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Canara HSBC Life Insurance Company

Canara HSBC was established on 16 June 2008. It is a joint venture between Canara Bank and HSBC Ltd and the Asian insurance arm of one of the world's largest banking and financial services groups - HSBC.

Life insurance is an important investment that a person should think about. Life insurance helps you in providing complete safety to your family even after your demise. Different forms of life insurance plans also allow you to earn great returns. Yes, apart from financial security, life insurance offers different methods through which you can make money as well and can take advantage of the same on a regular basis. The life insurance industry of India is growing rapidly and has shown remarkable benefits in the last few years. Talking about Canara HSBC OBC Life Insurance Company, you must know that this is an old insurance company with experience of many years. It is a trusted life insurance company that caters into all life insurance plans. With a wide range of effective life insurance plans, this company is offering several helpful plans at an affordable price. This company provides complete safety to you and your loved ones.

The company also carries a good claim settlement ratio, which makes it a trustworthy life insurance company. The importance of life insurance is yet to be explored by some people who don’t think about it. There are several reasons which will help you in understanding the importance of adding life insurance to your investment portfolio.

The following point shows the role and Importance of insurance

Insurance operates on the concept of safeguarding the interest of people from different forms of risks and situations. It is true that insurance is contributing a lot to the economic growth of the country. Life insurance helps in the development of financial institutions and reduce risk by improving financial resources. What Canara HSBC Life Insurance Offers

-Safety And Security: Basically, insurance offers financial support to people and reduces uncertainties in human life and their business as well. No matter how much we grow fear of a sudden loss is always there and to come out of the same is really very difficult. Thus a life insurance offers complete financial assistance to the family of the insured person after his/her demise.
-Financial Resources: Canara HSBC OBC Life insurance helps a lot in generating funds also. With it, you can choose an effective life insurance plan that is best for investment and can offer huge returns. Investing in such type of plans will assist a person in generating funds that will be helpful for the growth of the person.
-Encourages savings: Traditional life insurance plans offers protection against the risks, uncertainties, however, you must know that it also offers beneficial investment options also. Life insurance allows you to do systematic savings with the help of regular premium payment. It will help in developing a habit of saving. You can get a lump sum amount at the time of maturity.
-Economic Growth: There is no doubt in saying that insurance plays a key role in an economy’s growth by promoting domestic savings. It helps in covering accumulated capital in investments. It also assists in mitigating the loss.
-Spreading of risk: Insurance facilitates spreading of risk from the insurance company to the policyholder. The basic concept of insurance is to spread risk among people. Nowadays, it is noticed that a lot of people are investing money into insurance policies and pay premium on time. This will help them in dealing with the future uncertainties, and that too very easily.

Claim Assistance

Life insurance is a policy that you want for your family security when you are not around to take care of them and for investment purpose to gain marvelous returns from it. Thus you will want to ensure that you have chosen the right plan from right company and the claim settlement is also very easy. The claim processing concept should be easier and trouble free so that you can file for claim anytime when you want to file it. When it come to claim process of Canara HSBC then you must be happy to know that this company offers easier claim assistance service and its helpful executive will be there to help you in every possible case. The company is carrying very helpful yet effective claim process and the claim ratio for this insurance company is better than other, you can easily trust on them for your insurance needs. You will be amazed by its claim criteria. You can directly visit its portal for filing claim or you can use this platform to do the same. Before you file a claim, you must ensure that you have the right documents along with you that are very important without the required documents no insurance company will entertain you in the claim process. The Canara HSBC is offering several helpful plans. You will be happy to choose the best one for you; don’t forget to check inclusions, exclusions and terms& conditions of policy for future reference.

Document required for filing claims

As we discuss above there are a few documents that you must carry along with you before filing a claim. With it, the entire procedure of claim will become easier for you. Here is the list of a few documents that you may require.

The death certificate (In case of death)

Original policy documents

ID proof of the beneficiary

Age proof of insured

Discharge form (executed and witnessed)

Medical certificate (as proof for cause of death)

Police FIR (in case of unnatural death)

Canara HSBC Life Insurance Plans

Canara HSBC OBC Life insurance is offering a wide range of effective life insurance policies that can help you in dealing with different situations and can help you as an effective investment option.

Smart Monthly Income Plan: It helps in enjoying the finest lifestyle without any tension.

Smart One Pay Plan: It helps in meeting the different goals of your life.

Smart Lifelong Plan: It is designed in a way that helps you fulfill different responsibilities.

Smart Vriddhi Plan: It will provide coverage to your family and assist in savings as well.

Future Smart Plan: It assists in securing the future of your child.

Shubh Labh: It provides the choice of investment and assists you in investing at the right place.

Grow Smart Plan: In this plan consumer will pay the premium for a limited time and will get lifelong coverage.

Dream Smart Plan: It is a unit linked insurance plan that helps you in saving more and getting a good return.

Insure Smart Plan: It provides the freedom to invest in 5 funds as per your requirement.

eSmart Term Plan: It provides financial protection to your family when you are not around.

Smart Stage Money Back Plan: It prepare yourself for different stages of life.

Smart Goals Plan: Secure your dreams properly.

Smart Immediate Income Plan: It provides guaranteed income.

Corporate Group Term Plan: It helps in providing Life cover to your family.

Group Secure: It safeguards the family’s future. With a single plan the entire family would be able to reap benefits.

Sampoorna Kavach Plan: It is a traditional, non participating life insurance plan.

Group Superannuation Plan It is a non-linked, non participating fund based variable insurance group product to employer-employee groups.

Group Traditional Benefit Plan: An attractive plan for the employees. It usually helps a lot in attracting emplyess towards the company.

Contact Address

Canara HSBC Oriental Bank of Commerce Life Insurance Company Limited
Augusta Point, 2nd Floor, DLF Golf Course Road,
Sector-53, Gurgaon-Haryana (INDIA) 122002
Tel: 0124- 44535506 Fax: 0124-44535999

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