Best Health Insurance Plans

Best health insurance plans offer inclusive health coverage for your every need like cashless treatments, free health checkups, tax savings, etc. If you are looking to buy the best health insurance plan in India, take a look at their offerings closely. It must include features like reputed network hospitals, affordable premiums, discounts & rewards, cashless treatment, claim and customer support, among others.

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Best health insurance plans

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Best health insurance plans

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Best Health Insurance Plans In India 2024

Finding an ideal health insurance plan can often be confusing. However, there are certain factors that you must look for when investing in the best health insurance plan such as:

  • Sum Insured
  • Affordable Premiums
  • Riders/Add-Ons
  • Network Hospitals
  • Limitations such as co-pay/deductibles
  • Customer Reviews
  • Claim Settlement Ratio(CSR)
Best Health Insurance Plans

While the best health insurance definition differs for everyone, the above factors are important to consider. In this article, we explore how to select the best health insurance plan in India, the benefits of investing in a health plan, and more.

List Of The Best Health Insurance In India 2024

Below is a list of some top-ranking health insurance plans of various categories from different high-performing health insurance providers in India. After considering their features, overall customer satisfaction, and claim settlement efficiency, these plans have been listed.

Individual & Family Health Plans

Best Health Insurance Plans Eligibility Unique Features You Can Avail Approx Premium

Niva Bupa Aspire Gold +
Entry Age - 18 Years First-of-a-kind coverage for adoption and IVF treatment
Combine multi-year sum insured (2 or 3 years) to use anytime
Access to gyms
Rs. 834/- Per month

Star Health Assure
Entry Age - 91 Days to 75 Years Covers non-medical items
Pain management and rehab cover
Covers in-utero fetal surgeries
Rs. 960/- Per month

Care Supreme
Entry Age - 18 Years Unlimited Automatic Recharge
Unlimited E-consultations
Optional Benefits
Rs. 929/- Per month

Aditya Birla Activ One NXT
Entry Age - 18 Years Protecting you against medical inflation
There is no capping on expenses like room rent, ICU charges, etc.
Refills your cover up to 100%
Rs. 469/- Per month

Senior Citizen Health Plans

ManipalCigna Prime Senior Classic
Entry Age - 56 Years Upgrade to the 'Any room' category during hospitalization
Reduce pre-existing disease waiting period to 90 days
Unlimited sum insured restoration
Rs. 1,581/- Per month

Niva Senior First Gold
Entry Age - 61 Years Modern Treatments
Avail Air Ambulance for emergency evacuation
Covers Organ Donor Expenses
Rs. 1,121/- Per month

Aditya Birla Activ Care Standard
Entry Age - 55 Years Nursing at home is available
Access to lifestyle support equipment
Annual Health Assessment for Preventive Healthcare
Rs. 2,016/- Per month

Critical Illness Plans

Care Critical Mediclaim
Entry Age - 18 Years Covers 32 defined CI
Surgical procedures covered
Lifelong coverage
Rs. 103/- per month

Star Critical Illness Multipay Policy
Entry Age - 18 Years Cancer Cover
Heart Ailments Cover
Brain and Central Nervous System
Rs. 174/- per month

Niva Bupa Criticare
Entry Age - 18 Years Covered for Accident Care
Flexible combination of coverag
20 Critical Illnesses Covered
Rs. 197/- Per month

Best Health Insurance Plans: Key Features

LLet us look at some of the key features of health insurance plans in India across different categories.

Individual and Family Floater Health Plans

  1. Niva Bupa Aspire

    It is a versatile plan with multiple unique features for you to choose from. If you are planning to start a family and looking for a holistic maternity plan, Niva Bupa Aspire should be at the top of your list.

    Why We Recommend It?

    • Available in 4 different variants namely, Gold+, Platinum+, Diamond+, and Titanum+ with a sum insured range between 3 lakhs to 2 Crores.
    • Additional features like the OPD wallet offer coverage for unlimited tele and video consultations, physical consultations, pharmacy, Emotional Wellness, diet and nutrition, gym and fitness coach.
    • The plan is an excellent choice for couples who want to step into parenthood, as it offers coverage for maternity expenses, IVF, adoption, and surrogacy.
    • Pay your health insurance premium as per your entry age. The premiums will not increase as you age and will stay constant as they were during the purchase of your policy until you make a claim.
    • Go borderless, as it covers your planned or emergency hospitalization expenses anywhere in the world.
  2. Star Health Assure Plan

    Star Health Assure is a 360-degree health plan with a wide scope of coverage with extensive features like wellness programs, air ambulance, compassionate travel, and more. The plan requires no pre-medical check-up to avail of this policy.

    Why We Recommend It?

    • Provides you and your family with a wide range of sum insured options ranging between 5 Lakhs and 2 Crores.
    • In case you exhaust your sum insured partially or completely the plan restores it 100% unlimited times in a policy year.
    • Include your spouse, your newborn child, or your adopted child mid-policy by paying additional premiums.
    • The plan covers non-medical items used during the hospitalization such as oxygen cylinders, gloves, masks, syringes, etc.
    • Homecare treatments are covered to help you recover in the comfort of your own home.
  3. Care Supreme

    Care Supreme plan is designed to cover you and your family at affordable premium rates. With major coverage features like hospitalization cover, AYUSH treatment cover, cumulative bonus, and more it promises versatile coverage to protect you and your family members

    Why We Recommend It?

    • The highest cumulative bonus offered by any health insurer, up to 500% to boost your sum insured.
    • You can avail of up to 30% discounts on renewal premiums by staying active. Logging in activities in the Care health app like daily step count, and taking regular health check-ups will give you fitness points.
    • Avail of unlimited e-consultations and discounts on diagnostics, pharmacy, consultation, and more.
    • On partial or full exhaustion of your sum insured, the automatic restoration feature helps restore 100% of your sum insured.
    • There are no sub-limits or capping on expenses like hospitalization, AYUSH treatments, domiciliary hospitalization, and more.
  4. Aditya Birla Activ One NXT

    A truly customizable and tailored health insurance plan is Aditya Birla Activ One NXT. The plan focuses on offering a personalized experience. One of the best health insurance plans in India as it is loaded with versatile features.

    Why We Recommend It?

    • The super-credit feature will inflate the sum insured up to 6 times your base sum insured in the 6th year of your policy irrespective of any claims making it inflation-proof.
    • There is no capping on hospitalization, room rents, ICU charges, etc.
    • There is no capping on the maximum entry age, which means you can purchase the plan at any age.
    • A wide range of base sum insured is available ranging between INR 5 lakhs to 2 Crores.
    • The plan also covers live-in partners of the same or opposite sex apart from legally wedded spouses.

Senior Citizen Health Plans

  1. ManipalCigna Prime Senior

    We all want the best healthcare for our parents. One of the best health plans in India for senior citizens, ManipalCigna Prime Senior is a comprehensive health plan offering multiple benefits to beneficiaries.

    Why We Recommend It?

    • Covers pre-existing ailments with lower waiting periods from the 91st day.
    • If you are worried about co-payments, and sub-limits for old ages, worry not. ManipalCigna Prime Senior is a plan with provision for coverage without co-payments and sub-limits even for old age.
    • It is available in 2 variants, namely elite, and classic with a wide range of base sum insured between 3 and 50 Lakhs.
    • Value-added covers are available for enhanced safety for your parents such as domestic second opinions, preventive health check-ups, and unlimited teleconsultations.
    • Avail of benefits and rewards in the form of cumulative bonuses up to 100%, discounts on pharmacy, diagnostics, and premium waivers.
  2. Niva Bupa Senior First

    Available in gold and platinum variants, Niva Bupa Senior First offers holistic coverage to senior citizens. Let us explore some key features below:

    Why We Recommend It?

    • Avail of health check-ups from Day 1 & coverage for daycare treatments like Angiography, Dialysis, Radiotherapy, Chemotherapy and more.
    • Health coverage without any sub-limits on common health conditions like cataracts, joint replacements, cancer, or any other common health conditions.
    • Opt for reducing your co-payment from 50% to 0% / 20% / 30% / 40%.
    • Swap co-payment with deductibles options and enjoy a co-payment-free health cover.
    • Enjoy a high sum insured cover ranging between INR 5 to 25 Lakhs.
  3. Aditya Birla Activ Care

    Aditya Birla Activ Care is a comprehensive health insurance plan that provides 360-degree care and protection to senior citizens. Providing you with multiple features and a broad range of sum-insured options between 3 and 25 Lakh, it is one of the best health plans in India for senior citizens.

    Why We Recommend It?

    • Choose from 3 different plan variants namely Standard, Classic, and Premier.
    • Earn 21% of your premiums paid as health returns simply by taking the health assessment, completing 13 active days, and talking to a health coach.
    • Provide medical, nutritional & wellness counselling and sessions on better lifestyle management.
    • International & domestic assistance including air ambulance expenses.
    • Get a qualified nurse to look after your parents immediately after discharge from the hospital.

Critical Illness Health Insurance

  1. Care Critical Care Mediclaim

    If critical illnesses are your concern, look no further. Care Critical Care Mediclaim health plan is considered among the best health insurance in India. It provides complete coverage for 32 listed critical illnesses such as cancer, stroke, paralysis, and more.

    Why We Recommend It?

    • High sum insured available ranging between 10 Lakhs to 2 Crores.
    • Avail of health services like quick recovery counselling, doctor on call, OPD expenses, and more.
    • Hospitalization expenses are covered for 45 continuous days from the date of travel in a single trip anywhere in the world.
    • Avail of an international second opinion on the listed covered conditions.
    • Air ambulance services are available in India.
  2. Star Critical Illness Multi-Pay Policy

    Star Critical Illness Multi-Pay Policy covers 37 listed critical illnesses related to cancer of specific severity, heart ailments, and brain and central nervous system ailments. The plan offers a wide range of base sum insured between INR 5 to 25 Lakhs.

    Why We Recommend It?

    • Not only does it aid in treatment for critical illnesses but it offers a robust wellness program focusing on rest and recovery.
    • No medical examination is required where the person proposed for insurance is up to and inclusive of 50 years of age.
    • Star Critical Illness's multi-pay policy includes an installment facility wherein the premium can be paid quarterly or half-yearly. Premium can also be paid annually, biennial (once in 2 years), and triennial (once in 3 years).
    • The plan is divided into 4 categories of critical illness cover namely, Cancer-related, Heart-related conditions, Brain & Nervous System related conditions, and Major Organ & Other conditions.
    • The plan is flexible and covers hospitalization expenses for non-cardiac ailments as well.
  3. Niva Bupa CritiCare

    One of the best health insurance plans Niva Bupa CritiCare provides coverage for 20 listed critical illnesses. You can avail of a high sum insured up to INR 2 crores, which will aid you financially in turbulent times.

    Why We Recommend It?

    • The plan covers accidental hospitalization as well as hospital cash along with 20 critical illnesses.
    • Renal failure, cancer, heart attacks, and many more are covered under this plan.
    • The plan offers a long-term tenure discount when you purchase the plan for 2 or 3 years of policy tenure.
    • A lifelong renewal facility is available.
    • Avail of a hassle-free claim settlement with Niva Bupa's dedicated claim settlement team.

How To Choose The Best Health Insurance Plan?

Consider the following before investing in the best health insurance plan in India:

Claim Settlement Time

Look at each health insurer's claim settlement time before investing in the best health plan for yourself. A timely claim settlement can save you from financial burdens.


Claim Settlement Ratio

High CSR is a direct indicator of reliability as it signifies the number of claims settled in a policy year as compared to the total number of claims filed with the provider in a financial year.


Network Hospitals

Consider network hospitals in your area for better access to quality healthcare.


Customer Reviews

Listen to the market chatter, read customer reviews, or better ask people in your circle about their health insurance purchase experience.


Add-Ons/Rider Availability

Understand the availability of riders/add-ons in your health insurance plan. Add-ons like maternity cover, personal accident cover, etc. are available at minimal additional premiums.


Adequate Sum Insured

Select an adequate sum insured when investing in the best health insurance plans for yourself.


To know more about how to choose the right health insurance plans , click here.

Health Insurer Network Hospitals

Buying The Best Health Insurance Plans With PolicyX

Opting for the best health insurance plan in India is crucial. With multiple options in the market, there are high chances of getting overwhelmed.

However, with PolicyX features like price index, and premium calculator, your search for the best health insurance plans in India will end here. For further information call us at 1800-4200-269 or simply visit our website.

Best Health Insurance Plans: FAQs

1. Why should I purchase the best health insurance plan in India from PolicyX?

Having good health insurance ensures you and your family members are covered against all the odds rising due to medical complications and saves you lots of money on healthcare.

2. What is the maximum entry age for purchasing the best health insurance plan in India?

Health Insurance plans usually have entry age criteria from 18 years to 60/70 years. However, there are multiple health insurance plans that offer lifetime renewability which means you are eligible to renew your health insurance plan for as long as you want to.

3. What are the tax benefits available under the best health insurance plan?

Insurance holders are entitled to tax benefits under section 80D on the purchase of any of the best health insurance plans in India. Customers can save up to INR 1.5 Lakhs by investing in the best medical insurance.

4. Can I port my health insurance plan from one insurer to another?

Yes, you can port health insurance plan from one insurer to another. PolicyX provides its customers with complete assistance regarding the policy portal.

5. How will investing in the best health insurance plan benefit me?

Investing in the best health insurance plan will benefit you in many ways as it not only protects your hard-earned savings but also provides you with the peace of mind that you and your loved ones are protected from medical conditions.

6. Can I cover more than 4 individuals under the best health insurance plans?

Depending on the health insurance plan you purchased, the family floater option can cover up to 15 family members depending from insurer to insurer.

7. Do I need to compare all the health plans before buying the best health plan for myself?

Yes, before buying a health plan for yourself, always compare health insurance premiums, features, benefits, network hospitals, etc. of as many plans. This will not only help you choose the best individual health plan but will also help you to customize your plan as per your needs.

8. How to select the best health insurance plans?

To select the best health insurance plans in India look at the following factors:

  • Claim settlement time
  • Customer feedback
  • Network hospitals
  • Availability of add-ons and riders
  • Minimum and maximum sum insured

9. What are the benefits of investing in the best health insurance plan in India?

Investing in one of the best health plans ensures financial safety for you and your family during turbulent times. A medical emergency can knock at your door without a prior warning. With consistently rising medical care costs it is best to be prepared with a health plan.

10. Which is the best health plan in India, in 2024?

The best health plan in India may differ for every one of you. Select a health insurance based on your needs and requirements. The list of best health insurance plans has been mentioned in the article.

11. Which is the best health plan category for me?

To decide the best health plan category for yourself and your family members, evaluate your lifestyle, the nature of your job, and your history of critical illnesses. However, a comprehensive health plan is a must-have for everyone.

12. What is the right age to invest in the best health insurance plan in India?

The right age to invest in the best health insurance plan in India is as early as possible. There are many benefits of investing in a health plan in your early 20s such as lower premiums, getting rid of waiting periods sooner, and good health premium discounts.

Health Insurance Companies

Compare health insurance plans from different companies.

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