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Investment Plans

Investment Plans are a combination of both investment as well as insurance. A part of the premium you pay is used to provide you insurance coverage (Life cover) and the remaining part is invested in the financial instrument as per your risk taking capacity. Such plans help you fulfil your Short-Term as well as Long-Term Financial Goals. Investment Plan is a good option if you want to enhance your wealth and save taxes.

Life insurance is regularly used as a form of funding and is therefore additionally referred to as the best investment plans. First of all, they offer the protection of insurance wherein the insured and his/her nominee or family gets the essential cover to guard towards any potential risks, and secondly, they get a funding product that they could use to meet their desires whether short-term or long-term.

Investment plans are of two types, Unit Linked Insurance Plans or ULIPs that gives returns based on overall market performance, and traditional endowment plans that provide a lump sum or annuity payout when the life insurance coverage funding policy matures. Each of these forms of financial savings schemes or best investment plans offers a policyholder life insurance coverage and a financial savings option.

  • Looking for that perfect investment plan to multiply your wealth?
  • Confused about what are these mutual funds?
  • Have excess money and want to go for a plan that can set you up for the future and your retirement plans?
  • What about your kid's education and their marriage?
  • Are you prepared enough?
  • Are you aware much?

If that sounds like a bunch of complex questions, you have hit the right page!
Investment plans are a mechanism for multiplying your funds. It can not only help you accumulate a lump sum but also provide that security cover that we wish for. Be it a simple life insurance plan or a provident fund, those intense ULIPs or a regular and simple Systematic Investment Plan, investing should be a habit.

No sooner than ever, we as individuals plan to save, but it's the temptation of the entire world that keeps coming back in the form of lucrative sales and offers. How often have you walked into that store that flashed that banner saying "FLAT 50% OFF!!!?"

You love those new shoes but do not have the surplus to invest in it. Imagine saying no to your favourite pair! Don't you just want to reach out to that credit and spend it all? Of course you do, and honestly, most of us are guilty of doing that.

Therefore, all of us need that perfect investment plan which not only makes us keep that vow of "saving money from this month" and seeing those extra zeroes at the end of the amount, but also be prepared for a rainy day.

The internet is already swarming with a plenty of options. mid cap funds, balanced funds, growth funds, provident funds, which one should you opt for? Good news for you is that tax savings are also possible when you are investing in the right plans. If you belong to the 30% tax slab audience, it becomes highly essential to cut down on taxes too. But with the limitations of Section 80C and others, doesn't it become just too challenging? You do not want to keep visiting a CA and end up paying that saved amount now, do you?

ULIPS are an excellent investment option as they invest a part of your money in the markets, namely- debt or equity with a chance of high returns. While, an endowment plan offers lower but safer returns. However, a purchaser does not get to see where his money is being invested due to the opaque nature of endowment plans, unlike ULIPs in which they realize wherein their cash is being put. Ulips are popular as high-quality investment plan.

Endowment plans have their benefits. Where ULIPs delivers the investment of policyholder with lots of flexibility and transparency, endowment plans act as a guaranteed financial savings option as they provide definite returns.

  • Analyse Your Risk Profile: Find out how much you are willing to lose. Are you a market player who gets befuddled with all the smattering of how the stocks perform? Does it bother you if you do not get the returns you wished for? Are you willing to wait long enough to see your funds perform better?
    You need to answer these questions before you pick out an investment plan which is ideally advised by your financial advisor.
  • Budget: It hardly makes any sense to pool all your money and put in a fund. You need to pay the rents and utilities, remember? So how do you decide? Find out how much of excess funds you would have at the end of the month! Figuring out a decent number can prepare and set you up for a plan. Start off with baby steps where you can afford a couple of losses. No one wins big with a smaller amount!
  • Investment Plans: What investment plan do you want to go for? Is it a retirement fund or a short-term goal? Is it going to be for your own wedding or for your children's? Figuring out a financial goal can give you a clear picture of what kind of fund you would wish to invest in. Whether you want to play it safe or be an aggressive or demanding investor, it all depends on the kind of budget and risk appetite you have. All that said and done let's find out the best investment plans India has to offer to you as a whole!

The entire investment arena can be divided into 12 major categories:

Fixed Deposits+


Endowment Plans+

Public Provident Funds+

Unit Linked Investment Plans+

National Savings Certificate+

National Pension Scheme+

Tax Saving Mutual Funds+

Mutual Funds+

Why Investment Plan Comparison is Required?

There is no doubt in saying that the market is full of investment offers. You may ask for one and there will be several other offers that can confuse you easily. Just because of this, it will be hard for you to understand which is the best investment plan and which one you should choose. Investment is something that a person does to earn more funds with the help of existing one.Thus, a wrong choice can lead you in trouble, that's why it is essential to do a comparison so you would be able to get the best plan out of all.

By doing investment comparison online it will be easy for you to clear your doubts and confusion related to your investment needs and search for the best plan. By comparing investment plans online you get several options on a single page, where you can compare their features, benefits, disadvantages and prices as well. With all this helpful information, it will be easy for you to choose the best plan for yourself that provides good returns on time. So take advantage of investment plan comparison service and get the best plan in a few minutes.

Importance of Investment Policy

Financial Protection: Your Short and long term goals such as Child's marriage, education, etc can be fulfilled in a planned manner

Good Returns: Returns on investment plans are usually better if you consider post-tax yields compared to other investment options (especially in Unit-Linked insurance Plans)

Tax Benefits: You get a tax deduction for the premium you pay under Section 80C and the money you realize on maturity is tax-free under Section 10 (10) D of the Income Tax Act

Riders Benefits: You can add riders like Critical Illness, Accidental death, waiver of premium, etc.

Loan: You can also avail a loan on the investments in case you need money at a later stage. Rate of interest differs from company to company

Dual Benefits: You get the benefit of saving your money for future needs as well as increasing your wealth by investing in the stock market.

Investment Plans in India

Short Term Investment Plans

In financial terms, an investment which is done for almost 1 year is known as short term investment, whereas a long term refers to those investment plans that last for more than one year for eg - term plan. There are several short-term plans that can offer you great returns such as saving accounts, gold or silver, debt instruments, bank fixed deposits, Large Cap Mutual Funds, Treasury securities, Stock Market /Derivatives, Money Market Account, fixed maturity small investment plans and much more. You can choose any of them for yourself. They are effective investment plan.

Check - 1 Year Investment Plan | 3 Years Investment Plans

Long-term investment Plans

All those investments that run under a fixed time period that should be more than 1 or 2 years are refered to as long term plans. These types of investments plans offer great returns with high rate of interest. Just like short-term investments plans, there are also several plans under this category such as Public Provident Fund or PPF, Mutual Fund, Direct Equity or Share Purchase, Real Estate Investment, Post Office Savings Schemes (POSS), Company Fixed Deposits, Invest in attractive IPOs and ULIPs among others.

Check - 5 Years Investment Plans

Child Investment plans

Child investment plans are also very popular. Under the same, you will get a great financial cover that will help you in meeting the financial goals of your ward. With it you will be able to take care of your child's education expenses, marriage expenses and even health cover . It is a great investment that helps you at different stages of your child's life.

Retirement Investment Plan

A great investment that offers you great coverage which helps you in enjoying your post-retirement life. By investing in a retirement investmentplan, you are insuring your future. It is a great investment that offers great coverage in old age when you need it most. With it, you can take care of all your expenses on your own and you don't need to rely on anyone for it.

Things to Check Before Investment Planning

Investment objective: Normally, people invest their funds with a sole objective f getting returns. The time period to meet the desired result may vary from months to years.

Recognize The Fund House: While you put money into a fund, you provide permission to the fund house to use your money on your behalf. The fund house will take care of your investments.

Fund overall performance: The ultimate purpose is returns. Investors ought to look at returns given by means of the fund at some stage in intervals and compare them with the benchmark, commonly an index, and much more. For equity mutual finances, take a look at the long-time period (3-5years) performance, at the same time for debt funds observe returns over the short to medium time period.

Charges: Those small prices may have a huge effect on returns in the long run. A difference of 0.50% in ordinary price over a extended duration of, say, 10 years can make a huge distinction.
However, many people don't have a look at the fund house's claim ratio before making an investment. People should check the same as well.

Research On Fund Manager: It is critical to recognize the fund supervisor as well. One could do so via analysing the overall performance of price range managed by him, specifically all through periods when markets went through tough times.

How to choose best Investment Policy & Buy Online ?

Nowadays there are several investment companies that promise you good returns. They are also offering several useful plans and with so many of them you may get confused. Thus it is essential for you to compare the available plans online. To get the best investment option online, you must take help of an online portal that allows you to compare investment plans from the comfort of your home.

With the help of free comparison service and quotes you will be able to differentiate and understand which is the best for you. It is really essential for you to investyour money in the right investment plan. You can purchase online as that will save you money and time as well.

Tips To Get The Best Investment Policy

Selecting the best investment plan is an important decision. In the same, you will be the individual decision maker. As an individual, you have to bear all the risks that are associated with an investment plan. Thus, you have to take decision properly and wisely as well. Unless you carry sufficient funds aside and getting a secured income regularly, it is advisable not to go for a plan which is a higher risk investment plan. They can bring problems for you.

You must always keep in mind about the golden rules linked with an investment plan

There is no investment plan which is completely secure. There is always a level of risk which is associated with it.

Returns and risk always work in a parallel way. The more the risk the more will be the return and lower the risk the lower will be the return, but with additional safety.

You must first understand the plan thoroughly, then go for it.

The most effective element that you want to do is place an aim before funding. "What exactly it is and what you want to obtain through your investment?" is the question that needs to be answered before making any investment choice, there are several desires that are a solution to the above query. A few may work for a selected purpose, while a few opt for a mixture of desires. Discover below the kind of purpose that exists:

  • Protection: When the character is choosing this goal, he/she wishes that the threat associated with the authentic funding should be minimum. There aren't any better returns in this, however, the protection of the original investment is maximum.
  • Income: On this type of funding aims, the individual is targeting a constant go with the flow of income via his investment by means of making some normal payment. In this case, there might or won't be a decrease in the unique investment accomplished.
  • Growth: Here the man or woman goes for a long time investment. Also, the risk is higher than above two. He might get a dividend on the invested amount or won't. He wants to take the gain of the appreciation of the market value.

Consequently, you need to create a right blend of your return and risk. If you have Rs.100, make investments Rs.60 in protection, Rs.20 in income, Rs.10 in growth and Rs.10 in speculation. This will help you in getting a stable return.

Factors To Keep In Mind

  • Do not invest all the money which you have. Hold a part of it to take care any emergencies
  • Trust yourself as the final selection maker, in choosing a funding plan
  • Take advice from straightforward, professional and certified advisor
  • Before investing in any company, have a have a look at its track record. Don't just make investments because it promises high returns
  • Before investing make a plan for it
  • Never make an investment choice simply on the idea of any unsolicited information obtained
  • Never pick a funding plan from an unknown person

Documents Required To Buy Online Investment Plans

  • Age proof: Birth Certificate, 10th or 12th mark sheet, Driving License, Passport, Voter ID, etc.(Any one)
  • Identity proof: Driving License, Passport, Voter ID, PAN Card, Aadhar Card, which proves ones citizenship
  • Income Proof: Income proof specifying the income of the person buying the insurance
  • Address proof: Electricity Bill, Telephone Bill, Ration Card, Driving License, Passport, should clearly mention the permanent address

Buying Process

  • Hassle free place that assist you in buying the desired plan
  • It will save your time and money as well
  • Simple process, just enter some basic requirements and details to find the best insurance plan
  • Compare plans provided by top insurance companies through
  • Choose a plan that suits your requirements.
  • Fill the proposal form that requires some basic information.
  • Upload your documents online. Make the payment through selected mode