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HDFC ERGO Health Insurance
  • 9000+ Cashless Hospitals
  • Super Top-up in Existing Plans
  • Sum Assured Over 1 Crore
  • 24/7 Customer Care Support
  • Higher Claim Settlement Ratio

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HDFC ERGO Health Insurance

One of the best known and oldest private general insurance companies in India, the HDFC ERGO general insurance company limited has its headquarters in Mumbai, Maharashtra. However, it operates all over India through its branches in more than 90 cities.

Like other private insurance firms in India, HDFC ERGO is a joint venture. 51% of its stocks are held by HDFC Ltd., an Indian financial services company and the rest 49% belongs to a German company called ERGO International AG. The ERGO Group is one of the largest insurance groups based in Europe and it is in operation since the last 20 years. Hence, it brings its expertise to the table.

This general insurance firm offers a variety of products for customers, from motor insurance to trade credit insurance. The company relies on its hassle-free and superior customer support service to satisfy the needs of its many customers. It also has an ISO certification for its services. In fact, the company tagline reads 'Take it easy, Experience the convenience'.

HDFC Health Insurance Plans

Health should be our top most priority in today's time. Understanding the importance of life HDFC Ergo has launched many Health Insurance plans. It has been operational since 2002. With the network of 6000+ hospitals they already have 75 lakhs happy customers. Claims they have settled so far is equivalent to 16 lakhs.

It is one of the best known and oldest private general insurance companies in India.HDFC ERGO general insurance company limited has its headquarters in Mumbai, Maharashtra. However, it operates all over India through its branches in more than 90 cities.

Like other private insurance firms in India, HDFC ERGO is a joint venture. 51% of its stocks are held by HDFC Ltd., an Indian financial services company and the rest 49% belongs to a German company called ERGO International AG. The ERGO Group is one of the largest insurance groups based in Europe and it is in operation since the last 20 years. Hence, it brings its expertise to the table.

This general insurance firm offers a variety of products for customers, from motor insurance to trade credit insurance. The company relies on its hassle-free and superior customer support service to satisfy the needs of its many customers. It also has an ISO certification for its services. In fact, the company tagline reads 'Take it easy, Experience the convenience'.

The health insurance policies by HDFC ERGO are designed for the benefit of individuals and families. The company offers its comprehensive and unique products at competitive prices. The policies cover hospitalisation, accidents, pre and post hospitalisation expenses at the very least.

The range of the coverage depends upon the policy that is chosen. The many advantages that the company offers includes no hospital room rent sub-limits, free health check-ups after a few claim-free years, and cumulative no-claim bonus. A 24X7 customer assistance phone line is also available when claims are to be made.

The useful health insurance products have gained the company millions of customers and a lot of corporate clients too. The products are sold online and through the 109 branches located all over India. The network hospital list, which is 6000 strong, adds a lot to the advantages that HDFCERGO health insurance policies offer. The claims process for cashless or reimbursement claims is easy. All the information about the procedure and the documents required for claims is provided on the policy papers and even on the website.

There are about 2 types of solutions and 8 different policies. The indemnity plans compensate for the expenses that the customers have incurred and the lump-sum plans provide fixed benefit amount. Since the website offers detailed info about all the different policies, a customer can make an informed choice while buying. Some plans offer basic protection and are cheaper while others comparatively cost more but give better coverage. However, any of the plans from HDFC ERGO general insurance company are extremely beneficial and help customers avoid financial woes.

The various indemnity benefits include in-patient treatment, medical check-ups, day-care procedures, organ donor expenses, domiciliary treatment, emergency ambulance benefit, etc. Maternity benefits, regain benefits, convalescence benefits, etc. are included in some of the plans. Optional add-ons are also available. The lump-sum category has only one plan, i.e. the critical illness plan, but in 2 variants. The premium for any of these plans can be calculated on the online premium calculator before buying. This surely is a helpful tool.

The firm also provides various special deals for its health insurance customers, collectively called 'Customer Delight'. It has partnered with many independent pharmacies, spas, health clinics and so on to offer exclusive benefits. Some of the services are diagnostic centres, Ayurveda clinics, blood banks, ambulance service and eye clinics. A customer can locate the nearest service providers on the website easily.

A summary of what the different HDFC ERGO health policies offer can give an idea of which policy to buy. Each plan has much to offer where it comes to coverage and features.

HDFC has got many Health Insurance plans with great features. Some of the policies are as follows.

Sno HDFC Ergo Health Insurance Plans
1. Health Suraksha Gold Insurance Plan
2. My:Heathcare Super Top Up Insurance
3. Health Suraksha Goldwith Regain and ECB
4. My:Health Medisure classic
5. Critical Illness Silver Health Insurance Plan
6. Critical Illness Platinum Health Insurance Plan

All these plans have one feature or other that differentiate them from each other. Same has been elaborated below in detail.

Health Suraksha Gold Insurance Plan

Health Suraksha Gold Individual is one of the premier plan introduced by HDFC Ergo. It is indeed an excellent plan. With very reasonable premium we can expect good coverage through this plan. Medical expenses these days makes hole in the pocket. Good health Insurance plan can shield us from such crisis. These plans can be real financial support at the time of health-related problem. This is a comprehensive and complete plan that covers maternity benefits and provides free E-opinion for critical illness. It can be bought online and includes convalescence benefit too. The plan is available in two options-Health Suraksha Gold Individual Plan and Family Health Suraksha Gold Plan.

Some of its features are as follows:-

  1. Free Hospitalisation with all inclusive expenses. It includes expenditure made on room, consultation, diagnosis and other medical charges.
  2. There is no age criteria for this plan. Anyone can be covered from 91 days old child to senior citizens.
  3. Maternity facility with coverage of new born babies in included.
  4. Additional benefits of free health checkup is also included as per this plan. We can avail the same after continuous 4 years of non-claim years.
  5. This policy also offers lifelong renewal.
  6. Easy cashless facility provided.
  7. Tax saving facility is available as per section 80 d.
Hospital Network 6000+
Day Care Procedures 144
Sum Insured Rs 3 to 10 Lakhs
Claim Settlement process 30-45 days
Free Look Period 15 days
Renewal Lifelong
Policy Period 1 to 2 years

My:Health Medisure Super Top Up Insurance

This is one of the pioneer product of HDFC Ergo Health Insurance. We get disturbed if a member of our family is not keeping well. With the help of this plan we can restore their happiness along with ours. Best feature of this product is it acts as a top-up for any plan. It can be teamed with any product. So if we take policy for ourselves along with health medisure it will act as a super combo.

Not only will it save money but can ensure good health for our beloved family members as well. It is in fact great support system for us and our family. It can also strengthen our bond with our family members. With so many features this Health plan is quiet irresistible.


  1. This policy can be bought with an existing health insurance to get extra protection.
  2. The top-up plan is cheap and provides more financial welfare in times of need.
  3. This can also be bought as a basic policy.
  4. Act as a policy booster
  5. Can prove to be super combo with any plan
Discount Upto 10%
Top-Up As required
Claim Settlement process 30-45 days
Free Look Period 15 days
Tax Benefit Section 80d
Renewal Lifelong

Health Suraksha Goldwith Regain and ECB

This plan is inclusive of many features and benefits. Its quiet comprehensive as it includes lots of things. Similar to the Health Suraksha Gold, for a little extra premium, customers can get the benefit of Enhanced Cumulative Bonus cover and sum insured regain benefit as well. It's a recent launch but one of the most advantageous policy by HDFC ERGO. It's not too high on cost yet provides cummulative bonus of 10% that can be enhanced after non claim year.

Some of the other features of this plan are as follows:

  1. Extenstive coverage including organ donar expenses, domiciliary treatments etc.
  2. It provides automatic regain benefits of Sum insured after exhaustion.
  3. Sum Insured can go upto Rs. 10,00,000.
  4. Family Floater benefit is available in this plan.
  5. Tax savings can be done as per section 80 d

All the coverage in detail is as follows.

S.No Coverage
1. Domiciliary treatment
2. Organ Donar Expenses
3. Day Care Procedures
4. AYUSH cover available without any sub limit
5. Convalescence benefits
6. Domiciliary treatment
7. Maternity Benefits
8. E Opinion for Critical Illness

My:Health Medisure Classic

Parents play a quintessential role in our upbringing. They burn the midnight oil to make us what we are today. With growing age, they get prone to many diseases. It becomes our responsibility to take care of them with old age. What best can be done is to buy them a good health Insurance plans. HDFC came up with exclusive coverage plan for parents. With my: Healthcare classic plan we can top up the plan as per our requirements.

This plan is designed keeping in mind the medical needs of our parents. With this plan, we can be prepared for any unexpected ailments of our parents.

Some of the features and benefits of this plan are as follows.

  1. Premium Amount is very nominal.
  2. Numerous day care treatments are included in the same.
  3. Zero documentation cashless treatment can be availed with ease.
  4. Cumulative bonus of 5% can be availed if no claim is made.
  5. Can use My:health medisure classic to top up the Sum Insured amount.
Bonus Commulative
Age No Limit
Day Care Treatment Unlimited
Free Look Period 15 days
Tax Benefit Section 80d
Renewal Lifelong

Critical Illness Silver Health Insurance Plan

Critical illness are the disease that can lead to death of the person. However, with treatment done on time it can be cured.This policy provides lump-sum amount if the insured is afflicted with 8 critical illnesses. The illnesses include multiple sclerosis and cancer as well. They are covered after 30 days of diagnosis.

The diseases that are included is as follows.

  1. Kidney failure
  2. Major Organ Transplantation
  3. Heart Attack
  4. Stroke
  5. Cancer
  6. Multiple Sclerosis
  7. Coronary Artery Bpass Surgery
  8. Paralysis

Critical Illness Platinum Health Inusrance Plan

This plan is a better variant of the Critical Illness Silver plan and covers 15 different illnesses. This can be a saviour when a customer is at the lowest point of life.

All the Illnesses covered are as follows.

Sno Critical Illness
1. Benign Brain Tumor
2. Parkinson's Disease
3. End Stage Liver Disease
4. Alzheimer's Disease
5. Kidney failure
6. Coronary Artery Bypass Surgery
7. Paralysis
8. Major Organ Transplantation
9. Multiple Sclerosis
10. Stroke
11. Cancer
12. Primary Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension
13. Aorta Graft Surgery
14. Heart Attack
15. Heart Valve Replacement

Some other features of this policy are as follows.

  1. Benefit in lump-sum after diagnosis of disease.
  2. Recuperation aids.
  3. Debt payments due to illness expenditure.
  4. Coverage of lost income.
  5. Change in lifestyle because of lack of finance.
  6. Tax Savings.

Why Shall We Take Policy From HDFC ERGO?

HDFC Ergo health insurance plans have gain popularity over the years. They have become fast moving health insurance policy with almost 75 lakhs happy clients. This is because of the outstanding facility it provides to its customers.

1. Cashless Facility with Huge Hospital Network

HDFC Ergo provides an easy cashless facility with in-house TPA. They got almost 6000 panels of hospitals. We can select the one as per our convenience. After choosing the hospital we can easily get ourselves treated without any additionl documentation process.

2. Fast Claim settlement

If we are not able to take cashless treatment than we can also go for claim settlement. This has to be done within 30 to 45 days of hospitalization. After submission of a few documents, we can easily get the amount reimbursed in our account.

3. Comprehensive policy plans

HDFC Ergo provides lots of policy plans. These plans are introduced keeping in mind individual as well as group health need. Not limited to that they got many plans based on the illness as well.

4. Day Care procedure

There are many illness which may not require hospitalization. HDFC care covers unlimited such day care procedures.

5. Zero documentation

In case of cashless treatment no documents are required from our side. It is seperately taken care by TPA.

6. 15 Critical illness covered

Critical illness if not treated on time can lead to the death of the person. Treatments for these illness can lead to huge expenses. At times a person becomes bank corrupt while treating these ailments. Good Health Insurance plan can act as a real savior in such cases. HDFC covers almost 15 such critical illnesses.

How To Calculate The Premium For HDFC Ergo Health Insurance Plan

Premium amount for HDFC Ergo Health Insurance plan can be calculated easily using online calculators. The online premium calculation is quiet any easy process. There are few details that we need to calculate Health Insurance premium.

Details required to calculate premium for health Insurance plan are as follows:-

Sno Details for Online premium Calculation
1. Sum Insured
2. Age
3. Type of plan
4. Chronic Illness

How To Take Cashless Treatment Or Claims?

Cashless Treatments

For Cashless treatment, we should know the network of the hospital. We can easily locate the same from the website. We just have to give our policy number to the insurance department of the hospital and entire expenses is managed by the insurance company. Cashless treatments can be easily availed with any of the networked hospitals with ease.

Claim Settlements

Claim settlement comes when we are not able to go to any of the networked chains of hospitals. We can get amount credited back to our account within 10 to 15 days. For claim settlement, we need to submit all the bills in original to the Insurance company. It can be done online or by visiting the branch.

Documents required for claim settlements are as follows:-

Sno Claim Settlement Documents
1. Orignal Bills
2. Discharge Summary signed by the doctor
3. Medical test reports copies in original
4. Filled claim form issued by HDFC Ergo
5. Any other bill related to the claim

How To Buy & Renew HDFC Ergo Health Insurance Plans?

HDFC Ergo Health Insurance plans can be easily brought through various channels.

Some of them are as follows :-

1. Online - Online we can buy on the website or any online e-commerce policy sites as well

2. Offline - offline we can buy through distribution channels like banks, agents or any other.

Renewal Process

In order to renew our policy we shall pay the premium on due date. To keep the track of the same we can either check it online or offline through distributors. Alternatively we can call on their toll free customer care number as well.

Shall we buy HDFC ERGO Health Insurance online?

The process of buying a policy online is quite simple. We just need few documents and can take the policy. Payments can be easily made through NEFT or any other online method as available.

Online buying offers following benefits.

1. Faster process

2. Cheaper rates

3. Ease of accessibility

How to do the comparison with Online Web Aggregators?

Before buying the policy we can always do quick comparison of various other Health Insurance Plans.

We can make our decision based on the following parameters.

Sno Online Policy Comparison
1. Amount of premium
2. Coverage of Policy
3. Hospital Coverage
4. Claim Settlement Process

Online web aggregators sites are really beneficial in selecting suitable health insurance plan.

We can easily check various plans from these websites. They can help us in many ways as follows.

1. Quick comparison.

2. Better decision

3. Informed Choice

How To Contact Customer Care Of HDFC Ergo?

Customer Care of HDFC Ergo are operational 24*7. There are toll free numbers where we can reach them with ease. These numbers are available on their websites. We can reach these numbers either through landlines or mobiles. Their toll free number for reference is 1800-2700-700.

HDFC ERGO General Insurance: Achievements

It is the fourth largest Indian private general insurance company. The Gross Written Premium for the year 2014-15 was Rs.3257 crores. The number of the policies that have been sold exceeds 4.5 million. HDFC ERGO progresses continuously by offering unparalleled features and great products.

Over the years, the company has accumulated several awards for itself, like the ICAI Award for Excellence in Financial Planning. Another bestowment is the Best Customer Experience Award of the year by Kami Kaze. CMS Outstanding Affiliate World-Class Service Award 2015 by Chubb Multinational Solutions also shows the level of the services offered by HDFC ERGO general insurance company limited. Moreover, the firm has received the rating of iAAA by ICRA, which indicates its highest claim paying ability.

Besides recognition for its excellent services, the business model of the company is also praiseworthy. HDFC ERGO has acquired L&T General Insurance. Through ethical and dynamic approach, the company aims to be the most admired company in the industry.

HDFC ERGO Online Facilities

We live in the era of websites and mobiles. Cutting edge technologicies is indeed boon to the insurance industries. The usage of the internet to provide services has made the whole insurance process easier and faster for the customers. HDFC ERGO makes features like online payment, online renewal, customer service chat and other such services available to the customers with ease.

The customers can directly use the HDFC ERGO login option on the official website and conduct various functions online. The insurance firm provides flexible payment options through the net. A customer can pay through various modes like credit cards, net banking and debit cards of various banks.

All the information about the insurance solutions is available on the website. Visitors to the HDFC ERGO website or potential customers can make use of the instant chat option to contact the company's representatives. They will be able to give any information regarding the policies and services. Also, the Web Pages allow a customer to look up the company's network hospitals and network garages where they can make cashless claims.


There may be many doubts which we may have before and after buying the policy from HFDC Ergo. It can create lots of myths in our mind. However, we should resolve it as soon as possible. We should not give any room for any doubts. Considering that there are few common questions below alongwith the answers.

1. How to I get cashless treatment with zero documentation?

Cashless treatments are added benefits provided by these insurance companies. It doesn't require any pre-documentation process. All we have to do is just visit the hospital and give our policy number. All coordination is taken care by the hospitals and TPA's. Almost all health insurance companies provides the cashless facility. They do it with the help of their network of hospitals. However the number of hospitals my differ.

2. What is the Claim settlement process and how fast will I get my money?

The claim process is applicable if we haven't chosen the network chain of hospitals. In such cases, we need to make payments initially. Same can be reimbursed by any of the network hospitals. We need to submit documents within 30 days of discharge.

3. What is critical illness and why do I need separate Insurance for the same?

Critical illness is the condition that can lead to the death of the person if not treated on time. With separate insurance, all expenses are exclusively covered and specialized care is provided.

4. How do I find the network of the hospital on the website?

Chain of the hospital is easily provided on the website of the company. We can easily download or check the details as per our suitability.

5. Can I make more than one claim for the same illness?

No, we can not make more than one claim.

6. What do we do if our claim gets rejected?

If our claim gets rejected then we must refer to the policy documents carefully. If our disease is covered than we must contact TPA. If TPA cant help than we can reach ombudsman as per the discretion of IRDA.

7. How do I save taxes?

We can easily save our taxes with these plans as per section 80 d. The amount that can be saved is equivalent to Rs. 60000.

8. Till what amount will my expenses will be covered?

Usually, expenses equivalent to the sum insured are easily covered in these health insurance plans.

9. What is eligibility criteria for buying the Insurance?

Anyone from 18 to 45 years of age can buy this policy. They can cover anyone irrespective of their age.

10. Who all can be covered in the same?

Any one from new borm to senior citizens are covered in the plan.

11. How to choose the right Health Insurance policy?

We should be clear about the purpose for which we need a policy. We must ensure all members of our family are covered as per this plan.

12. Whom do I contact incase of any query?

Their customer care is operational 24*7 . We can contact them anytime on tollfree numbers.

13. Who are TPA?

TPA are third party administartors. Usually, they cover all the documentation and coordination at time of cashless treatments or claims settlements.

14. Does HDFC Ergo got tieup with TPA?

HDFC Ergo got their inhouse TPA.

15. What are daycare procedures?

Daycare procedures are the disease that doesn't need any hospitalisation.

16. What is the best policy of HDFC?

All policies are good. We should select the one that suits our requirements and needs.

17. How to login to the website?

Login to the site is a quite simple process. We can use the social media site or register online.

18. Is it good to buy policy online?

Buying policy online can be personal choice. However, since online buying is convinient its often recommended.

19. How to reach customer care?

Toll-free numbers are mentioned on the websites of the company. We can easily reach them by dialing it.

20. Can I use cashless facility throughout India?

We can use these cashless facilities throughout the world infact.

HDFC ERGO Health Insurance News

HDFC ERGO all set to Buy Apollo Munich

December 04, 2018

Another deal in the health insurance industry is speculated to mature. Arm of Housing Development Finance Corporation (HDFC) general insurance, HDFC ERGO is in talks to acquire Apollo Munich insurance in Rs. 2600 crore. This will be the second deal in the health insurance industry. The recent deal that has taken this year is by a consortium between Rakesh Jhunjhunwala, Madison Capital & West-Bridge AIF. Their venture Safe Corp Holdings has acquired Star Health & Allied Insurance Company in Rs. 6500 crore. This acquisition happened off lately in August this year in 2018. According to Rahul Sakia, an Investment Banker “Health Insurance Industry is one of the most popular and fastest growing insurance sectors but they may not have much scope to play that can affect the overall profitability”. The reason for consecutive consolidation is cited due to multiple players like Life, General Insurance and standalone Health Insurance companies dealing in the same business of Health Insurance.

In the current anticipated deal between HDFC ERGO and Apollo Munich, both have strong holdings in the Health Insurance Industry. Apollo Munich is a joint venture between Apollo hospitals and German company Munich Re 51% stake is head by Apollo Munich that is founded by Pratap C Reddy. Munich Re is the second largest health insurance company holding a stake of 49% in Apollo Munich Health Insurance. Once the deal in finalized Munich Re will exit while Apollo Munich will own a nominal stake.

ERGO is the German insurer that holds 49% share in HDFC ERGO and is possessed by Munich Re. The proposed deal between Apollo Munich and HDFC ERGO will be exclusively advised by Arpwood Capital. Apollo Munich currently got around 1100 employees in about 40 offices pan India. They got around 4000 hospitals spread across 831 cities, this includes 53 Apollo Group Hospitals as well. They have been growing at CAGR of around 35% from past three years. 30% of the growth has been reported last year itself.

HDFC has already raised a capital of Rs 13,000 crore through a qualified institutional placement (QIP) this year. The company was on the hunt for the possibility to enhance business through mergers and acquisitions. HDFC ERGO General Insurance is a conglomerate of HFFC and ERGO International. They have already become third largest general insurance after acquiring L& T general insurance in the year 2016. Apollo Munich, a health insurance company that HDFC ERGO planning to acquire already got about .97 percentage share in the market. It is a profit making firm with the growth of its gross premium up to 32.89% by end of September this year.

Linking Of Aadhaar With Insurance Policy Is Mandatory, Says IRDA

November 13, 2017

On Wednesday, 8th Nov 2017, the Insurance Regulatory And Development Authority Of India (IRDA) said that the linking of Aadhar number with insurance plans is compulsory and asked insurance companies to implement the statutory norms.

 “The Authority clarifies that, linkage of Aadhaar number to insurance policies is mandatory under the Prevention of Money Laundering (Maintenance of Records) Second Amendment Rules, 2017,” the IRDA said.

In the last June, the government of India had informed about the Prevention of Money Laundering (Maintenance of Records) Second Amendment Rules, 2017, making Aaadhar and PAN/Form 60 compulsory for getting financial services that include insurance also and asked policyholders and companies for linking the existing policies with the same.

In a discussion with all life and general insurance companies, IRDA said the rules have “statutory force” and they have to implement the rule without waiting for the further instructions.

Right now, there are 24 life insurers and 33 general insurance companies operating in the country.

Although, there are no deadlines that have been given by IRDA for the completion of the process, as per the circular, it has to be done as soon as possible. Some insurance companies also said that this can also result in the delay of payout in a few cases. Aadhaar is now also compulsory for financial transactions of Rs 50,000 and above. Likewise, one has to link one’s Aadhaar number with the mobile number latest by February 6, 2018.

November 30, -0001

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