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About Care Health Insurance (Formerly known as Religare Health Insurance)

The right health insurance policy acts as an indispensable shield against rising medical inflation. However, as important as it is to select the right cover, it is equally essential to calculate the premium payable and compare quotations across different health plans. Fortunately for you, Care Health Insurance (formerly known as Religare Health Insurance) has come with its digital tool for quick and easy online premium calculation.

The Care Insurance Premium Calculator is designed to simplify premium calculation to make your insurance purchase convenient. CHI offers three policy estimation options: family health insurance, pre-existing diseases cover, and senior citizen health insurance premium calculator.

Care Premium Calculator eliminates the need for you to depend on third parties for information and calculate premiums in just a few clicks. This free online tool factors in your age, number of members, medical history and amount of coverage required to give you the estimated premium.

Health Insurance Premium Calculator

Why Do You Need Online Premium Calculators?

The Care Health Insurance Premium Calculator provides numerous advantages. Let's have a look at some of its benefits:

  • Estimation of premiums without errors -the digital premium calculator analyses all policy parameters precisely to give premium rates that are free of errors.
  • Saves time and money -you can examine an insurance policy from anywhere, at any time, thanks to an all-digital facility for checking medical insurance premium rates online.
  • Add-on rider benefits -once you've determined how much you'll have to pay in premiums, you can make sure you don't go over your financial budget. It indicates whether or not extra riders can be added to the package based on your budget.
  • Premium comparison -it allows you to compare the premiums of several plans, allowing you to choose the most cost-effective alternative. This saves a lot of your time otherwise spent on reading individual policy brochures.
  • Personalized coverage -it allows you to tailor coverage elements to your specific needs.

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What are the features of the Care Insurance Premium Calculator?

  • Online tool - Care Premium Calculator by Care Health Insurance (formerly Religare Health Insurance) is available online, making it easy to use from the comfort of your own home.
  • Free for all - The application is completely free, and users can use it as many times as they like to look for premium quotations.
  • Quick quotations - The calculator provides quick results that include taxes and provide a decent estimate of the net premiums due.
  • Plan comparison - Multiple plans are evaluated with Care Health Premium Calculator to provide you with the best choice.
  • Personalized approach - The premium calculator allows you to customize your coverage. You can add or remove members, change the Sum Insured, and customize other aspects.

Factors taken into Consideration for Premium Calculation

  • Age: It is a significant element that influences the cost of health insurance premiums. As you get older, you become more prone to health problems, and therefore the cost of medical treatment increases. Younger people, on the other hand, would pay a lower insurance premium under the provisions of the policy.
  • BMI: The Body Mass Index is the ratio of your height to your weight. If your BMI is unhealthy, you are more likely to develop conditions such as obesity, heart disease, diabetes, and so on. As a result, premiums for medical insurance becomes higher.
  • Medical history: Another element taken into account when determining the likelihood of a genetic condition is your family's medical history. When calculating the premium to be paid, the specifics of your medical history become a decisive factor.
  • Add-on covers: You'll see possibilities to attach add-on covers to your insurance and expand your coverage when utilizing the tool. As a result, any additional coverage, such as a higher sum insured, a shorter waiting time, automatic recharge, COVID, and OPD-care, will raise the premium cost.
  • Type of health plan: The health insurance plan you select has a significant impact on the amount of your premium. An individual policy will have a substantially higher premium than a family floater plan. You may use the mediclaim premium calculator to find a good health plan at an affordable premium rate.
  • Lifestyle choices: Insurers also take into account your lifestyle choices, including drunkenness, smoking, and tobacco use when calculating your premium. To help accurately assess your health insurance premium, you must reveal any serious lifestyle problems. A smoker, for example, has increased health risks and consequently pays a higher premium than a non-smoker.
  • Pre-existing diseases: A person with a pre-existing sickness is likely to pay a higher premium than someone who is in better health. While there is a waiting period to obtain pre-existing disease coverage, there is an option to shorten the waiting period in exchange for a higher premium.

Information required by the Care Insurance Premium Calculator

With CHI's digital premium calculator, calculating medical coverage premiums has never been easier. To process an estimate of your insurance payment, you need to provide a few crucial data as listed below-

  • The number of people covered by the Family Health Insurance Plan, as well as their age and gender.
  • For the Pre-Existing Disease Cover, the number of adults and children insured, as well as the age of the oldest member. Any pre-existing medical issues should also be disclosed.
  • When purchasing Senior Citizen Health Insurance, The Care Health Insurance Premium Calculator considers the age and gender of all family members.

Care Health Insurance (formerly known as Religare Health Insurance) only needs your contact and the above-mentioned information to help you better understand the policy coverage and premium amount.

How to Use Care Health Insurance’s Premium Calculator?

Step 1: Go to the Care Health Insurance website's "Calculate Health Insurance Premium" page under the "Health Insurance" category.

Step 2: From the drop-down menu, select a suitable health policy.

Step 3: Enter your phone number and click the 'Get Quote' button in the top right corner of the screen.

Step 4: Input your pin code as well as your email address.

Step 5: Select the number of members you want to insure, as well as their age and gender, by clicking Next*.

Step 6: To calculate the policy's premium, adjust the sum insured using the metre in the 'Total Coverage' section and switch between several policy terms ranging from 1 to 3 years.

Step 7: In the "Care Quote" area, your immediate medical insurance premium computation is complete and visible.

Step 8: To improve your health insurance coverage, select any or all of the add-on benefits suggested on the 'Care Quote' display. As you add on benefits, you'll notice an immediate difference in the premium price.

* Note - You should declare the number of adult members and minors, as well as the eldest member's age if you are purchasing a pre-existing illness policy.
** You must also specify whether or whether the senior policy-seekers have any pre-existing conditions.

Care Health Insurance: FAQs

1. Do I have to pay GST on Health Insurance Premium?

Yes, GST charges are applicable at a rate of 18%.

2. How can I reduce the premium for my health insurance?

  • Opt for a family floater plan
  • Invest at a young age
  • Maintain ideal BMI
  • Choose a healthy lifestyle
  • Choose multi-year policy

3. How can I calculate the premium for my parents?

Go to the health policy premium calculator on the Insurer’s website. Enter details about their age, medical history, etc. and click to calculate the premium amount.

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