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HDFC Ergo My Health Medisure Super Top Up

In the current market fluctuations having a rise in inflation, the health insurance cover of Rs. 2 or 3 lakh, provided by your health insurance company may not be sufficient for the hospitalization or a simple medical procedure. Simultaneously, buying a large insurance cover within an existing policy either may not be pocket-friendly or probably not available in the market.

In such cases, the HDFC Ergo My: Health Super Top Up Insurance plan comes as a best option. The My: Health Super Top Up plan provides a good option of buying top-up insurance that works with your existing health insurance policy. HDFC Ergo My Health Medisure Super Top Up is a prominent health insurance policy that may significantly enhance your current insurance plan to provide you a greater coverage at a much lower premium. In other words, if you think your existing policy is unable to meet your medical expenses, this policy helps increase the sum insured and offers wider coverage. It works alongside your current health insurance policy to make sure that all your medical needs are fulfilled.

For example: If your current health insurance cover is of Rs. 2 lakhs availed from any health insurance company, then, in that case, you can buy this additional cover of Rs. 8 lakhs through HDFC Ergo My: Health Medisure Super Top-up plan that makes your total health insurance of Rs 10 lakhs. The first Rs. 2 lakhs of a claim amount will be paid by your existing policy at the time of claim submission and the remaining amount of Rs. 8 lakhs will be paid by HDFC Ergo. So you can claim a total of Rs 10 lakhs from both the insurers (via one claim or multiple claims in a year).

Let's discuss this plan in detail for a better understanding,

What are the Key features of HDFC Ergo My: Health Medisure Super Top Up?

You should buy a health insurance plan after checking all the features and the coverage. So It is always advisable to go through the policy documents carefully or read the below points to avoid the wrong selection. We at have listed some points that will help you in choosing the right plan-

  • Higher sum insured at lower premiums along with the option of choosing from a large number of deductibles.
  • It includes the coverage of expenses incurred during the daycare treatments and pre & post hospitalization expenses
  • Instant response on every cashless claim

What are the Benefits of HDFC Ergo My: Health Medisure Super Top Up

Health insurance is crucial for you and your families to feel secure and a sense of confidence when you or one of your family members is facing health related problems. To help understand the benefits of health insurance, here’s a quick features rundown:



You’re likely to get a 5% off on the amount of premium, if you take the policy for a continuous period of two years. Also, if you cover more than 2 family members on an individual Sum Insured basis, you can grab 10% off on premium.



This plan offers high sum insured at lower premiums.

Pre and Post-hospitalization

Pre and Post-hospitalization

Comprehensive coverage including the expenses incurred on pre and post-hospitalization for 30 and 60 days respectively.

Free-Look Period

Free-Look Period

If you are not satisfied with the coverage and terms of the policy, you may easily cancel it within 15 days from the date of receipt of policy documents. When you do so, the company will adjust the amount spent on stamp duty charges and medical examination to refund the premium paid.

Daycare Treatments

Daycare Treatments

It also includes daycare treatments/procedures with no sub-limits. This plan covers around 141 daycare treatments. You can check the listings of treatments in the policy document.

Less Response Time

Less Response Time

Instant response on every cashless claim (response within 6 hours).

Renewal benefit

Renewal benefit

This plan allows you to renew your policy annually or for 24 months throughout your life. So you can renew your policy after 2 years rather than doing it every year.

Pre-existing illness

Pre-existing illness

Get coverage for the expenses incurred on diseases that you have prior to availing of the policy.

Individual and Floater Sum Insured Options

Individual and Floater Sum Insured Options

When it comes to your family, you want the best. This plan provides you the option of a family floater. So now you can also cover your family (spouse, parents, 2 dependent children, and even parents-in-law) with ownself.

No Claims Experience Loading on Renewal

No Claims Experience Loading on Renewal

Even if you claim during the policy year, you don't need to pay an extra charge on the premium at the time of renewal.

Loading charges

Loading charges

The loading charges under the plan (applicable on illnesses like asthma, diabetes, etc.) range between 10-40%.

Tax Benefits

Tax Benefits

By paying continuous premiums for the plan, you are liable to get tax benefits under section 80D of the Income Tax Act, 1961.

Summary of Key Features

In- patient hospitalisation Expenses covered for the following
Room rent/ICU/Therapeutic unit, Anaesthetist fees, Medical Practitioner fees, nurse fees, oxygen, blood, and anesthesia.
Pre and Post hospitalization Covered for 30 and 60 days
Daycare Procedures Expenses are covered
Pre-existing diseases After 3 years

**Last Updated on 18-03-2021

Eligibility Criteria

Entry Age Adult - 18-65 years
Child - 91 days - 23 years
Health Screening After 55 years
Members covered Self, spouse, children, parents

**Last Updated on 18-03-2021

Sum Insured and Aggregate Deductible

Aggregate Deductible Sum insured
2 lakhs 3 lakhs 8 lakhs
3 lakhs 7 lakhs 12 lakhs
4 lakhs 6 lakhs 11 lakhs 16 lakhs
5 lakhs 5 lakhs 10 lakhs 15 lakhs 20 lakhs

**Last Updated on 18-03-2021

Why Should You Choose HDFC Ergo My Health Medisure Super Top Up Plan?

  • Care for your loved ones - This is a holistic cover that provides a health cover to you and your family members(parents, parents-in-law, niece, nephew, spouse, kids).
  • Constant premiums from 61 years of age - This plan offers you to pay constant premiums after 61 years of age. Enjoy this health cover that makes your old age hassle-free and peaceful.
  • This plan offers no medical health check-up to 55 years of age
  • If you are opting this plan for the long term, then you can get a discount of 5% on premiums. If you want to cover your family (family of more than 2 members) based on individual sum insured, then you can avail a discount of 10%.

How does HDFC Ergo My Health Medisure Super Top-up Plan Work?

Supposedly, you choose a sum insured of Rs. 10 Lakh and an aggregate deductible of Rs. 3 Lakh. However, If you make 3 claims in a year and the total claim amount is Rs. 8 Lakh, then after the initial aggregate deductible i.e. Rs.3 Lakh is either paid by you or your current insurance policy (if you have already chosen any) while the additional Rs. 5 Lakh will be paid by the company.

Note: The company is not liable to pay any expenses over the sum insured. To understand better, let's take a look at the below table.

Deductible Sum insured Claim amount assessed Deductible Exhaustion Balance Deductible
At beginning 3 lakh 10 lakh - - 3 lakh
Claim 1 3 lakh 10 lakh 1 lakh 1 lakh 2 lakh
Claim 2 2 lakh 10 lakh 3 lakh 2 lakh -
Claim 3 2 lakh 10 lakh 5 lakh - -

**Last Updated on 18-03-2021

Note: This plan offers pre-policy health check-ups for individuals having age more than 55 years.

For the insured having the following medical/ health illnesses, the proposal may be accepted with permanent exclusions. Acceptance will be given after submitting the reports related to treatment and subsequent medical examinations.

  • Cancer - Fully cured
  • Polio Mellitus (not listed on treatment)
  • Fracture because of the insertion of a foreign object
  • Hysterectomy (operated before a year from the date of a proposal)

HDFC ERGO Health Insurance Network Hospital List

HDFC Ergo entails a wide network of cashless Hospitals that impact millions of lives PAN India. A well connected network of over 13,000+ cashless hospitals, HDFC Ergo ensures that you are medically secured, irrespective of the city you reside in.

Sample Rates of Premium

My Health Medisure Super Top-up Plan is available in individual and family floater options. This table illustrates the premium payable by individuals for a 1-year policy at different ages and sum insured options (6 lakhs, 11 lakhs, and 16 lakhs) with a deductible of 4 lakhs. You can get your premiums using My Health Medisure Top Up Premium Calculator on HDFC Ergo company's website or at

Sum insured (in lakhs)
Age 6 lakhs 11 lakh 16 lakh
30 990 1540 1980
40 1210 1760 2420
50 2750 3300 4400

**Last Updated on 18-03-2021

*Premiums are without taxes

Now let's understand them with the help of a graph,

Annual Premium Rates at Different Ages and Sum Insured

Based on certain factors such as age, medical expenses, treatment cost, medical history, gender, profession, and any addiction, the insurer develops a profile of clients and offers various benefits through the plans. Above we have discussed in detail the benefits of this plan so in continuation with that, we have compared premiums paid by individuals at different ages and sum insured. So with the increase in age, the premiums are increasing on their basis of medical/health conditions. This is an ideal plan for an individual where you can avail the benefits to protect you financially.

As we have discussed above that this plan offers a family floater plan. But every policy has some pros and cons. Likely, My Health Medisure Super Top-up plan does not issue family floaters online. You can visit their nearest branch or can contact them for offline applications.

Note - My Health Medisure Top-up Plan does not issue family floater online

What's not included in HDFC Ergo my: Health Medisure Super Top Up?

Here are the things that are not included in the plan.

  1. Sports Injuries

    Adventure sports are arguably vulnerable to accidents and consequently, they could be life-threatening. This policy, however, does not cover accidents encountered if you are involved in adventure sports.

  2. Participation in War

    If you are in defense operations like Army, Air Force, or Navy, this policy does not cover accidents.

  3. Injury to Self

    If you think doing an injury to yourself will make you liable to make a claim, you're probably wrong! This policy doesn't cover self-inflicted injuries.

  4. Surgery or Obesity treatment

    Under the insurance policy, the treatment of obesity or cosmetic surgery is not entitled to coverage.

  5. Sexually Transmitted Diseases

    Although STD is a critical illness, this policy still doesn't cover sexually transmitted diseases or something similar.

How to buy HDFC Ergo My Health Medisure Super Top Up?

If you want to buy the policy, make sure to follow these simple steps:

  • Go to the official website of HDFC ERGO and click on 'Health Insurance'.
  • You'll then see a 'Buy Now' option. Click on it after choosing the SI.
  • You'll then need to enter the requested details and click on 'Calculate Premium'.
  • Make sure you thoroughly check the amount and then make the payment online.
  • After making the payment, the policy document will be mailed to your registered email address.

Note: You can even buy this plan offline by visiting the nearest branch of HDFC ERGO.

How can I file a claim for HDFC Ergo My Health Medisure Super Top Up?

HDFC ERGO allows its customers to file a claim via two means. Let's take a look at it.

Cashless Hospitalization

If you want to avail of the cashless facility, you must visit the network hospital of HDFC ERGO and simply follow these steps:

  • Contact the company and inform them about the treatment.
  • In the network hospital, show your ID proof along with the health card to avail yourself cashless medical treatment without any delay.
  • The hospital will then contact HDFC ERGO for authorization and approval.
  • Once the hospital has the approval, you can undergo the treatment.

After the discharge, HDFC ERGO will take care of your treatment expenses.


If you couldn't visit the network hospital, you can easily claim for reimbursement using the following steps.

  • Visit your nearest hospital for treatment.
  • Once your treatment is done, pay the bills and collect all your hospital bills, medical prescriptions, discharge sheet, etc.
  • You will then need to fill out the claim form and send all the requested documents to the company's office. Make sure you submit original invoices, bills, receipts, and prescriptions to support the claim.
  • After sending the documents, the insurer will verify the documents.
  • The insurer will update you through emails and SMS regarding the status of your claim. On approval, the company will process the reimbursement claim by transferring the money directly to your bank account through NEFT.

Documents required to submit a claim

Here is the list of documents that you need to submit for a claim.

  • A claim form that's duly filled and signed.
  • Summary of original discharge.
  • Hospital bills and receipts including all the medical expenses (duly signed by the insured).
  • First consultation letter and subsequent prescriptions.
  • Medical reports of investigation along with prescriptions.
  • Others requested by the company.

Reviews of HDFC Ergo My Health Medisure Super Top up Plan

As per our above discussion, The Medisure Super Top-up Plan is an amazing option that can enhance your current health cover. HDFC Ergo dedicatedly provides you all the required support through their 24x7 active customer care. One of the important considerations of a policyholder is the response time. 90% of the pre-authorised cashless claims related to health are instantly responded within 20-22 minutes and the reimbursement claims are approved within 3 days by the company. So this is a “Go-To” plan that helps you to be financially secure and stable. We always suggest you to go through My Health Medisure Super Top up policy brochure/documents to be fully aware about its terms and conditions.

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HDFC Ergo My Health Medisure Super Top Up Plan FAQs

1. Do I have to go through the medical check-up before buying this policy?

No, you do not have to undergo any medical/health tests up to 55 years of age (except in situations where pre-existing diseases or ailments were already informed at the time of buying a policy). In such types of scenarios and for applicants having an age above 55 years, one of them has to undergo medical tests.

2. What are the minimum and maximum deductible in this plan?

You can select an aggregate minimum deductible of Rs. 2 lakhs and a maximum of Rs. 5 lakhs in this policy.

3. Will my Pre-existing diseases be covered in Medisure Super Top Up?

Under the insurance policy, the pre-existing diseases will be covered only after 3 years of continuous coverage.

4. Do I need to undergo a medical test for buying this policy?

No, you don't need to undergo medical check-ups up to 55 years of age. If you, however, cross the bar, you need to go through some routine check-ups.

5. How soon will the company respond to my cashless claim request?

You can expect a response within 6 hours.

6. Is it possible to add my parents and parents-in-law to this plan?

Yes, it is possible to include your parents and in-laws in the same policy on the basis of individual sum insured and in a separate policy on a family floater sum insured basis.

7. In case, if the amount for the claim is Rs. 6 lakhs, then how much is required to be paid by HDFC Ergo general insurance?

Whatever amount is over and above, the threshold limit will be paid.

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