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Best Health Insurance Plans in India 2023

Best health insurance plans take care of your health and wealth at the same time. Top mediclaim policies get you all-covered for major costs of expensive healthcare treatment. Many medical insurance policies are available in India but the most crucial part is to select the one that best suits your needs. Finding the best health insurance in India become so confusing as there are many health insurance companies are available which are providing health insurance. While selecting the best health insurance policy one must consider these factors such as adequate sum insured, affordability, financial support for sky-rocketing treatment expenses, add-on benefits, flexible claim process, reliable insurance provider - altogether make the best health insurance.

List of Best Health Insurance Plans in India 2023

Finding the best health insurance plans in India is very difficult as there is a variety of health insurance plans offered by various health insurance companies. PolicyX aims at making it easier for you to choose the best health insurance in India that meets the healthcare needs of individuals and families. We have compiled the top medical plans of 2021 with their respective key features in the table below:

Best Individual & Family Floater Health Insurance Plans

S. No.PlansSample Annual Premium
2A | 30Yr | 5L
#1Star Health Comprehensive Plan (5 Lakhs to 1 Crore)INR 10,420 Daycare Procedures
Domiciliary Hospitalization
AYUSH Treatment
#2Star Family Health Optima (3 Lakhs to 25 lakhs)INR 11,150 Installment facility for premium payments
Daycare Procedures
Domiciliary Hospitalization
#3Care Plan(5 Lakhs to 6 Crore)INR 11,593 541 Daycare Treatment
Auto recharge of Sum Insured
Maternity Covered
#4Care Freedom(3 Lakhs to 10 Lakhs)INR 12,346 Dialysis Cover
ICU Expense
Breakage of Bone Treatment
#5Niva BUPA Health Reassure(3 Lakhs to 1 Crore)INR 11,409 Organ Transplant
Domiciliary Hospitalization
Hospital Daily Cash
#6Niva BUPA Health Companion(2 Lakh to 1 Crore)INR 11,009 Daycare Treatment Covered
Pre and Post Hospitalization
Domiciliary Hospitalization
#7HDFC ERGO Optima Restore(3 Lakhs to 50 Lakhs)INR 15,065 No Claim Bonus
Restoration benefits
Domiciliary Hospitalization
#8ICICI Lombard Complete Health Insurance(3 Lakhs to 50 Lakhs)INR 13,672 24x7 Customer Support
Personal Accident Cover
Coverage for Newborn
#9Aditya Birla Activ Health Enhance(2 Lakhs to 2 Crores)INR 11,944 Road Ambulance Cover
Domiciliary Hospitalization
Obesity Treatment
#10ManipalCigna Prohealth Plus(2.5 Lakhs to 1 Crore)INR 8,679* AYUSH Cover
Ambulance Cover

*Premium amount for 5.5 Lakhs of Sum Insured

Best Senior Citizen Health Insurance Plans

S. No.PlansSample Annual Premium
2 Adult | 65 yrs | 10 Lakhs
#1Care Senior (3 Lakhs to 5 Lakhs)INR 41,265 No-pre-Medical Checkups
ICU Charges
Domiciliary Hospitalization
#2Star Health Senior Citizen Red Carpet (1 Lakh to 25 Lakhs)INR 45,135 Daycare Procedure
Emergency Ambulance Cover
ICU Charges Covered
#3HDFC ERGO My Health Suraksha (5 Lakhs to 75 Lakhs)INR 62,496 Free Preventive Health Checkups
Cashless Home Care Treatment
No Age Restriction

Best Critical Illness Health Insurance Plans

S. No.PlansSample Annual Premium
1 Adult | 30 yrs | 5 Lakhs
#1HDFC ERGO Critical Illness Insurance (5 Lakhs to 10 Lakhs)INR 2,065 Covers up to 15 critical illnesses
Sum insured paid in a single transaction
Lifetime renewability
#2Star Criticare Plus Insurance (2 Lakhs to 10 Lakhs)INR 9,912 Covers 9 specified critical illnesses
Covers non-allopathic treatment
Lifelong renewability
#3Aditya Birla Cancer Secure Insurance (5 Lakhs to 1 Crore)INR 1,558 Protection for all 3 stages of cancer
7-days short survival period
Option for second E-opinion

Best Top-up Health Insurance Plans

S. No.PlansSample Annual Premium
1 Adult | 30 yrs | 10 Lakhs
#1Star Health Super Surplus Insurance (5 Lakhs to 1 Crore)INR 2,526 Can be availed on an Individual & Family floater basis
Covers organ donor expenses
Covers air ambulance charges
3 Lakhs
#2Niva BUPA Health Recharge (7.5 Lakhs to 95 Lakhs)INR 1,605 E-Consultation
Coverage for Emergency Ambulance upto 1.5K per Hospitalization
AYUSH Treatment
3 Lakhs
#3ManipalCigna Super Top-up Plan (3 Lakhs to 30 Lakhs)INR 1,770 Daycare Treatment
Ambulance Cover
Cumulative Bonus
3.5 Lakhs

Disclaimer: The sequence of plans in the table does not define their ranking.

Find and compare the top medical policies to pick the best plan. Here is a classification of the best health policies into different categories, offering you the convenience of selection.

Best Health Insurance Plans for Individuals & Families

This policy is designed to provide complete protection against all health care eventualities to you and your family.

Unique Features

  • Health Checkup for Claim-Free Years.
  • Hospital Cash Benefit
  • 100% Automatic Restoration

The plan is ideal for the families who want to get covered under single sum insured.

Unique Features

  • Automatic Restroration of SI
  • Instant Recharge UPTO 30% of SI
  • New born baby cover from 16th day

A comprehensive health plan for individual and family with SI of 3 lacs to 6 Cr. with global coverage.

Unique Benefits

  • In-built maternity cover
  • No upper age limit for enrollment
  • Coverage for modern treatments

Get medical coverage for pre-existing diseases like BP, diabetes without any waiting period by bearing a co-pay of 20-30%.

Unique Benefits

  • No pre-policy checkup needed
  • Dialysis cover available
  • Annual Health Checkup

A complete health insurance policy that covers you and your family with a wide range of SI (3 Lakhs to 1 crore) and keeps giving you more benefits.

Unique Features

  • Covers up to 6 members
  • Unlimited SI restoration
  • Coverage for modern treatment

Protect your entire family with smart features that provide you with everything you need under a health insurance plan.

Unique Features

  • No room rent capping
  • 20% increase in SI as no-claim bonus
  • 100% SI restoration

Provides comprehensive medical coverage to individuals and families with different budgets by offering SI options ranging from 5 Lakhs to 50 Lakhs.

Unique Features

  • Free health checkup
  • 2X multiplier benefit
  • 100% SI restoration

A comprehensive health insurance plan that covers you & your family's healthcare needs with a wide range of SI (2 Lakhs to 50 Lakhs)

Unique Features

  • Available in 4 different variants
  • 100% Automatic Restoration of SI
  • Riders for enhanced coverage

This is a plan that comes with wellness and chronic care benefits.

Unique Features

  • Day 1 Cover for chronic disease
  • 586 Day Care Treatment
  • Worldwide Emergency Assistance

A comprehensive plan with 5 different variants suitable for individuals and young couples, offering sum insured up to 1Cr.

Unique Features

  • Avail family discount
  • Worldwide emergency protection
  • Avail healthy lifestyle benefits

Best Health Insurance Plans for Senior Citizens

Comprehensive health plan for people above 60 to make their second inning stress-free from health-related financial worries.

Unique Benefits

  • No pre-policy Medical Checkup
  • Lifelong Renewability
  • Automatic SI Recharge

The plan is specially designed for those individuals who are willing to secure their old-age medical needs after their retirement.

Unique Features

  • Guaranteed Lifelong renewals
  • No Pre-acceptance Medical test
  • Availability of Instalment Facility

Offers 360-degrees protection to individuals & families along with utmost flexibility by providing multiple SI options (3-75l), EMI facilities, and lifelong entry option.

Unique Features

  • Fitness discounts during renewal
  • Room rent capping and co-pay
  • Loyalty discounts, recovery benefits

Best Health Insurance Plans for Critical Illness

An ideal health plan for people with a pre-existing critical illness or a family history of critical illnesses. Get comprehensive coverage for 15 critical illnesses.

Unique Features

  • One-time lump sum payment
  • No medical checkup up to 45 years
  • Lifelong renewability

Provides reimbursement of hospitalization expenses and also provides a total amount of sum insured if the insured person is diagnosed with a major illness.

Unique Features

  • Modern Treatment Covered
  • Non-allopathic Treatment
  • Coverage for Medicine and drugs cost

Aditya Birla Cancer Secure Insurance

Designed to cover medical expenses incurred for the cancer treatment at all stages. The plan pays a lump sum amount to meet the cost of surgery, chemo, etc.

Unique Features

  • Up to 150% of cancer care cover*
  • No claim bonus
  • Age Limit: 18 - 65 years

Popular Top Up Health Insurance Plans

The plan offers additional coverage to the policyholder in case their existing coverage is exhausted.

Unique Features

  • All Daycare procedure
  • Pre and Post Hospitalization
  • Organ Donor Expense

A super top-up plan providing extra coverage to you and your family on the basis of deductible with SI options of up to 95 lakhs.

Unique Features

  • No room rent capping
  • Unlimited E-consultation available
  • Pharmacy and diagnostic services

An affordable plan that offers added coverage to the policyholder and keeps them covered above and beyond their basic health plan.

Unique Features

  • Avail no claim bonus
  • Customize plan
  • Avail Coverage from Critical Illness

Why should you buy the best Health Insurance Policy/Plan?

Medical emergencies are inevitable and more often than not bring along excessive financial baggage which in turn breaks the bank if you are unprepared. The best health insurance policies are powerful tools that help you in securing your future from expensive medical expenses. As there is a swarm of organizations selling health insurance it is important you select the best one, and it can be a daunting task.

Unfortunately, a handful of people make the effort of understanding the importance of buying a good Health Insurance Policy and making an informed decision. PolicyX has listed a number of reasons for you to understand why it is imperative to select the best health insurance policy.

  • Avail adequate sum insured

    One of the major reasons for you to buy a health insurance plan is so that you don't shrink your bank balance. Therefore, look for a plan that offers a high sum insured which can be effectively used to clear your health bills without compromising on the medical care facilities.
  • Customizable riders

    An ideal deal Health Insurance will allow you to add some riders (add-on covers) along with the base cover available at an added cost giving you the best value for it.
  • Alternative treatments

    Selecting a good health insurance policy sometimes means covering costs for alternative treatments that are beneficial when modern medicine is unable to help you. A lot of insurers cover costs for alternative treatments such as AYUSH (Ayurveda, Unani, Siddha, and Homeopathy)
  • Portability benefits

    As per IRDA guidelines, you as an insurance holder can change your insurance policy from one insurance company to another or one plan to another without losing the benefits you have accumulated.
  • Compare Premium

    It is essential to compare the plans as well as the premium. At policyX we help you find the best health plan that fits your needs. We, help you compare the insurance policies in terms of benefits, features, premiums, maximum returns, etc.
  • Fall Back option

    No matter how much money you save, fighting a critical illness can be tough. It can end up costing you your entire life's savings. The expenditure of the treatment, equipment, and medication can be hard to cover on a fixed salary. Health insurance can offer you the security to overcome these expenses and take some of the burdens off your shoulders.
  • Financial Coverage

    A health insurance plan acts as strong financial support during medical emergencies. The costs associated with critical illnesses like cancer, heart ailments, etc., can severely affect your financial standing.
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How to Choose the Best Health Insurance Policy in India 2023?

There are a variety of health insurance policies available in India and each policy comes with some unique coverage benefits. To choose the best health insurance policy in India, you must check the offered benefits and understand what is covered and what is not. Before you decide on purchasing the best medical insurance for yourself, contact our customer service representatives to determine which is the best option that can meet your requirement. You can consider the factors given below while selecting the best mediclaim policy:

  • Look for the right coverage type Choose the right health care plan that shields you against a wide range of medical problems, providing you benefits. Consider your requirements, compare plans on benefits and costs and apply a little due diligence to choose a plan that caters to your needs.
  • Choose an adequate sum insured Ensure your sum insured is enough to cover hospitalisation expenses more than once. Choose the sum insured amount based on the number of members included in the policy and their residing location. Make sure your health insurance policy is flexible and does not fail to cover possible medical emergencies by opting for options such as increasing your sum insured at the time of renewal, buying a super top-up plan, or accessing the portability feature.
  • Set your budget for premium Can't afford a high insurance premium? Co-pay your medical bills, which means you will have to share the healthcare cost with your insurance provider for settling the treatment charges.
  • Extensive network hospitals A vast number of network hospitals is a must for any mediclaim policy to be the best. Network hospitals help the insured to avail of cashless treatment in either case of emergency or pre-planned treatment.
  • No-sub limits help Go for a medical plan that does not imply sub-limits on room rent as it is a major component of hospital bills during hospitalisation. Health insurance without sub-limits allows you to select the room at your convenience.
  • Waiting period Generally, the waiting period for pre-existing disease in health insurance policies is 1-4 years. However, you should select a plan that offers an option to reduce the waiting period for pre-existing diseases (PED).
  • Reliable insurance provider Buy a medical plan from the health insurance company with a good claim settlement ratio, annual premium, and market reputation. Besides, check for the insurance provider that offers the flexibility of changing sum insured, easy claim settlement process, and lifetime renewability.
  • Compare your health plan Click. Compare. Choose.
    Many insurance web aggregators allow customers to compare multiple health insurance plans within a few seconds. Compare health insurance premiums, features, benefits, network hospitals, etc. of as many plans as you want and make an informed decision.
  • Look for a maximum renewable age The feature of lifetime renewability is important for most policies especially health policies for senior citizens as the premium amount increases with increasing age. The benefit of lifetime renewability takes off the financial pressure in case of medical emergencies. Considering the dramatic rise in medicare expenses the importance of lifetime renewability has increased even more.

Health Insurance Companies

Compare health insurance plans from different companies.

How much Coverage do I Need?

Determine the adequate amount of coverage for yourself and your loved ones on the basis of:

  • Number of members insured under a single policy
  • Lifestyle of the applicant (smoking status, alcoholism, etc.)
  • Residence location
  • Gender and Age of the insured
  • Needs of insured

Based on age and city of the treatment, we have recommended the minimum cover required below:

Health Insurance Plan Coverage (Metro)

MetroAbove 3510 Lacs
MetroBelow 355 lacs

Health Insurance Plan Coverage (Non - Metro)

Non - MetroAbove 357.5 Lacs
Non - MetroBelow 355 lacs
Health Insurance Plans Banners

Benefits of having the Best Health Insurance Plan in India

Having the best health insurance plan is important to protect you and your family from sudden, unfortunate circumstances such as disease, injury or any medical emergency. A recent study by the Union Ministry of Statistics and Programme Implementation revealed that hospitalization at private health centers can cost up to 8 times the amount as that at government-run institutions. Unfortunately, for the financial year of 2021, only around 514 million Indians out of 1.5 billion had the advantage of a health insurance to their name. To reverse this trend, it is important to understand why taking the best health insurance plan is important. Here are few benefits of having the best health insurance policy in India:

  • Cashless Hospitalization With a plan that is comprehensive and a company that has a wide network of hospitals, there are more chances for you to enjoy the benefits of cashless hospitalization. Health Insurance companies have partnerships with certain hospitals which allows you to avail cashless hospitalization if a customer has purchased health insurance from them. The best health insurance plan settles the bill directly with the hospital, saving you the time and additional paperwork.
  • Gives specialized coverage for critical illnesses While the best health insurance policy covers a wide range of ailments, for critical illnesses like stroke, kidney failure, heart attack or cancer, you may need a special clause or rider to obtain coverage. In such cases, the premiums may differ, but these policies offer a great deal of financing to help you address the massive expenses required for treatment. This key attribute gives the liberty to the customer to go for the best health insurance plans in India.
  • Tax Benefits The best health insurance plan can help save money spent on taxes as it makes you eligible for tax exemptions under section 80D of the Income Tax Act. The exemption depends on the premium being paid both for yourself and any of your family members.The budget has amended Section 80D which allows a deduction for medical expenses incurred on senior citizens. Check the tax slab before buying the best health insurance policy.
  • Free Look PeriodMost Of the health insurance companies in India offer a free look period on their policies, ranging from 15 - 30 days. This is beneficial as you can utilize the period to familiarize yourself with the plan's features, benefits, and terms and conditions to understand if the plan suits your needs. If you decide that the health insurance plan is not for you, after all, your money will be refunded by the company and the plan will cease to exist. This gives policyholders the opportunity to choose the best among all health insurance companies in India
  • Covers ambulatory patient services In many instances, you may not require hospitalization for your ailments. Even so, you must pay for treatment and outpatient care isnt always pocket-friendly. Depending on the illness or issue at hand, you may have to spend thousands on doctor visits, diagnostic tests, procedures, and medicines. Such sudden and unexpected expenses can be very demanding on your finances. Thankfully, several health insurance policies offer coverage for ambulatory service expenses and may also cover medication costs. Having the best health insurance policy is important and there are several benefits to them, including but not limited to free look period, cashless hospitalizations, extended coverage, reduced financial pressure, and tax benefits.Be smart and go for the best or contact Policyx ,we are here to guide you through.

Cashless Treatment

Avail of cashless treatment from any of the network hospitals

Tax Benefits

Save tax under section 80D of the IT Act on paying the policy premium

Lucrative Offers

Enjoy discounts on health services such as health check-ups, telemedicine, etc.

Extensive Coverage

Protection against healthcare expenses such as in-patient hospitalisation, pre & post-hospitalisation, ambulance charges, etc.

Lifetime Renewability

Stay insured for life long without age limit restriction and get coverage for medical expenses

Daily Cash Allowance

Get daily allowance during hospitalisation to fulfil additional medical expenses that are not covered under your health plan

Cumulative Bonus

The best Health Insurance in India allows you to avail several benefits for every claim-free year. These benefits are often known as the No-claim Bonus.

Automatic Restoration

With the Best Health Insurance policy, one can refill your sum insured amount if they have exhausted the existing sum insured.

Seek In-Home Treatment Benefits

If in case the patient is unable to get admitted to the hospital, he/she can avail converge against domiciliary treatment.

AYUSH Coverage

Avail coverage against alternative treatment procedures like Ayurveda, Siddha, Unani and Homeopathy.

Want to Buy Best Health Insurance Policy in India?

You can buy the best medical insurance in India from as it comes with an easy and user-friendly buying process that is safe, quick, and hassle-free and allows you to buy your policy from anywhere and anytime.

  • Get quotes from top insurers by filling up a form given at the top of this page.
  • Compare quotes of different insurers and select the desired plan as per your requirements.
  • Submit all the required details and documents.
  • Make the online payment and the policy documents will be shared at your e-mail address.

Our Methodology to Choose Best Health Insurance Plan

PolicyX has a team of experienced insurance advisors who have compiled the list of best health plans for you based on:

  • Wide range of sum insured
  • Maximum medical coverage and benefits
  • Maximum availability of cashless treatment
  • Minimum waiting period
  • Simple and quick claim settlement process
  • Trusted insurance provider
  • Positive customer feedback


Health insurance is a type of insurance coverage wherein, an insured can claim payments for his medical and surgical expenses and as a trusted insurance web aggregator for millions PolicyX has facilitated multiple individuals, families and employers in making the right decision in respect to selecting the best health insurance plan. We intend to lighten the burden and help you in doing your due research and choosing the best health insurance policy.

Health Insurance Articles

Best Health Insurance Plans FAQs

1. What are the factors that define the best health insurance plan?

The needs of every individual vary from one another. However, there are few standard factors that should be kept in mind every time you buy health insurance like, checking the network hospitals in your vicinity, coverage the plans are offering, premium you need to pay etc.

2. What is the benefit of having the best health plan?

Having the best health insurance plan will ensure that you get complete coverage in case of a medical emergency. With the best health insurance, you can avail benefits like cashless hospitalization at network hospitals as well as can save taxes under Section 80D of the Income Tax Act, 1961.

3. I am a young adult. What factors should I keep in mind before buying the best health plan for me?

As a young adult, you can opt for Individual Health Insurance policies offered by the companies like Star Health, HDFC ERGO, Niva Bupa and many more. Take a look at all the plans offered by all the companies, filter them on the basis of your requirements and choose the best individual health insurance plans.

4. I have been recently married. Which would be the best health plan for me and my partner?

Based on the insurance needs of a couple, you can opt for a family health insurance that will cover you as well as your spouse, and will ensure safety during the announced medical emergencies.

Explore more about the Family Health Insurance plans here.

5. Does having the best health insurance plan means I have to pay higher premium?

No, it is not at all necessary that you have to pay high premiums in order to buy the best plan. You can choose your ideal budget and can compare all the plans and their features, and then choose the best health plan.

6. My parents are aged and they do not have health insurance? Is it too late to buy one now? Which would be the best health plan for them?

If youre looking for health insurance plans for parents with age less than 60 years, then you can consider a family floater health plan. It will cover your parents as well as if required you can cover yourself under the same plan.

7. I have a new born baby. How can I find the best health insurance plan for him?

There are several health plans that offer coverage for your newborn baby. Some of the best health plan for your newborn baby coverage are the Care Joy plan, Star Comprehensive Health Plan, and Niva Bupa Heartbeat Family Floater plan. Explore more about the best health plan for your newborn baby here.

8. I am 3 months pregnant. Which would be the best health insurance plan for me?

For pregnant women, many health insurance companies offer separate maternity plans that cover all their pre & post natal needs. However, there are some health insurance companies that offer plans with inbuilt maternity cover. Checkout some of the best maternity plans available in the market.

9. I am diabetic. How can I find the best health plan for myself?

As a diabetic patient, having a health plan is of utmost importance. To find the best health plan for yourself check out the best diabetes specific health insurance plans.

10. I have a smoking habit. How can I find the best health plan for myself?

Being a smoker, you need to pay higher premiums for your health insurance plans. While choosing the best health plan, you can find a plan that encourages you to quit smoking and lead a healthy life.

11. I am a cancer patient. How do I choose the best health insurance policy for me?

A cancer policy is specifically designed to meet the insurance needs of a cancer patient. However, if you are already suffering from cancer, you will not be covered under a cancer specialist policy.

On the contrary, if you have cancer in your family history, or you might feel that you may get this unfateful disease due to your lifestyle, it is better to be prepared in advance. Along with your standard health plan, you can buy the best cancer specific policy that will protect you as well as your finances during such dreadful times.

12. If I buy the best health insurance policy in the market and I still feel like changing to another plan, will I be able to do so?

Yes you can. As mandated by IRDAI, every health insurance company offers a feature of portability. In simple terms, it means that you can switch from your existing provider to another one or from one plan to another (within the same insurer) if you are not satisfied with it. People often debate about the pros & cons of portability, but in the end, it depends on the consumer.

13. My grandparents never had health insurance. Which would be the best health plan for them?

While choosing the best health plan for your grandparents, the one factor you need to keep in mind is that you choose a plan that offers a maximum renewal age. This factor, along with the other factors like the entrance age, extent of coverage, the number of available network hospitals etc should be kept in mind when choosing a health plan for grandparents.

14. Do I need to compare all the health plans before buying the best health plan for myself?

Yes, before buying a health plan for yourself, always compare health insurance premiums, features, benefits, network hospitals, etc. of as many plans. This will not only help you choose the best individual health plan but will also help you to customize your plan as per your needs.

15. Is there any specific parameter to find out the best health insurance plan?

No, there is no such parameter that decides the best health insurance plans. Selecting the best health insurance policy amongst a plethora of choices can be confusing which is why the policies that offer you factors like health insurance riders, benefits, coverage, network hospitals and more can be considered the best health insurance policy. Also, you should pay attention to the claim settlement ratio of the company you are purchasing the policy from.

16. Will my growing age affect the premiums of my Health Insurance premiums?

Yes, age plays a major role in deciding health insurance premiums. You will have to pay higher premiums as you age.

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Dnt buy any policy from Star health They are big fraud my father is admitted in hospital crucial stage they reject our claims without reason i will filled case against company in consumer court...

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Mujhe khaas kar inki service best lagi. Policyx se mai hamesha services lungi. Maininki services se khush hu

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Policyx helped me a lot in documentation process, I was skeptical at first but they made my work easy.

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I bought policy for my family from policy, The advisor is very knowledgable,he suggest me better comparisons of plan and helps me to purchase suitable one. The process was very smooth.

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Sanjay nanaware here, first of all I appreciate Star Health for your punctuality, service, conversation and I really thanks to Mr.Sanchin pathavnkar who has suggest star health policy.

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