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About HDFC ERGO Health Insurance

HDFC ERGO Health Insurance, is a joint venture between HDFC Limited and ERGO International founded in the year of 2002. The company caters to several insurance products like Health, Motor, Travel, Personal Accident, Marine and others through its vast network of 200+ branches spread across 170+ cities. HDFC ERGO provides a comprehensive set of insurance plans such as indemnity plans, fixed benefit plans, Mediclaim plans, critical illness plans, and Top-up plans. Additionally it offers a variety of health services such as cashless facilities at 10000+ hospitals along with day-care treatments.

Back in November 2020, Apollo Munich Health Insurance got merged with HDFC Ergo General Insurance Company Ltd with an approval from 'Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority of India' (IRDAI). The IAAA rating by ICRA, proves its ability to resolve claims and the ISO certifications for its claim support.

Check Health Insurance Premium
Check Health Insurance Premium

What are the different plans offered by HDFC ERGO Health Insurance ?

HDFC Ergo Health Insurance offers several health plans that fulfill all your medical requirements and provide you a financially stable life. They offer a variety of plans for individuals, families, senior citizens, individuals having critical illnesses, Women Suraksha plans, and even offer coverage against COVID-19 that is a need in these unprecedented times.

Here is a list of 9 plans offered by HDFC Ergo that will help you narrow down your selection.

HDFC Ergo Plans Type of Plan Who should buy?
Optima Restore Health PlanFamily Health InsuranceThis healthcare plan takes care of you and your family's medical requirements at affordable premiums.
This plan ensures financial security in case of hospitalization of all family members.
My: Health Suraksha Health PlanFamily Health InsuranceThis plan is specifically designed for individuals, families, and senior citizens.
Protects your family against any unforeseen illnesses and accidental injuries.
HDFC Ergo my: Health Medisure Super Top-upTop up InsuranceThis plan is additional coverage for people who have an existing individual plan.
It offers comfort to the insured at the time of recovery.
HDFC Ergo Critical illness InsuranceCritical illness insurance planSpecifically designed for people who want protection from critical illnesses in future such as cancer, stroke and other life- threatening diseases.
Take care of all your expenses incurred in hospitals due to a listed critical illness.
iCan - An Essential Cancer Insurance PlanCritical illness (Cancer Patients)iCan, specifically for Cancer patients provides you with health insurance coverage and along with it lump sum benefits to support you in defeating cancer.
HDFC Ergo my : Health Women SurakshaCritical illness Plan (Specifically for women)This plan is designed specifically for women to offer protection and financial security against minor and major illnesses, surgeries, and critical illnesses.
Corona Kavach PolicyCOVID-19This plan is introduced to protect you and your family from COVID-19 treatment.
Heath Wallet Family FloaterFamily Health Insurance planThis flexible and comprehensive plan protects you and your family by paying outpatient and inpatient expenses.
Energy - An Exclusive Plan for your DiabetesIndividual health plan specifically for DiabetesThis wellness management plan is designed for individuals with Type-2 diabetes Mellitus, impaired fasting glucose (IFG), Impaired Glucose Tolerance (IGT), and Hypertension.

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Best Critical Illness Insurance

Let's discuss each plan in detail.

  1. Optima Restore Health Insurance Plan

    Optima Restore takes care of all your medical requirements at an affordable premium. The plan offers wider coverage without any restrictions. This plan is available in two forms Optima Restore Individual and Optima Restore Family. The Family Floater plan comes with a 360-degree protection cover ensuring financial security during health emergencies and hospitalization for all the family members under a single plan.

    What does this plan offer?

    • This plan offers pre-hospitalization cover for 60 days, and post hospitalization cover for 180 days.
    • Day care procedures under which the policyholder is admitted for less than 24 hours shall be covered.
    • Plan offers no sub limit on room rent. Optima Restore plan provides you with complete coverage on room rent, upto the sum insured.
    • You can get the benefit of daily cash (Rs. 1000/day and up to Rs. 6000/day) per hospitalization on choosing a shared accommodation.
    • Provides preventive health check ups for up to Rs. 5,000 at the time of renewal. This plan provides regular health screenings that keeps a track of your well-being and helps in early diagnosis of diseases.
    • The plan offers pre and post hospitalization cover up to 60 & 180 days respectively. Pre-hospitalization expenses are covered 60 days before hospitalization for any disease/illness/injury sustained and the post-hospitalization period is 90 days.
    • This policy also covers daycare procedures, costs incurred at home towards the treatment of the patient, and other such related expenses.
    • Get coverage for the medical and surgical expenses of the organ donor when harvesting a major organ transplant.
    • Ambulance costs are covered ( upto Rs.2000/hospitalisation) by the plan.
    • This plan covers the latest and advanced medical treatments such as robotic surgeries, oral chemotherapy, stem cell therapies.
    • It offers a long protection as you can renew your health plan even after 65 years of age.
    • Plan provides recovery benefits like if you stay in a hospital for about 10 days continuously, then a lump sum amount of Rs. 10,000 will be paid for other financial losses that might have happened at your home in your absence.

    Eligibility and Other Restrictions

    Optima Restore Plans Entry Age Sum Insured Policy Term
    Optima Restore Individual Health Insurance Plan91 days-65 yearsRs. 5 lakhs - 50 lakhs2 years
    Optima Restore Individual Family Insurance Plan (* Recommended for small families)91 days-65 yearsRs. 5 lakhs - 50 lakhs2 years

    **Last Updated on September, 2021

  2. My: health Suraksha Insurance

    This plan is available in three variants: Silver, Gold and Platinum.

    My: health Suraksha Insurance Silver Smart Plan

    This plan aims to give complete protection to the individuals, families and senior citizens. There are no caps on room rent, no sub limit applicable to any illness, free health check ups every year and much more.

    What does this plan offer?

    • The plan comes with a rebound cover where a policyholder will get an additional sum insured (up to the base sum insured) if the existing sum insured is exhausted.
    • The plan offers an installment benefit where you can pay premiums in installments.
    • The plan provides pre-hospitalization cover for 60 days, and post-hospitalization cover for 180 days.
    • It offers tax benefits under section 80D
    • Get this plan with no medical check up upto 45 years of age.
    • You can avail this policy both as an individual and on family floater basis.
    • It provides a free-look up period of 15 days to return this plan.

    My: health Suraksha Insurance - Gold Smart Plan

    It is a healthcare product that serve your health needs with the several benefits. This policy provides coverage for in-patient hospitalization expenses, pre and post hospitalization expenses.

    What does this plan offer?

    • The Plan covers 586 day care procedures.
    • In case, the doctor recommends you to avail treatment at home, the insurer looks after its expenses.
    • In any case the policyholder needs mental health-related treatment, this plan also covers the hospitalization expenses for such treatments.
    • Offers the option of lifelong renewability.
    • Get AYUSH treatment cover with no sub-limits.
    • Tax benefits under section 80D of the IT act.
    • This plan provides an option to select from individual health insurance or family floater.
    • Offers convalescence benefit, in case hospitalization exceeds 10 days.

    My: health Suraksha Insurance - Platinum Smart Plan

    This plan is an ideal health cover for individuals and families who require the medical benefits at a considerable premium amount.

    What does this plan offer?

    • The plan comes with the benefit of air ambulance services.
    • A recovery benefit of Rs.25,000 is paid in lump-sum if the hospitalization exceeds for 10 days consecutively.
    • Road ambulance cover is also offered by the plan.
    • This plan offers benefits for non- allopathic treatments.

    Eligibility and Other Restrictions

    Health Insurance Plans Entry age Sum Assured Policy Term Features
    My:health Suraksha Insurance - Silver Smart Plan18 years - lifetime5 lakhs1/2/3 yearsAny age entry option along with a lifetime renewal.
    Offers health incentives for maintaining health.
    Attractive rates of premium in long term policies up to 3 years.
    Availability of AYUSH cover
    Payment mode is quite easy. Option to pay premium on a yearly basis i.e, in 3, 6 and 12 equal installments.
    In order to avail discounts on premium, co-pay is there.
    My:health Suraksha Insurance - Gold Smart Plan18 years - lifetimeRs. 7.5lakh -15 lakh1/2/3 years
    My:health Suraksha Insurance - Platinum Smart Plan18 years - lifetimeRs. 20 lakh -75 lakh1/2/3 years

    Note - The plan does not offer family health plans online.

  3. HDFC Ergo my: Health Medisure Super Top-up

    HDFC Ergo my: Health Medisure Super Top-up health insurance meets the ever-growing medical expenses head to head to offer comfort to the insured at the time of recovery.

    What does this plan offer?

    • The policy offers coverage for in-patient hospitalisation expenses and day care procedures.
    • If the policyholder opts for a long-term policy of 2 years, (s)he is eligible to avail of a 5% discount on the premium.
    • No health check-ups are required up to the age of 55 years.
    • Get constant premiums from the age of 61 years

    Eligibility and Other Restrictions

    Entry Age18-65 years
    Sum InsuredRs.16 lakh
    Policy Term1/2 years

    **Last Updated on September, 2021

  4. HDFC Ergo Critical illness Insurance

    HDFC ERGO Critical Illness Insurance is designed to help in managing treatment expenses of critical illnesses and allow the policyholders to recover in peace. The plan is divided into 2 variants.

    The two variants are:

    1. Critical illness Platinum Plan:

    The plan covers the following 15 illnesses-

    • Multiple Sclerosis
    • Heart Attack
    • Aorta Graft Surgery
    • Major Organ Transplantation
    • Stroke
    • Kidney Failure
    • Cancer
    • Parkinson's disease
    • Coronary Artery Bypass Surgery
    • Paralysis
    • End-Stage Liver Disease
    • Primary Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension
    • Benign Brain Tumour
    • Parkinson's disease
    • Alzheimer's disease
    • Heart Valve Replacement

    2. Critical Illness Silver Plan:

    The plan covers the following 8 illnesses-

    • Heart Attack
    • Stroke
    • Multiple Sclerosis
    • Cancer
    • Major Organ Transplantation
    • Coronary Artery Bypass Surgery
    • Paralysis
    • Kidney Failure

    What does this plan offer?

    • The policy can be renewed for a lifetime period.
    • No medical check-up is required up to the age of 45 years.
    • The policyholder gets the benefit of income tax savings (up to Rs.50,000) on the premiums paid for the policy.

    Eligibility and Other Restrictions

    Health Insurance Plans Entry age Sum Assured Policy Term Critical illness Coverages
    HDFC Ergo Critical illness Platinum Plan5 years - 65 years2 - 10 lakhs1/2 yearsIt covers 15 types of critical illnessesOffers cashless facility
    Expenses incurred on Pre and post hospitalization
    Hassle free claim settlement procedure
    HDFC Ergo Critical illness Silver Plan5 years-45 years2.5-10 lakhs1/2 yearsIt covers 23 types of illnessesOffers cashless facility
    Expenses incurred on Pre and post hospitalization
    Compensates the loss in income

    **Last Updated on September, 2021

  5. iCan- An Essential Cancer Insurance Plan

    With iCan- An Essential Cancer Insurance Plan, get health insurance coverage and a lump sum benefit to defeat cancer.

    What does this plan offer?

    • The plan comes with an option of lifelong renewability.
    • Along with coverage for pre and post-hospitalization expenses (30 and 60 days respectively), other benefits such as cashless treatments, criticare, and family care benefits are also provided.
    • Avail tax benefits of up to Rs.25,000 under Section 80D of Income Tax Act, 1961.

    Eligibility and Other Restrictions

    Entry Age18 years
    Sum InsuredRs 5-50 lakh
    Policy Term1 year

    **Last Updated on September, 2021

    Sample Rates of Premium

    This table illustrates the premium payable by individuals under iCan- An Essential Cancer Insurance Plan at different ages at sum insured 5 lakh.

    Age Smoker Non smoker

    **Last Updated on September, 2021

    iCan Cancer Insurance Plan's premium for Smoker Vs. Non Smoker

    HDFC Ergo typically charges higher rates for smokers, though the final rate also depends on other factors such as age, health, family history and selected coverage. The cost of health insurance for smokers vs. non smokers varies on the basis of the your age. As you can see below, the cost of health insurance for the same applicant would be a little higher if you smoke.

    iCan Cancer Insurance Plan Premium Price for Smoker vs Non Smoker
  6. HDFC ERGO my: Health Women Suraksha

    HDFC ERGO my: Health Women Suraksha is built to protect women against various health contingencies. The plan provides comprehensive cover under a single plan, which offers financial security against different surgical procedures (including critical illnesses).

    Variants :

    • Women Cancer Plus Plan: It is a crucial health plan for women to fight against women-specific cancer (at all stages) along with major illnesses.
    • Women Critical Illness Essential Plan: It is liable to secure women against major critical illnesses, cardiac ailments, and other major surgeries. The plan will instantly pay a lump sum benefit in a single transaction at the time of claim.
    • Women Critical Illness Comprehensive Plan: As the name suggests, this plan provides complete financial protection to women against treatment expenses of minor/major illnesses, surgeries, and 41 listed critical illnesses.

    What does this plan offer?

    • In case a woman loses her job due to illness/surgery, the plan will offer 50% of the monthly salary (up to 6 months).
    • Offers a provision of wellness benefits like a health coach, preventive health check-ups, among others.

    Eligibility and Other Restrictions

    Entry Age18 years - 65 years
    Sum InsuredRs 1 lakh- 1 crore
    Policy Term1 year

    **Last Updated on September, 2021

    We have compared the three variants of my: Health Women Suraksha on the basis of coverage.

    Coverage Women Cancer Plus Plan Women Critical Illness Essential Plan Women Critical Illness Comprehensive Plan
    Major illnessesYesYesYes
    Cardiac problems and treatmentsNoYesYes
    Critical illnessNoNoYes
    Wellness and health coachYesYesYes
    Preventive health check upYesYesYes

    **Last Updated on September, 2021

  7. Corona Kavach Policy

    Corona Kavach Policy is designed to meet the treatment expenses of COVID-19. If and when the insured is infected with COVID-19, this policy will address all the medical needs till the recovery.

    What does this plan offer?

    • All the hospitalisation expenses incurred due to the cost of PPE kits, oxygen, ventilators, and consultation fees are covered.
    • The plan will take care of pre & post hospitalization expenses for 15 and 30 days respectively.
    • The plan looks after the medical expenses during home care (up to 14 days)
    • AYUSH treatments can also get covered under this plan
    • Plan provides cover for road ambulance cover i.e., transfer from home to hospital or hospital to home, in an ambulance.

    What is not covered under this plan?

    • Expenses related to bed rest, or care at home or if any nursing facility.
    • Hospitalization for diagnostics and evaluation purposes.
    • Expenses incurred for buying medicine without having a prescription.
    • Our plan does not cover any claims that are caused due to biological wars.

    Eligibility and Other Restrictions

    Entry Age18 years - 65 years
    Sum InsuredRs. 50,000-5 lakh

    **Last Updated on September, 2021

  8. Health Wallet Family floater

    With its unique reserve benefit, the plan ensures to offer the comprehenive health coverage to an individual as well as their family. Health Wallet is a flexible and comprehensive plan that pays for itself after the completion of a few years.

    What does this plan offer?

    • To keep a track of your health, the plan offers preventive health check-up at renewal.
    • As per the feature of multiplier benefi, your Sum Insured will increase by 50% on renewal (for a claim-free year).
    • In case the sum insured is exhausted and you have a medical emergency, the plan will restore the Sum Insured during the policy tenure.

    Eligibility and Other Restrictions

    Entry Age18 years - 65 years
    Sum InsuredRs. 3 lakh - 50 lakh

    **Last Updated on September, 2021

  9. Energy- An Exclusive Plan for your Diabetes

    Energy- An Exclusive Plan for your Diabetes is designed for those suffering from diabetes and hypertension. It makes sure that the insured has the numerous health care benefits to fight these diseases and their complications.

    • The plan offers an active wellness plan and a personalized health coach to help you monitor and manage your health.
    • The plan covers pre & post hospitalization expenses up to 30 & 60 days respectively.
    • You can avail the coverage from day 1 of hospitalisation.

    Eligibility and Other Restrictions

    Entry Age18 years - 65 years
    Sum InsuredRs. 2 lakh - 50 lakh

    **Last Updated on September, 2021

What are the Key features of HDFC Ergo Health insurance?

With the availability of numerous health insurance companies, selecting an appropriate and suitable health insurance plan is quite a difficult task. Sometimes you end up selecting an insurance plan that doesn't meet your complete requirements due to a lack of awareness. Although there is no standard parameter to decide which companies are at the top, but with the help of few parameters such as Cashless facility, Market share and Claim Support you can easily shortlist the right health insurance partner for you.

The HDFC Ergo plan offers comprehensive coverage at affordable premiums with flexible payment options. Have you ever rushed to the ATM in the middle of the night during a medical emergency? If Yes, then keep reading this.

During hard times, when you and your family are facing health-related problems, it hits your pocket straight away , making you financially weak due to the medical expenses. Luckily, with cashless hospitalization, and the backing of more than 10,000+ hospitals panned across India, HDFC Ergo caters you during critical times ensuring you don't have to pay from your pocket in case of hospitalization or surgery.

Now let's discuss the key features of HDFC Ergo Health Insurance designed to help you lead a financially healthy and secured life. Let's understand them in detail-

  1. Renewability

    The plan offers a lifelong renewal with a quick and easy process. It saves your pocket from financial stress caused due to medical emergencies and keeps you prepared to handle any critical/ difficult situation.

  2. Solvency Ratio

    To assess the company's ability to meet its long-term financial obligations, solvency ratio is an essential factor while selecting a good insurance company to lead a financially secure life. An insurance company is considered to be solvent when its assets are sufficient enough to pay off claims at needed times.

    Solvency ratios are available in the annual reports published on Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority of India (IRDAI ) website. According to IRDAI, it is mandatory to maintain a healthy solvency ratio of 1.5 for every insurer irrespective of the number of risks that the insurer entities carry or the liabilities that arise from the insurance policy's pricing. As per IRDAI annual report 2019-2020, the solvency ratio of HDFC Ergo is 1.77 which indicates its claim paying ability. HDFC Ergo has always matched the standards of IRDAI in terms of solvency ratio. Let's understand this with the help of a graph

    Solvency Ratio of HDFC Ergo for 2016-2020 FY

    Solvency Ratio of HDFC Ergo From 2016-2020 Financial Years

    ** Data from IRDAI Annual Report 2019-20

  3. Market share

    In the past few years, there has been an introduction of a wide range of advanced Insurance products and services. The bar graph below shows the Market share of HDFC Ergo across India from 2016-2020 Financial Year. The rise in the market share of the brand from 2016-2020 indicates a sizable grip on the sector. Let's take a look at the graph.

    Annual Premiums of HDFC Ergo Across India From Financial Year 2016-2020

    Annual Premium of HDFC Ergo across India from financial year 2016-2020

    ** Data from IRDAI Annual Report 2019-20

  4. Claim support

    Claim settlement is one of the important factors to be considered while selecting a health insurance company as it tells you about the claim settling ability of the insurance company. Several companies guarantee claim settlement within a set time period. According to the IRDAI Annual Report 2019-2020, HDFC Ergo has settled 99.8 percentage of claims within 3 months . The higher the percentage, the better the company's ability to settle claims.

  5. Network hospitals

    With a cashless facility, your insurer will settle all your medical expenses with your healthcare provider. HDFC Ergo has tied-up with hospitals i.e., called Network hospitals where you can get hospitalized (if required) and the insurer will directly settle the bill with the hospital. Visit Network hospital page to check the list of network hospitals of HDFC Ergo as per your state/region.

    Let's understand this with an example,

    Once Mr. Verma was hospitalized for Hypertension treatment at the nearest network hospital already enlisted with HDFC Ergo (his insurance company). In that case, his entire medical bills were paid by the insurance company itself, except the nominal deductible costs. This cashless facility helped him to undergo the treatment free from financial stress.

    HDFC Ergo boasts a large network of 10,000 cashless hospitals to serve you for emergency hospitalization, in-patient care, complementary health check-ups, and daily cash benefits.

    Graph Illustrating the Network Hospitals of HDFC ERGO & other Top Health Insurance Companies

    Graph Illustrating the Network Hospitals of HDFC ERGO & other Top Health Insurance Companies

    ** Data from IRDAI Annual Report 2019-20

We have summarized the above information in the table below,

Network Hospitals (2019-20)10000+
Solvency Ratio (2019-20)1.77
Claim Support (settled within 3 months in 2019-20)99.8
Market share3623.49

**Last Updated on September, 2021

** Data from IRDAI Annual Report 2019-20

Family Health Insurance

Why should you buy HDFC Ergo Health Insurance

The company that provides additional benefits to its customers is the right choice. Here, we have listed some points of HDFC Ergo health insurance explaining why this can be a good option for you. Read all the points and choose your plan wisely

Health care provider at home

If you and your family want to avail the medical treatments at home, then HDFC Ergo can definitely help you in availing the best of medical assistance along with home care coverage facilities. It also offers cashless home health care treatment.

Customer centricity

HDFC Ergo has a facility of 24X7 call assistance for settling claims related to health insurance. The company offers health insurance plans which can be purchased easily using the online medium at affordable costs and without the interference of agents.

No age restrictions

If you are 18 years old and above, you can avail HDFC Ergo health insurance without any hindrance. Their plans cover people of all age groups.

AYUSH Benefits

HDFC Ergo covers hospitalization expenses and treatments of alternative medical science such as Ayurveda, Unani, Siddha or Homeopathy. If you have senior citizens at your home, it is advisable to add AYUSH cover to your health plan as this is one of the best alternative treatments available for elderly people who usually have pre-existing diseases. For example, if you are diagnosed for the treatment of lifestyle ailments such as diabetes, hypertension, and life-threatening illnesses such as cancer, then the AYUSH cover can come along with the health insurance.

Easy Payment Option

HDFC Ergo Health provides an option for Installmets. It can be beneficial when you do not have a direct income but you are willing to buy Health Insurance and pay the premiums in installments.

Discount options available

HDFC Ergo plans provide a number of discount options such as family discount, long term policy discount and loyalty discount. It depends on the plan you avail.

What are HDFC ERGO Insurance Plan Exclusions?

  • The plan does not cover accidents encountered while participating in sports.
  • Use and abuse of intoxicant or hallucinogenic substances such as consuming drugs and alcohol lead to self-inflicted wounds.
  • This policy does not cover any claim caused due to war or similar conditions.
  • The plan does not provide coverage for Venereal or sexually transmitted diseases.
  • Insanity, congenital disease, mental disorders, cosmetic surgery, or treatment of obesity is not covered under this insurance policy.
  • Expenses incurred for the treatment of HIV or AIDS or its related illnesses.

*To know all the exclusions of your plan, refer to the product brochure or directly get in touch with your respective insurer.

How to buy HDFC Ergo Health Insurance?

There are a number of options available in the market to buy HDFC Ergo Health Insurance plans. But some of them do not offer a good service and desired security. For a quick and smooth process, consider buying plans from the company or Let's have a look at them:

Company's website

  • Visit the official website of HDFC Ergo and click on 'Health Insurance'.
  • Fill all the required details and choose the sum insured. Click on the option 'Buy Now'.
  • Once you have filled in all the necessary details, submit the form, and your premium will be calculated based on your choicess.
  • Pay the premium online and your policy document will be mailed to your registered email address.

You can also visit the nearest HDFC ERGO branch to buy health insurance.

  • Scroll up to the top of this page and fill the details in the 'Calculate HDFC ERGO Health Insurance Premium' form.
  • The next page will show all the available plans. Choose the best HDFC ERGO health plan and pay the premium.
  • Your policy document will be shared at your registered email address.

What personal details and Documents are required for buying HDFC Ergo Health Insurance Policies?

  • KYC Documents
  • 1 Passport size photograph
  • Medical records
  • Family medical history and all the current medical records
  • Application form

What Is the Claim Process of HDFC ERGO Health Insurance Plans?

There are two ways to file a claim. Let's take a look at it

HDFC Ergo Health Cashless Claim
HDFC Ergo Health Reimbursement Claims

Documents Required for easy claim process

  • NEFT details in the claim form
  • Cancelled cheque
  • KYC documents - KYC form along with a photocopy of one document (KYC) for claims amounting to Rs. 1 lakh or more.
  • Aadhar card
  • Passport
  • Driving License
  • Voter ID

How can I Renew my HDFC Ergo Health Insurance ?

Online renewal process is a hassle free and easy process. Here's a step by step guide for a smooth renewal process-

  • Visit the official website of HDFC Ergo i.e. www[dot]hdfcergo[dot]com and click on 'instant renewal'.
  • After this, enter all details about your policy.
  • You can look for add on covers that increase your coverage for protecting your asset.
  • Fill all the required details, and your premium for renewal shall get produced.
  • Now, the last step is to make the payment and renewal for your policy.

How To Contact HDFC ERGO?

Contact Address: 1st Floor, HDFC House, Backbay Reclamation, H. T. Parekh Marg, Churchgate, Mumbai - 400020

Contact Number For Buying Policy: 1800 2666 400

HDFC ERGO Important Links


1. Will a health plan offered by HDFC Ergo cover pre-existing illness?

Your respective insurance company will not cover pre existing illnesses for a certain time period at the starting of your policy term. This is called the waiting period. Different pre-existing diseases have different waiting periods, so you can get in touch with your insurance company or go through your policy documents once and find out about the waiting period for your disease. Some of the conditions which are pre-existed are completely excluded from the health plans.

2. What is the waiting period for pre - existed illness in HDFC Ergo Health Insurance?

If you are suffering from health-related problems at the time of buying a health insurance plan or you have had any medical history such as hypertension, high blood pressure, diabetes, etc then this should be informed to your respective health insurance company. HDFC Ergo covers pre-existing diseases after a 4 years waiting period. So once your waiting period is covered for the informed diseases, you can claim under it.

3. Can I add a family member to my existing health family health plan?

Yes, You can add a family member to your existing plan. But for this you need to fill the required forms, such as the health declaration form and endorsement form and pay an extra premium amount.

4. In HDFC Ergo, how many claims are permissible in a year?

You can file any number of claims over a year. However, this should be kept in mind that the claim amount should not exceed the sum assured of your plan. For example, if you have a health insurance of INR 2 lakh, then you can claim up to INR 2 lakh only from your insurance company.

5. What is the integrated Wellness App of HDFC Ergo General Insurance?

HDFC ERGO goes beyond health insurance; it cares not only for the physique but for the mind of the policyholder as well. Integrated Wellness application will help you to embrace a healthy lifestyle, track your calorie intake, monitor your physical activity, maintain proper health care, and enjoy well-being at its best.

6. Is it possible to change my hospital during the course of treatment?

Yes, it is possible, if required. You can change the hospital at the time of your treatment. However, you are required to provide the necessary details for a quick and smooth process.

7. Can I take a policy for my 3 year old kid?

For a 3 year old kid you cannot take an independant policy. Children below 5 years of age are only covered when both the parents are covered under this plan.

8. What if I want to cancel my policy in mid- duration?

Most of the health insurance plans available in the market usually have a cooling period of 15 days i.e., called free look up period. During which you can cancel your policy with full premium refund. However, in that case if you want to cancel your policy in mid then you are required to provide a suitable reason.

9. Is it possible to port my existing health policy to HDFC ERGO?

Yes, it is possible to port your existing health policy to HDFC ERGO health insurance, provided you have renewed your previous policy without any break.

10. Can I pay my HDFC ERGO Health Insurance in EMI?

Yes, HDFC ERGO has recently launched the facility to pay the health insurance premium in installments.

11. Will I get any discounts if I add my family member to my My:health Medisure Super Top-up policy?

If a policy covers more than 2 members on an individual sum insured basis, then (s)he can avail of a 10% discount.

13. How can you get the reimbursement for pre and post hospitalization expenses under this policy?

You are required to show the bills and duly filed a claim application to the insurer. After the inspection, the bills are reimbursed by the insurance provided to the policyholder.

14. What to do If I am admitted in a non-network hospital?

When you get admitted to a non network hospital, first you have to pay the bills and later claim for reimbursement. So it is advisable to always choose a health insurance company that has a large number of network hospitals such as HDFC Ergo has a tip with 10,000+ hospitals.

15. Will my pre-existing illness be covered in Super Top up Policy?

Pre existing illnesses will be covered in Super Top Up Policy only after 3 years of continuous coverage.

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