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Short-Term Health Insurance Plans
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Short-Term Health Insurance Plans: An Introduction

We all are aware of the importance of a health insurance plan in today's day and age. India has witnessed a sharp rise in lifestyle-related ailments among the urban working class. A country's unhealthy population is a burden on the healthcare infrastructure.

However, with the help of modern science and advanced medical treatments, India provides the best healthcare facilities. The real challenge is making it accessible to such a large population with various social and economic backgrounds.

Keeping in mind these challenges, leading health insurance companies have come up with the concept of short-term health plans. Short-term health insurance is designed to provide immediate health care with a limited waiting period. This comprehensive guide is compiled to talk about the nitty-gritty of short-term health insurance including eligibility, benefits, coverage features, and more.

What Are Short-Term Health Insurance Plans?

A short-term health insurance plan is designed to provide you with health coverage for a short duration. The coverage period of a short-term health plan is less than 12 months depending on your health insurance plan.

A short-term health insurance plan is extremely affordable and can be your best bet if you are someone with an unstable job or are a recent college graduate. However, there are certain limitations to it which we will discuss further.

Short-Term Health Insurance Plans Benefits

Before we talk about the limitations of short-term health plans let us divert our attention toward how you can benefit from the same.

  • Super Pocket-Friendly

    Investing in short-term health insurance is your ticket to availing quality medical care but at half the price of a regular health insurance plan.

    It is a viable option for those who desire health coverage without breaking the bank.
  • Efficient Coverage

    Similar to a regular health insurance plan, short-term health insurance offers you efficient health care coverage features. It offers features like cover for hospitalisation expenses, ambulance coverage, etc.

    You can easily avail of a cashless hospitalisation with short-term health plans.
  • Flexible Coverage Duration

    A short-term health insurance plan offers you the freedom to choose your coverage tenure. You are free to purchase a short-term health plan for even 1 month.
  • Fills In Insurance Gaps

    If you have a regular health insurance plan and are in the middle of renewals or simply want time to look for a new health plan, short-term health plans are your answer. It will help cover you when you are busy browsing and selecting your next health insurance plan.
  • Easy Purchase

    A short-term health plan can be tailored to your specific needs as per the insurance provider. A hassle-free purchase experience is guaranteed as most short-term health plans do not require you to undergo a pre-policy medical check-up, unlike a regular health plan.

What Is Covered By Short-Term Insurance Plans?

We know it is a new concept, and there may be several questions running through your mind. One of them is probably about the coverage options of a short-term health plan.

Well, to answer your question, a short-term health plan offers similar to regular health insurance like

  • Hospitalisation expenses including room rent, ICU bills, ambulance cover, etc.
  • Pre and post-hospitalisation expenses such as doctor consultations, diagnostic tests, pharmacy bills, etc
  • Daycare procedures are covered which require less than 24 hours of hospitalisation
  • Depending on the short-term health plans, you may have limited maternity coverage
  • Short-term health insurance plans also cover organ donor expenses

To find out more about short-term health insurance plan coverage, connect with your health insurance provider or contact PolicyX insurance experts today.

Key Features Of Short Term Insurance Plans

Short-term health insurance plans offer health coverage for a tenure of less than 12 months. You can utilize this policy for emergency coverage or special health care needs.

Below we discuss some key features of short-term health insurance:

  • Short-term health plans have a lower premium as compared to regular health insurance plan
  • They require frequent renewals as they are purchased for a short period
  • There are no riders or add-ons available with short-term health plans
  • Due to their short-term coverage, these plans often do not cover critical illnesses, maternity expenses, etc.

Short-Term Health Coverage Eligibility Criteria

The eligibility criteria for a short-term health plan are similar to a regular health plan. Let us take a look at the same in the table mentioned below:

Eligibility Criteria Specification
Minimum Entry Age 18 Years
Maximum Entry Age 65 Years
Pre Existing Diseases May or may not be covered as per the insurance providers
Policy Tenure Up to 12 Months
Add-On Covers Not Available

Who Should Buy Short-Term Health Insurance Plans?

Now that we know all about short-term health plans, let us clarify who can purchase short-term health insurance. Ideally, it is suitable for everyone but you must invest in short-term insurance,

  • If you are an NRI and are visiting India for a few days or short vacation
  • If you do not have a stable job but still want to have a health insurance cover
  • If you are a college graduate and want to explore health insurance
  • If you are someone who plans to purchase a regular health plan but is still in the research phase, invest in ashort-term health plan for the time being
Check Health Insurance Premium
Check Health Insurance Premium

Difference Between Regular and Short-Term Health Insurance

The coverage features of a regular health plan are similar to that of a short-term health insurance plan. However, there are key differentiating features like

Differentiating Parameters Short-term health Plan Regular Health Plan
Premiums Affordable as compared to regular health plans Slightly expensive compared to short-term health insurance
Policy Tenure Is valid for 3 to 6 months. However, you can also choose the policy for 12 months A regular health plan is valid for 1/2/3 years
Riders/Add-On Coverage Not available in short-term health plans Multiple riders are available - critical illness, personal accident, etc.
Pre-Existing Disease Cover Depending on the health insurance provider it may or may not be covered Regular health plans cover PEDs after a waiting period of 1 to 4 years

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Wrapping It Up

Short-term health insurance plans are excellent alternatives for those who are new to the insurance world. It is a contemporary health insurance cover that offers quick and customizable medical coverage to policyholders. So, if you are someone who is visiting India, or are simply between jobs then you can invest in a short-term health insurance plan.

For more information on short-term health plans contact PolicyX insurance experts.

Short-Term Health Insurance Plans: FAQ's

1. What is a short-term health plan?

A short-term health insurance plan is a health plan that offers you health coverage for a short duration of time, generally, less than 12 months.

2. Are pre-existing diseases covered under a short-term health plan?

A short-term health plan has certain limitations and restrictions in covering pre-existing conditions.

3. Are short-term health plans eligible for tax benefits?

As per section 80D of the Income Tax Act, you are eligible to avail of tax deductions when investing in a short-term health plan.

4. What is the tenure of a short-term health plan?

A short-term health plan is available for 3-6 months. You can also purchase the plan for 12 months.

5. Can NRIs purchase short-term health insurance?

Yes, NRIs can avail of short-term insurance health insurance plans.

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