy

Critical Illness Policy assists the policyholder by offering financial support to cope with the expenses that occurred during the treatment of the 25 listed critical illnesses.

Unique Features

  • No medical tests required
  • Lifelong renewal available
  • Wide coverage of up to INR 1 Crore

Designed to provide comprehensive protection against listed seven vector-borne diseases including Malaria, Dengue, Kala-azar, and many more.

Unique Features

  • Lumpsum payout available
  • SI of upto 1 lakh
  • Cover entire family

IFFCO TOKIO Hospital Daily Cash Policy

The plan offers a fixed amount to the beneficiary for each continuous and completed period of 24 hours of hospitalization.

Unique Features

  • Modern Treatment Methods
  • Day care surgeries
  • Daily cash for up to INR 5,000

IFFCO TOKIO Corona Kavach Policy

Corona Kavach Policy shields against the expenses incurred due to COVID-19-related hospitalization/home care treatment.

Unique Features

  • Cover entire family
  • Telemedicine charges
  • High SI of upto 5 lacs

IFFCO TOKIO Corona Rakshak Policy

Corona Rakshak Policy provides a lump-sum benefit (equal to 100% of the SI) to the insured on the positive diagnosis of COVID-19.

Unique Features

  • Lumpsum payout to beneficiary
  • Coverage up to 2.5 Lacs
  • Avail Tax Benefits

Why Choose IFFCO Tokio Health Insurance?

A specialized health insurance in India, Iffco Tokio Health is known for its products that have shown remarkable change in the insurance world. They have significantly designed each of their product for everyone. There are a number of reasons why you should go for Iffco Tokio Health Insurance. Let us read below-

  • No-Prepay Medical Test
    Most of the insurance plans in IFFCO Tokio's health insurance plan do not require any pre-medical test while buying the policy.
  • 24x7 Claim Assistant
    IFFCO Tokio has a well-equipped and very understanding customer support team, who are available to assist you whenever you need.
  • Emergency Assistance
    If you need any kind of services like medical evacuation, medical repatriation, return of mortal remains, and much more, the team of experts are there to assist you in these kinds of emergency.
  • Fast buying and claim process
    With IFFCO Tokio, all the process is super fast. You can buy the policy and settle for the claim online without any hustle and bustle.
  • Tax Benefits
    Under section 80D of the Income Tax Act, you can get tax benefits.

Know what is covered- Inclusion

Hospitalization Charges

All the hospitalization expenses incurred while undergoing treatment in the hospital like room rent, consultation, and surgical expenses will be covered by the health insurance policy.

Pre and Post Hospitalization

Your pre-hospitalization and post-hospitalization expenses will be covered. Your pre-hospitalization expenses up to 60 days of admission and post-discharge expenses till 180 days get covered. Expenses like diagnostic costs, physiotherapy, consultation, and much more.

Day Care Treatments

Medical advancements have made the procedures very fast. Many surgeries like cataract takes only 24 hours and IFFCO Tokio health insurance covers them all.

Laboratory services

Expenses like X-ray services and other test charges will be covered in the IFFCO Tokio health insurance policy.

Prescription Medicines

You will be covered for any prescribed medicines that you are taking during the course of your treatment from the medical insurance plans.

AYUSH Treatment

Now, you can get treatment from traditional methods like Ayurveda, Unani, Siddha, and Homeopathy. IFFCO Tokio Health Insurance covers you with the AYUSH treatment as well.

Ambulance Charges

With IFFCO Tokio Health Insurance, you will get ambulance coverage too, if you want to opt for transportation in case of emergency.

Critical Illness coverage

Medical Insurance policy give you coverage against critical illness. You will be able to apply for the claim to get coverage against the cost that occurs during treatment.

Pre-existing Medical Conditions

Your pre-existing medical conditions will be covered by the insurance policy after completing the subsequent waiting period.

What is not Covered?- Exclusions

Cosmetic Surgery

Some surgeries like joint replacement, dental surgery, botox, and other cosmetic surgeries will not be covered by the insurance.

Self-Inflicting Injuries

Self-inflicting injuries like attempts to suicide, will not be covered in the insurance policy.


The conditions related to pregnancy are not covered by the insurance policy.

Injuries due to war

Injuries arising due to war, riot, nuclear threats, or strike will not be covered in the insurance policy.

Injuries due to Participation in Hazardous Activities

Injuries that occur due to indulging in any kind of hazardous activities such as paragliding, mountain climbing, and sky jumping will not be included in the IFFCO Tokio health Insurance policies.

What is the Waiting Period for IFFCO Tokio Health Insurance

When you purchase a policy with an existing disease, you need to wait for a period of time before making a claim against it. IFFCO Tokio puts a waiting period on pre-existing diseases.

Pre-existing diseases

If you have critical illness diseases like diabetes, thyroid, hypertension, and much more, you need to wait for some time before making the claim against these medical expenses.

Factors to Consider While Buying A Health Insurance Plan

Choosing a health insurance plan can be complicated. But when you have an idea of what the plan is about and what are the things you need to consider before making the decision. Here are some of the factors that you should consider before buying a health insurance policy-

  • Individual or Family Floater Plan
    Whenever choosing a plan your first step should be to check whether your requirement is for yourself or for your family. Most of the time family floater plans are beneficial for those who want to secure their family as it is cheaper than the individual one.
  • Cover Amount
    We all know that with growing inflation, medical expenses are also increasing day by day. Therefore, having health insurance will help a lot to meet the expenses. In this, it is also necessary to choose a policy that offers maximum coverage and amount for your health claims.
  • Co-Payment Clause
    Every policy has some clauses that you need to follow. A co-payment clause is one of those clauses. This means that for every claim you make, you have to bear a certain percentage of the claim amount. So, you must check how much clause your policy is putting in.
  • Hospital Network
    Always check the list of hospitals included in your policy. Keep in mind what kind of medical facilities you might need in the future.
  • Waiting Period
    Look for the time period you need to wait before claiming the reimbursement. Some policies put a waiting period on critical illness as well, you need to check for that too.
  • Lifetime Renewal
    It might be possible that you need healthcare when you grow old. So, look for a policy that provides lifetime renewal options.
  • Compare the Premiums
    You should always choose the premium after comparing more than two policies. This thoughtful action will prevent you from paying a higher amount for lesser claims and vice versa.

Why Choose Online Procedure to Buy Mediclaim Policy?

Getting a medical insurance policy online from Policyx or directly from the company is full of benefits. Read below to know more.

  • Easy to Compare
    Online platforms give access to compare different IFFCO Tokio Health plans at the same place. You can pick the right one for you while comparing the premiums.
  • Buying Insurance within 5 minutes
    At an online platform you can choose and buy your policy within 5 minutes, without any hustle and bustle.
  • 24*7 Customer Service
    The experts are always at your service. No matter what the time is, you can contact them any time to clear your doubts.
  • Instant Quote
    With online accessibility, you can get quotations with one click. You can collect several quotes and choose the right one for you.

Benefits of Purchasing Health Insurance at an Early Age

Although, there are no specific age criteria for buying health insurance plans. But buying insurance at an early age is highly beneficial. Read below to get to know why buying health insurance at an early age is beneficial.

Benefits of Purchasing at an Early Age

Your premiums will be less at an early age.

Benefits of Purchasing at an Early Age

At an early age, a continuous cover with renewals will help you to go out with the waiting period.

Benefits of Purchasing at an Early Age

No medical test is required if you purchase health insurance at an early age.

Benefits of Purchasing at an Early Age

You can avail a no-claim bonus for every claim-free year.

Benefits of Purchasing at an Early Age

You do not need to share your medical bills as the co-payment is not applicable in this case.

How to Buy IFFCO Tokio Health Insurance Policy?

Online insurance buying can be tricky. You need a smooth and secure navigation process to buy Health Insurance. You can buy it from the official website or the trusted advisor PolicyX.com. Let's check them out.

Buy from the Company

  • Visit the top of this page and fill out the form 'Calculate IFFCO TOKIO Health Insurance Premium'
  • Different quotes from the health insurance companies will pop on your screen.
  • Choose the desired IFFCO TOKIO health plan and pay the premium.
  • A soft copy of the policy will be shared on your registered email ID

Buy from PolicyX

  • Visit the official website of IFFCO TOKIO General Insurance and click on 'Buy' under the 'Health' tab.
  • Enter the details and tap on 'Submit'.
  • Fill in the details to calculate the premium. Enter your details and medical history.
  • Make the premium payment and the policy document will be sent to your registered email address.

How to Renew Health Insurance Policy?

To avail of the continuity of the benefits, you need to renew your health insurance policy on time. In the below content, you will get some simple steps on how to renew your health insurance policy.

  • Step-1: Company

    You need to visit the health insurance renewal page of IFFCO Tokio Health Insurance.

  • Step-2: Coverage

    Fill in the details such as your policy number, name, and date of birth.

  • Step-3: Policy Tenure

    Check all the details again and then click proceed.

  • Step-4: Riders

    Make the payment and voila your policy is renewed.

You can directly call our experts to do the work.

How to Claim?

These are the steps you need to know for filing your claim. Filing a health insurance claim will become very easy if you choose the best and easiest way. That is why we have jotted down the steps you should follow to file a claim.

Cashless Claim Process

  • Inform the TPA about the hospitalization. For planned hospitalization, inform at least 3 days before admission.
  • Report to the insurance helpdesk of the hospital with the IFFCO TOKIO health card, IFFCO TOKIO health claim form, and other documents (photo ID, cashless request, etc.).
  • Send all the documents to the TPA.
  • On approval, TPA will settle all the bills with the hospital.
  • Note: Approval for the cashless claim will be sent within 24 hours of receiving the required documents.

Reimbursement Claim Process

  • Get hospitalized and pay the bills. Once done, inform the company within 7 days of discharge
  • Download the claim form from the company website and file for reimbursement.
  • Dial (1800 543 5499) to get the address of your local IFFCO office. Send all the relevant documents to that address.
  • The company will check the claim request and settle the claim if everything is in process.

Claim Process

Once you submit the claim intimation, the company will start their work of verification. They might assign a field doctor if required for this process. After completing the verification process, you will get the claim immediately.

Documents required while filing the claim

While filing the claim for health insurance at Iffco Tokio, you need to be prepared with the documents listed below-

  • Duly filled form provided by the company.
  • Reports of actual investigations
  • The hospitalization order from the doctor
  • FIR or an autopsy report (if necessary)
  • Final hospital discharge summary
  • Reports and invoices for all diagnostic tests
  • The pharmacy's invoices and the original prescription
  • Properly filled out and officially signed claim form from the policyholder
  • The discharge statement, as well as the authentic invoices and receipts
  • Authenticated hospital bills and a photo ID are required
  • The type of surgery performed, together with the invoice and receipt from the surgeon
  • Genuine consultation notes and a report from the treating physician
  • Test results as well as a report from the physician or surgeon
  • The policyholder's bank account information and a voided check to transfer the claim amount
  • The insured's and the policyholder's identification documents

IFFCO Tokio Top-Up Plans

Your general health insurance might not be able to cover all the expenses. But do not worry, top-up plans are there. This is the most important add-on feature that you can avail. These plans have their own benefits and features, which you can avail of by paying regular premiums. You can calculate your premiums at IFFCO Tokio Health Insurance Premium Calculator or you can contact Policyx experts to know more. Currently, the company is providing one top-up plan which is-

  • Health Protector Max

IFFCO Tokio Health Insurance Network Hospital List

Choose Policyx for all your IFFCO Tokio Health Insurance-related queries.

  • IRDAI Approved: The Insurance Regulatory Development Authority of India (IRDAI) is a regulatory body created to protect the policyholder's interest. PolicyX.com follows all the guidelines and protocols approved by the IRDAI.
  • Free Comparison Service: With PolicyX.com, you can easily compare the best Health Plans in India without paying the extra amount.
  • Compare 15 Companies in 30 Seconds: With us, you can compare up to 15 companies in just a few seconds.
  • Buy Insurance withing 5 mins: With PolicyX.com, you can buy your policy online without any hassles. We offer an easy 4-step online buying process that allows you to buy your policy without any troubles.
  • 24*7 Customer Service: The experts of PolicyX.com are always available to resolve any of your insurance-related queries.
  • Free Future Claim Assistance: Our team will assist you at every step of your claim process. Be it claim intimation, documentation, or any other process, we are always there to help.
WWhy Should You Buy the Star Health Insurance Plan from Policyx.com?

End Note-Contact Details

IFFCO Tokio Health is a dedicated insurance company that works 24*7 for customer case support. They make sure to resolve all the customer queries, no matter what time. For a branch-wise contact detail, you can read more about IFFCO Tokio Insurance Customer Care.

IFFCO TOKIO General Insurance Company, Corporate Office, IFFCO Tower, Plot No. 3, Sector 29, Gurgaon - 122001, Haryana, India.



IFFCO Tokio Health Insurance: Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is there any mobile application for tracking and offering the help regarding the IFFCO Tokio policies?

Yes, a mobile application 'IFFCO Tokio - Customer' is available for 24/7 assistance regarding queries against IFFCO Tokio policies.

2. Can I port my existing similar health insurance from another provider to IFFCO Tokio Health Protector Plus?

Yes, you can.

3. Does IFFCO Tokio Swasthya Kavach Policy cover maternity/pregnancy-related expenses?

No, they aren't covered by the company.

4. Will I get tax benefits if I purchase an IFFCO Tokio health insurance policy for my family?

The policyholder is liable to get tax benefits under Section 80D of the Income Tax Act, 1961.

5. How many times can I make a claim during a policy period under Iffco Tokio Medical Insurance?

During the policy time, you can make as many claims as you like as long as your sum insured is not exhausted.

6. Are pre-entry medical examinations required for buying Iffco Tokio Medical Insurance?

The need for pre-entrance medical examinations totally depends on the plan you choose, your entry age, and the sum insured you have selected. However, keep in mind that in the older age, Pre-entrance medical examinations are necessary.

7. I am a non-smoker and live a healthy lifestyle. However, I have a family history of Diabetes & B.P. Will it affect my Iffco Tokio Mediclaim premium?

Having a family history of Diabetes & BP may impact your premiums, as a customer with diabetes has to pay more than a person without a preexisting condition.

8. Is it possible for me to get multiple health insurance policies?

Yes. In that case, both health insurance plans will split the claim equally (up to the sum assured) and cover your medical expenses.

9. I work in an MNC, where I have been covered under a Group Health Insurance of INR 5 Lakhs. Do I still need to buy another health insurance policy?

Generally, Group Health Insurance doesn't offer a vast coverage, and hence can fall short at the time of a medical emergency. Moreve, if in future you decide to switch the company, you will be left with no coverage at all.

Therefore, buying another plan along with a Group Health Policy is not a bad idea.

10. How can I check my Iffco Tokio Health Insurance policy status?

Visit the Iffco Tokio official website's 'Claim Status' section to check the status of your insurance policy. After that, enter your policy/claim number and click 'Submit.' The next page will show the status of your Iffco Tokio policy.

11. Do the Health plans offered by IFFCO TOKIO offer coverage against naturopathy and homoeopathy treatments?

Yes! AYUSH treatments including Ayurveda, Yoga, Unani, Siddha, and Homeopathy are covered under the IFFCO TOKIO health plans.

12. How many IFFCO TOKIO health plans offer coverage against critical illness?

IFFCO TOKIO offers a health insurance plan called Critical Illness Insurance Policy, which is specifically designed to cover 25 critical illnesses. However, other plans such as Family Health Protector Policy, Swasthya Kavach Policy, and Individual Medishiled Policy also offer critical illness coverage if you pay an additional premium.

13. What is the time frame to inform the company in case of emergency hospitalization in IFFCO TOKIO Network Hospitals?

You must inform IFFCO TOKIO General Insurance within 24 hours of hospitalisation in case of emergency hospitalisation.

14. What would happen if I cancel a health plan of IFFCO TOKIO after purchase?

Your health insurance plan will stop from the date of policy cancellation. Also, you will get your premium back as per the rates of short-period cancellation as per the terms and conditions of the policy.

15. What is the settlement ratio for IFFCO Tokio health insurance?

The claim settlement ratio is IFFCO Tokio is 89.38%.

16. How long does it take for IFFCO Tokio's health insurance claim to settle?

7 working days

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Iffco Tokio Health Insurance Reviews

Read what our customers have to say about Iffco Tokio health insurance company

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Priya Sharma


June 9, 2022

I will rate this company good because I purchased a health policy that has good coverage and less premium. I pay my premium online and I am convenient with the payment options.

Customer Review Image



June 6, 2022

I moved to IFFCO Tokio and found great plans with some better benefits as compared to others. I purchased it and gave my family full safety.

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June 6, 2022

I recently visited IFFCO Tokio portal to get a health insurance policy that covers me and my family for COVID-19-related treatments. I read about Corona Rakshak Policy and found it useful so bo...

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June 6, 2022

I chose to buy the IFFCO Tokio health insurance policy because the premium is affordable and also because I like the coverage benefits.

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June 6, 2022

I have bought health insurance through the website of IFFCO Tokio. It gave me full support and when I contacted the customer care of IFFCO Tokio for clearing some of my queries they provided me...

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Vasudha Rane


May 24, 2022

very nice company, with a wide range of products available. I am happy that I decided to buy the health plan from IIFCO Tokio health insurance company.

Customer Review Image

pulkit arora


February 9, 2022

IFFCO Tokio Individual Medishield Plan is a great choice for individual health insurance as I live alone in Gurgaon and at the time of a medical emergency, the company

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Ravinder Dewan


November 22, 2021

Good Customer service, and very very good plans at affordable price. very quick claim settlement process.

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