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What Is Individual Health Insurance?

Health insurance is an important thing because of several reasons. Those people who do not have any kind of health plan face hardships in medical treatment that leads to the complication of situation. Due to lack of insurance, the cost of health treatment becomes a burden for individuals as well as their family members. On the contrary, those who have health insurance enjoy a better and relaxed life as they are ready to meet the requirements of any medical emergency. The best health insurance policy is the one which takes complete care of medical expenses. It also includes the coverage over disability and long-term treatment and custodial care needs depending upon the company and the plan. It will also assist you in availing tax benefits..
Basically an individual health insurance means a separately defined cover for each member. It is available for an individual rather than an organization or groups. It provides health coverage to the insured individual. You may be pleasantly surprised by getting different options in the same. Nowadays the insurance market in India has come out with several insurance options.

An individual health cover will provide coverage to the insured against basic medical care cost. Apart from it, this will also provide additional benefits to make the coverage much more effective. The benefits of the plan vary from company to company. Staying healthy is an important factor for an individual. People should put healthcare as their top most priority. Remaining healthy is a necessary thing. Customers should buy the health insurance plan as soon as possible. Early health insurance will insure customers for the lifetime.

Features Of Individual Health Insurance Policy

The individual health insurance plan can be renewed only till the senior most members reach the maximum age of renewability provided by the insurer. Normally the premium of individual health plan is slightly more than the floater plan. The policy can be extended to members of family like parents and in-laws. The policyholder can avail the advantages till the plan lapses. It is a great product for older families where the health risk is high. The individual health insurance plan provides coverage to the individual and costs slightly higher as compared to floater plans. Main features of this policy are:

Importance Of Individual Health Insurance plan

There are several factors which makes it important to have an individual health plan. Having a health insurance plan is vital for individual and for the family as well. It is essential for health and financial wellness. A health insurance provides coverage against the unforeseen medical expenses. You must buy it as soon as possible. There is a popular saying about the same

"Buy health insurance when you don't want it, because you may not get it when you want it."

Key Points on Why It Is Vital To Have An Individual Health Plan

Better health

People who do not have any health plan suffer from worst health outcomes, whereas those who have it get the quality care at the right time. A medical cover guarantees peace of mind and stable finances.

Preventative Medicare

An individual health policy provides better access to healthcare facilities. Many insurance companies send alerts to the customers related to where and when to have the diagnostic screenings.

Covers medicine & drug costs

It becomes quite hard for people to buy costly medicines for various disease under normal circumstances. Under basic individual health insurance policy, most insurers cover such medical expenses.

Financial Stability

An individual health insurance plan assists customers to achieve better financial health. Many insurers provide discounts which helps customers in saving money at the time of checkup or in case of hospitalization.

Advantages Of Best Individual Health Insurance Policy In India

Provides cashless facility

Every insurer provides a list of network hospitals. If the policyholder gets admitted in any of the network hospitals then he/she does not have to pay anything because of the facility as insurers cover such expenses.

Covers pre and post hospitalization

An individual health policy may cover pre and post hospitalization expenses. The related norms depend upon the insurer and the type of plan selected.

No claim bonus

The customer will get the no claim bonus if they do not file any claim in the policy term period. Policyholders can use the same to pay further premiums.

Medical checkup

Some insurers provide the facility of free checkup at select diagnostic centres and hospitals which saves your time and money.

Tax benefits

You can avail tax benefits under section 80D when you buy a individual health insurance plan.

How To Compare Individual Health Insurance At

Selecting the best individual health plan might seem tough to you, but at we provide you simple and hassle free ways to compare individual health insurance policy in India and select the best one which suits your requirement. There are few things which you should consider before doing individual health plans comparison. At our portal we assist you with helpful tips to get the best plan. Compare quotes and get the desired plan in few minutes without much documentation. You will receive the policy through e-mail within an hour. All you need to do is fill some basic details for taking advantage of the comparison services, get free quotes, compare plans and buy the desired plan which suits your requirements completely.

Why To Compare With

You may come across a lot of portals which are offering comparison services. But at, what you get is unbiased advice to take care of your health related needs. Our database is linked with leading health insurers which allow us to offer accurate quotes and features to you on a real time basis. You can complete your policy purchase on our portal by using different payment options such as credit, debit card or net banking. Please keep in mind that few policies may require medical tests for certain age groups before purchase. Our team of dedicated telesales executives will help you in the same so that you can undergo medical tests at your nearest location and can make a payment online for policy issuance. is IRDA approved portal and thus follows the norms of IRDA for accurate and trustworthy comparison service

Comparison of individual health insurance policies at is completely free of cost provides plan comparison from leading brands such as Religare Health, Max Bupa, Bharti Axa, Tata AI, Apollo Munich, Star Health, etc.

Buy policies within minutes by filling up the online form. Most of our health plans are online and you can get your policy instantly by making an online payment.

Tips To Find The Best Individual Health Plan

Check limits and sub-limits

Few limits and sub-limits can reduce the cost of the premium, but may alter the benefits. You should check your requirement, paying capacity and choose accordingly to reap maximum benefits.

Claim settlement ratio

It is an important factor that you must check before making your purchase decision. With it you can ensure that your claims would not be wrongly withheld by the insurance provider.

Don’t rely on premium

It is an important feature, but you should not make any decision on the basis of premium amount. You should also check the features of the plan rather than just the premium costs.


It is vital to check how many years the policy proposes to cover you. Check renewability features to get the best policy of the lot.

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