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Future Generali Term Insurance Plans June, 2023

Future Generali Insurance is a joint venture between two industry titans 'Future Group and 'Generali Group'. Future Generali Term Insurance Plans are instruments that offer you the chance to protect your family from financial adversaries in your absence and allowing them to lead a life without making any financial compromises.

The company was incorporated in September 2007 with the aim of providing retail, commercial, personal and rural insurance solutions to individuals and corporates to help them manage and mitigate risks. Future Generali is also one of the very few insurers who takes care not only of your family members but also offers health insurance for your pet.

Future Generali offers a variety of term insurance plans that offer protection to your loved ones. Future Generali Insurance has total assets under management of the value Rs. 5300 Crores, over 3 Million policies sold across India and 2.6+ Lakh claims settled per year.

Future Generali Term Plans are customizable with affordable premiums and loaded with features. Read further to explore more about Future Generali Term Insurance Plans.

Key Features of Future Generali Insurance

Future Generali Insurance has established themselves as industry leaders over the years by showcasing record numbers and statistics that depict the mettle of their expertise in the insurance industry. They provide economical and smart insurance solutions, let us take a look at the brilliant policy makers key features:

  • Annual Premium: As per the IRDAI report 2021-22, Future Generali Insurance recorded an annual premium of Rs. 1433.54 Crores.
  • Solvency Ratio: The solvency ratio of the company helps an individual ascertain the company's ability to meet its long-term financial obligations.
    The Solvency Ratio of Future Generali Life Insurance company for 2021-22 is 1.7 (As per the IRDAI, it is mandatory for every life insurer to maintain a solvency ratio of 1.5).
  • Claim Settlement Ratio: The company holds a good and reliable claim settling process with a CSR of 96.15%. (CSR as per IRDAI report of the year 2021-22).
  • Operating Network: Future Generali Insurance Company has 120+ branches across India and additional distribution touch-points through several new tie-ups and partnerships. Apart from its PAN India presence, it has more than 20000+ Individual agent network. Moreover, it also has a strong base of financial consultants.
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Why choose Future Generali Insurance Company?

  • Flexible Coverage Options: Future Generali Term Insurance Plans offer a myriad of options in terms of coverage. Term plans offered by Future Generali offer their customers to create their own plans by customizing their coverage options.
  • Longer Protection Period: Some unique term insurance plans offered by Future Generali Insurance provide a longer period of protection up to the age of 75 years.
  • Lower Premium Rates: Future Generali Insurance provides lower premium rates for women.
  • Higher Sum Assured Premium Discounts: Future Generali also offers a discount on premium rates to their customers who opt for a higher sum assured.
  • Tax Benefits: Tax Benefits can be availed for premium payments of Future Generali Term Plans under sections 80C and 10 (10D) of the income tax act 1961.

Future Generali Term Insurance Plans

To secure your family's needs, Future Generali Term Insurance offers five term insurance plans through online and offline modes from which you can choose a well-suited plan for yourself:

Future Generali Care Plus

This term insurance plan offers two different options to choose from like life cover and life cover with an accidental death benefit.

Unique Features

  • Affordable premiums.
  • 48 hours Claim Settlement.
  • Discounts for women.

Future Generali Saral Jeevan Bima

This policy will cover death due to accident only, during the waiting period of 45 days from the Date of Commencement of Risk.

Unique Features

  • Flexible premium payment terms.
  • Death benefit.
  • Tax Benefits.

Future Generali Express Term Life Plan

Comes with several variants like life cover option, extra life cover option, life plus health cover option, and all-in-one cover option.

Unique Features

  • 4 plan variants
  • Flexible premium payment.
  • Death benefit

Future Generali Flexi Online Term Plan

provides life cover for up to 75 years and offers preferred coverage options (as per their needs and requirements).

Unique Features

  • Life cover up to 75 years.
  • Lower premium rates for women.
  • Additional riders available.

Future Generali Jan Suraksha

Coverage in a single premium payment (at low costs). It helps the family of the life assured to deal with the liabilities in case of his/her unfortunate death.

Unique Features

  • Safeguards against loans.
  • One-time premium.
  • Tax Benefit.

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Future Generali Term Plan Riders

Future Generali Accidental Benefit Rider

Future Generali Accidental Benefit Rider is an optional rider that you can select with certain select plans and is available with Future Generali Flexi Online term plan. It further has two options:

  • Option 1: Accidental Death Protection
  • Option 2: Accidental Death and Accidental Total and Permanent Disability Protection

It provides a minimum sum assured of Rs. 50,000.

Calculate Future Generali Term Insurance Premium

To calculate Future Generali Term Insurance Premiums, policyholders can turn to Future Generali Term Insurance Premium Calculator or download their Term Plan brochure. It is an online tool that allows the policyholder to calculate their term plan premiums in advance.

Take a look below at some of the sample premiums of Future Generali Term plans:

Future Generali Care Plus

Sum Assured (in Rs.) 25 Lakhs 50 Lakhs 1 Crore
Monthly Premium Payable(in Rs.) 467 935 1,305

* Premiums calculated for a 30-year old, non-smoker male. Chosen plan option is "Life Cover only" with a premium payment term of 30 years and monthly premium payment frequency.

Future Generali Saral Jeevan Bima

Sum Assured (in Rs.) 15 Lakhs 20 Lakhs 25 Lakhs
Monthly Premium Payable(in Rs.) 512 683 854

* Premiums calculated for a 30-year old, non-smoker male. The chosen premium paying term and policy cover is of 10 years.

Future Generali Express Term Life Plan

Age Life Cover Option Extra Life Cover Option Life Plus Health Cover All in one cover
30 Rs.7,032 Rs.11,032 Rs.18,396 Rs.22,396
35 Rs.9,863 Rs.13,863 Rs.26,880 Rs.30,880
40 Rs.14,611 Rs.18,611 Rs.39,769 Rs.43,769
45 Rs.22,138 Rs.26,138 Rs.63,565 Rs.67,565

*Sample premium for a healthy non-smoker fully underwritten male lives (excluding applicable taxes, extra underwriting premium and modal loading, if any) with Policy Term of 25 years and Premium Paying Term of 25 years with Base Sum Assured of `1 crore, Accidental Death Sum Assured of `1 crore (if applicable), Critical Illness Sum Assured of `50 lakhs (if applicable).

Future Generali Flexi Online Term Plan

Sum Assured (in Rs.) 75 Lakhs 1 Crore 1.5 Crore
Monthly Premium Payable(in Rs.) 707 904 1,356

*Premiums calculated for a 30-year old, non-smoker male. Premiums are illustrated for a policy term and premium payment term of 45 years.

Future Generali Jan Suraksha Plan

Age Band Single Premium (exclusive of taxes)
500 750
18-25 14,000 21,000
26-30 12,000 18,000
31-35 10,000 15,000
36-40 7,500 11,500
41-45 5,000 7,500
46-50 N/A 5,000

How To Buy Future Generali Term Insurance Plans?

Future Generali Insurance allows you to buy a term insurance plan via two platforms. You can either buy the plan online from the official website of the company or through third-party intermediaries like agents, brokers, etc. Given below is a detailed explanation of both these types of the buying process.

Steps to buy from PolicyX.com

  • Fill out the form given at the top of this page with the necessary details.
  • Select your income and city. Click on 'Proceed'.
  • Update your education and occupation details.
  • Choose your preferred plan and click on 'Buy this plan'.
  • Select policy term, premium period, and riders (if required) and then proceed to do the payment.

**Once the payment is made, you will get a payment confirmation at your registered email address.

Steps to buy from Future Generali Insurance company

  • Visit the official website of Future Generali Insurance Company.
  • Click and calculate a quotation as per your requirement.
  • Fill in all the details required in an online application form.
  • Pay your premium via debit or credit card.
  • Submit all the required documents online.

**Once the payment is made, you will get a payment confirmation at your registered email address.

Live your Dream after retirement
Live your Dream after retirement

How to File Future Generali Term Insurance Claims?

Filing a claim for Future Generali Term Plan is a simple and hassle-free task. You can easily fill and submit their claims online or offline. To file a claim for Future Generali Term Plan, you need to follow the below-mentioned steps.

1. Claim Intimation

  • Inform the company about the crisis/incident.

2. Claim Processing

  • Proceed with the application with the help of the claim officer.
  • The Insurance company will evaluate all the required details and might contact the nominee/claimant in case of further clarification.
  • Approval will be informed via SMS or letter by the insurer.

3. Claim Decision

  • On receiving all the necessary documents, the insurer will make the final decision of acceptance/rejection of the claim. The same will be communicated to the nominee/claimant.
  • If the claim gets accepted, the claim amount will be transferred to the registered bank account within 10 working days.

How to Contact Future Generali Life Insurance Company?


1800 220 233/ 1860 500 3333
(Available from 7:00 am to 10:00 pm IST)

Term Insurance Articles

Future Generali Term Insurance: FAQs

1. What is the total coverage period if I opt for Joint Life Cover?

The total period can range from 10-40 years.

2. How does the Critical Illness Rider work?

If the policyholder is diagnosed with any of the pre-specified critical illnesses during the policy term, (s)he is liable to receive 25% of the sum assured immediately as a lump sum amount.

3. What happens if I pay an extra premium against my plan?

The extra amount will be adjusted against future premiums. The policyholder does not earn any interest on the excess premium paid.

4. What happens if I do not pay the term insurance renewal premium by the due date?

PNB MetLife term plans come with a grace period of 30 days. If the premium is not paid within this period, the policy will lapse. In order to reactivate the plan again, the insured has to complete certain reinstatement requirements, which may include a few medical tests and additional charges.

5. May I know whether the Future Generali Flexi Online Term Plan provides coverage to my children?

No, Future Generali Flexi Online Term Plan does not provide coverage to children. The mandatory age at entry for the policy is 18 years.

6. How to check the policy status of the Future Generali Term plan?

You need to visit the official website of Future Generali Term Insurance and log in with your user ID and password. After logging in, you can see the 'Policy Details' tab. Click on it and you will be able to check your policy status.


You can call the toll-free number 1800-102-2355 or write an email at claims.support@futuregenerali.in

7. Is there any mobile application available for the Future Generali Term Insurance plan?

Yes, the company has a mobile application named- FG Life - Customer App.

8. Can I get a Future Generali term plan if I am a smoker or tobacco user?

Yes, you can. You just need to pay a higher premium as compared to a non-smoker.

9. Is there a 'Waiver of Premium (WoP)' benefit applicable for my Future Generali Cancer Protect Plan?

Yes, it's there. However, this benefit does not apply to the Single Premium payment option.

Future Generali Term Insurance Reviews

Read what our customers have to say about Future Generali term insurance company

Customer Review Image

navneet dubey


February 24, 2022

i am only earning member of my family so term insurance is very important for me. I checked about this company and asked my friends and relatives and they all gave me good response about them. ...

Customer Review Image

mayank batra


February 24, 2022

I am a retired army officer who saved money in their retirement plan. This month, the company paid me my money saved with them. I am so happy that i made a right choice.

Customer Review Image

Lokesh Kumar


September 21, 2021

FutureGenerali is a very good company. I really love this company and the way it helped me is amazing.

Customer Review Image

Akash Sharma


September 20, 2021

I have never seen a company like future generali that is committed to its customers. Happy to chose future general life insurance.

Customer Review Image

Amir Saifi


September 16, 2021

bought a plan from future generali...I am thankful for the quick claim settlement and must appreciate that they have best customer support team

Customer Review Image



July 12, 2021

Very happy with the company. Customer care is very supportive. I would definitely recommend everyone to go for this company if they are looking for life insurance policy.

Customer Review Image



July 12, 2021

I bought this life insurance plan a year ago. I am quite happy with the policy. All plans offers smart benefits

Customer Review Image

Ankit Singhal


May 12, 2021

Thanks to my sister in law who told me to buy term insurance from Future generali company and I m very happy with my decision. this company is great and offers good service.

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