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Individual Health Insurance

Individual Health insurance is a unique plan that gives coverage specific to individual needs. This is perfect for people who live alone or are prone to critical diseases. To purchase Individual health insurance, there are several insurers offering coverage at an affordable rate. Companies like Reliance General, Star Health, Apollo Munich, etc are operating worldwide and giving health benefits every age of the individual.

It is finely said ‘Health is wealth’. If an individual is not well and is going through a tough time because of a serious disease, then how can he make money and earn a living for his family. Insuring your health first must be a major goal apart from securing growth in your career. We never know when we will get ill/ hospitalized due to any disease or accident. For that, we need powerful backup support i.e. Individual Health Insurance which will protect us from all kinds of medical emergencies.

"Buy health insurance when you don't want it, because you may not get it when you want it."

Features Of Individual Health Insurance Policy

The individual health insurance policy offers a range of features to the policyholder that may vary from insurer to insurer. Some of the primary features of this policy are:

  • It provides broad coverage for the medical treatment in case of accidents and illness which needs in-patient hospitalization.
  • Covers ICU charges, critical illness, boarding and lodging expenses, diagnostic procedure prosthetic costs, funds for healthcare facilities, etc.
  • Customers between the age group of 5 to 60 years can take advantage of this plan, but the age group may vary from insurer to insurer.
  • A medical cover that guarantees peace of mind and stable finances along with a lifelong renewal facility.
  • Provides coverage against daycare procedures and emergency ambulance.
  • Insurance companies send alerts and notifications to the customers related to where and when to have the diagnostic screenings.
  • All customers can take advantage of tax savings under Section 80 D of the Income Tax Act, 1961.
  • Most insurers also cover the cost of medicines for various diseases.
  • Many insurers provide discounts that help customers in saving money at the time of checkup or in case of hospitalization.

Advantage Of Best Individual Health Insurances

We always look for the benefits of a product before purchasing it. This habit of looking for benefits is also relevant to health insurance. Let’s count on the number of advantages it will offer-

Provides Cashless Facility: Every insurer provides a list of network hospitals. If the policyholder gets admitted in any of the network hospitals then he/she does not have to pay anything because of the facility as insurers cover such expenses i.e Cashless Health Insurance

Covers Pre And post-hospitalization: An individual health policy may cover pre and post-hospitalization expenses. The related norms depend upon the insurer and the type of plan selected.

No Claim Bonus: The customer will get the no claim bonus if they do not file any claim in the policy term period. Policyholders can use the same to pay further premiums.

Medical Checkup: Some insurers provide the facility of a free checkup at select diagnostic centers and hospitals which saves your time and money.

Tax Benefits: You can avail tax benefits under section 80D when you buy an individual health insurance plan.

Advantage Of Best Individual Health Insurances

Tips To Find The Best Individual Health Plan

Several companies are offering many health plans along with a variety of features to the customers but choosing the right plan is needed to make the most of it at the time of emergency health situations. Let us discuss below some of a few important tips to find the right choice:

Check Limits And Sub-limits

Few limits and sub-limits can reduce the cost of the premium, but may alter the benefits. You should check your requirement, paying capacity and choose accordingly to reap maximum benefits.

Claim Settlement Ratio

It is an important factor that you must check before making your purchase decision. With it, you can ensure that your claims would not be wrongly withheld by the insurance provider.

Don't Rely on Premium

It is an important feature, but you should not make any decision based on the premium amount. You should also check the features of the plan rather than just the premium costs.


It is vital to check how many years the policy proposes to cover you. Check renewability features to get the best policy of the lot.

Why To Compare With

You may come across a lot of portals that are offering comparison services. But at, what you get is unbiased advice to take care of your health-related needs. Our database is linked with leading health insurers, which allow us to offer accurate quotes and features to you on a real-time basis. You can complete your policy purchase on our portal by using different payment options such as credit, debit card or net banking.

Choosing the right kind of coverage is a crucial step in health insurance. With the help of comparison, you will get accurate information about various health plans by different at affordable premium rates. Plus, you can save time, money, and effort.

Please keep in mind that few policies may require medical tests for certain age groups before purchase. Our team of dedicated telesales executives will help you in the same so that you can undergo medical tests at your nearest location and can make a payment online for policy issuance. is IRDA approved portal and thus follows the norms of IRDA for accurate and trustworthy comparison service. Comparison of individual health insurance policies at is completely free of cost provides plan comparison from leading brands such as Religare Health, Max Bupa, Bharti Axa, Tata AI, Apollo Munich, Star Health, etc. Buy policies within minutes by filling up the online form. Most of our health plans are online and you can get your policy instantly by making an online payment.

How To Compare Individual Health Insurance At

Selecting the best individual health plan might seem tough to you, but at we provide you simple and hassle-free ways to compare individual health insurance policy in India and select the best one which suits your requirement. There are few things which you should consider before doing individual health plans comparison. At our portal, we assist you with helpful tips to get the best plan.

Compare quotes and get the desired plan in a few minutes without much documentation. You will receive the policy through email within an hour. All you need to do is fill some basic details for taking advantage of the comparison services, get free quotes, compare plans and buy the desired plan which suits your requirements completely.

Things You Must Check While Buying Individual Health Insurance Plans

Do You know? Buying the wrong type of health insurance can leave you unsatisfied and uncovered from the medical uncertainties. To save yourself from committing this mistake, check these points.

Pre-existing illnesses

Medical insurance plans come with a waiting period of two-4 yrs in case of pre-existing illnesses. They are not liable to pay for any expenses incurred during the above-mentioned tenure that is caused by any disease that you were suffering from before buying the policy document. Therefore, a person desires to look for individual health insurance plans which have a shorter waiting period and an extra pre-existing illness cover.

Pre & Post Hospitalization

Pre and post hospitalization prices are the ones which can be accounted for before and after hospitalization. The cover of every policy differs in terms of the days, where pre-hospitalization is generally counted for 30 before hospitalization and post-hospitalization is counted for 60 days. It isn't always fixed so strive for choosing a policy that gives you the maximum range of days of this cover.


Co-payment is where the insurance organization and the insured pay in the percentages of the total billed amount. The proportion is decided earlier. This procedure may reduce your premium, but it's essential to understand if you could pay your part of cash at the time of an emergency. If you can’t, then it’s better to not opt for this option at all otherwise you might have to face complications later on.

Network Hospitals

Network hospitals are the hospitals listed by your insurance company for convenience; in which you can experience the cashless facility and don’t need to pay the bills for any medication or treatment. All the treatment costs are settled at once between the hospital and the insurer. It's prudent to avail of such policies that offer you the option of a wide number of network hospitals so that you can avail of the services anywhere you want.

No claim Bonus

Whenever there is a case of hospitalization, you have to bear a predefined room rent. Some policies offer a coverage amount on room rent at 2% of the sum insured while a few don't have any limit for such fees. It is always better to go with the latter one as it offers more flexibility to you.


Last but not least are the exclusions. It's obligatory to study the exclusions, terms, and conditions of every policy. Try and choose coverage with lesser exclusions so that you don’t experience issues while availing treatment or while making a claim for the treatment done.

Keep in mind these essential features while choosing your policy, you are sure to get the best individual health insurance, that will suit your lifestyle and requirements.

Documents Required for Individual Health Insurance Policy

If you have decided to buy health insurance online, then there are few documents that you need to provide such as:

Age Proof

Anyone of Birth Certificate, 10th or 12th mark sheet, Driving License, Passport, Voter ID, etc

Identity Proof

Driving License, Passport, Voter ID, PAN Card, Aadhar Card, which proves one’s citizenship

Address Proof

Electricity Bill, Telephone Bill, Ration Card, Driving License, Passport, should mention the permanent address

Some plans require a medical check-up usually for elder people above the age of 45 years to make sure that the insured does not suffer from any chronic illness. Passport Size Photo to have a record of the insured person's identity for future references.

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