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India's Insurance Industry Insights

$ per person (2018)


Insurance Density

% of GDP (2018)


Insurance Penetration

In (cr.) 2020-21 | Upto Nov


Total General Insurers Premium

In (cr.) 2020-21 | Upto Nov


Total Premium - Life Insurance

2020-21 | Upto Nov


Total Life Insurance Policies Sold

In (cr.) 2017-18 (Delhi)


Statewise Life Insurance Premium

In (cr.) 2017-18 (Maharashtra)


Statewise General Insurance Premium

Life - Non Life (Year)


Claim Settlement Ratio

Life Insurer (Year)


Solvency Ratio

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About PolicyX.com Data Lab

PolicyX.com Data Lab was launched in 2020 to provide valuable insights into the insurance industry and its players. As one of the leading marketplaces in India, we have access to millions of customer data. Our team of data scientists collect this data from various sources like our own website, IRDAI reports and trusted external sources to analyze and disseminate valuable insights to the industry participants.

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