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Dental Insurance

When we pack our luggage for a long road trip, we always take care of our essentials like clothes, Beauty products. We never forget to check the tank of a car and to keep extra food and oil In the can so that in the hour of need we will have our safety plan ready.

This is the human tendency, we try to avoid problems as much as we can from every direction.

Just like this when we take insurances, we try to cover up each and every valuable thing and life of our loved ones along with our life. Moto insurance, health insurance, home insurance, travel insurance, and other life insurance are all matters of human need and we choose everything as per our needs and requirement of the situation.

Dental Insurance Cover

In between the big things of life, we often miss out the small but important things. Same as that if we talk about the insurance we miss basic like dental insurance. And one does not understand the pain until it is of their own. We all have the habit of eating junk food and that results in tooth problems. A single cavity in teeth can result in a chain of problems in the life of a person. If we are not in taking any food because of our teeth problem, it will result in low energy. And it will lead to enormous problems mental economic and physical. A small hole in the teeth can cause a big hole in the pocket of the policyholder.

This is the thing with insurance, we often miss small but important things in life while we are ensuring our assets. And one of such insurance is dental insurance. Sadly, dental insurance is neglected not only by the clients but even the various companies turn their cold shoulders towards Dental insurance and this is not included in the health insurance policies. Dental insurance is the cover that provides a cover for the dental procedures which are arranged by some medical professionals. These dental procedures differ from plan to plan such as root canal, carries filling, dentures and tooth extractions procedures and other. But, one needs to read and be aware of the different clauses in dental Insurance and one needs to make up the mind before buying any policy.

Health Insurance Companies

Dental Insurance Benefit And Covers in India

The dental problem cannot be neglected and assumed to be easy in your pockets. They not only need investment but proper consultations and guidance, Dental insurance help one to do so. With dental insurance, the policyholder is much aware of his or her dental health and he or she is motivated to visit the dentist more often. With regular visits, teeth of the policyholder will get long life and there is a need for motivation and awareness in the society as dental health cannot be neglected. There are various benefit of dental insurance in India and some of them are-

  • Dental Insurance provides Unlimited free dental consultation to the policyholder
  • Dental Insurance covers the Unlimited digital X-Ray and OPG facility for the policyholder
  • Policyholder enjoy Discount or few free of cost teeth scaling
  • The policyholder enjoys the benefit of the whitening of teeth.
  • Policyholder enjoys Assured benefit at the time teeth bracing and teeth implantation.
  • Dental Insurance provides a Discount on the routine dental checkup procedures
  • Dental Insurance Policyholder get the benefit of amalgam and composite teeth filling
  • Dental Insurance provides facility the policyholder to befit from the steel crowns on the primary teeth
  • It gives Benefit for the treatment of the infected tooth nerves to the Policyholder.
  • Dental insurance also covers the tooth removal cost of the policyholder.
  • Even some minor surgical procedures such as a biopsy of teeth tissue and drainage of minor oral infections are also covered in dental insurance.
  • Management of mild infections and lesions are covered by dental insurance.
  • If any existing denture and bridge need some repairing, it is also included in the dental insurance plan.
Check Health Insurance Premium
Check Health Insurance Premium

Few dental plans do not cover facilities like invisible bracing, lingual braces or even transplant, so the above-mentioned benefit and cover are generalized and they are not strictly followed by each and every insurance company. Policy benefit depends On the nature of the plan provided by the company and one should keep a check on the terms and conditions of the policy before buying it.

Western countries are well aware and they treat a dental problem as seriously as any other disease. But, In India, even today the topic of oral health care is not well structured and articulated and because of that As of now, there are no great number of companies that facilitate the policyholders with dental insurance and all the insurances like health insurance, have their own limitations. There are not many Insurance Policies but yes, there are few health insurance companies that also accommodate the policyholder with the benefit of dental insurance plans along with other benefits.

Dental Insurance Plans

Activ Health Platinum Enhanced

A unique Plan with features such as a chronic management program, modern treatments, covid-19, and more.

Unique Benefits

  • High SI
  • Affordable Premiums
  • Wellness Benefits

Activ Health Platinum Enhanced (Pros)

  • Earn 100% Health Return
  • Cover for Dental Consultations
  • Modern Treatment Cover
  • Wellness Coach
  • Mental Illness Cover

Activ Health Platinum Enhanced (Cons)

  • Illness due to intoxicants
  • Change Of Gender Treatment
  • Hazardous Activity not covered
  • HIV/AIDS not covered
  • Cosmetic Surgery unavailable

Activ Health Platinum Enhanced (Other Benefits)

  • Chronic Management Program
  • Premium Waiver Benefit
  • Reload of SI
  • Road Ambulance Cover
  • Second e-opinion

Activ Health Platinum Enhanced (Eligibility Criteria)

  • Entry Age - Years
  • Max Entry Age - Years
  • SI - 1 L to 1 Cr
  • Waiting Period - 30 Days

Flexible family plan allowing increased SI amount based on inflation rates. Covers advance technology methods, personal accidents and e-consultaion.

Unique Benefits

  • 200% increase in cumulative bonus
  • Rewards for being fit
  • Dental and Ophthalmic cover

We need to realize that dental care is as important as any other health care. On one hand, you have to pay lump sum of money for even the minor treatment of your dental care, on the other hand, we have facility of dental insurance that not only help to ease your pocket in hour of need and it will give you the advantage to explore dental care from a better point of view.

Why Do You Need Dental Health Insurance?

If your dental health isn't good and you need regular treatment, dental insurance could be your best buddy as they are a cost-effective way to pay for the sky-touching expenses. Dental treatments are costly as treatment requires a specialized lab setup, professional's skills and consumables for treatment especially when you need to have major teeth work done. So to avoid cutting down on your essential expenses for dental treatments, it is best that you opt for a dental health insurance plan.

  • Pay for dental healthcare
    Bad dental health could be visiting the doctor twice a year for a teeth-cleaning, or it could be thousands of oral surgery bills. So it's better to plan for dental insurance so that the treatment may not rip off your pocket.
  • Maintain Oral Health
    Having dental health insurance gives you the leverage of regular teeth cleanings and checkups as many dental health insurance plans cover regular checkups. This benefit of the dental policy will pay off immensely in the long run.
  • Peace Of Mind
    Good dental health insurance keeps your smile protected. If anything happens to your teeth within the policy tenure, your insurance will have your back. The payoff of dental health insurance is huge and impossible to ignore.

Things To Remember When Buying Dental Insurance

As we know that dental health insurance is a part of most health insurance policies, it is essential to ensure that the dental health insurance plan you buy must be worth every penny. For a person who needs regular dental treatments, the insurance coverage must meet all his requirements. And this is why, the customer has to keep a few dominant points before buying a dental plan, this will help the customer to make an informed decision. Here is what you should look out for while purchasing a dental cover:

  • Appropriate Coverage
    Find out a suitable health plan that offers all-inclusive coverage, it not only includes dental coverage but also coverage for the treatments and procedures covered. Such as root canal treatment, tooth fillings, extractions and root canals etc.
  • Comparison of the plans
    Policyholders must compare the different health insurance policies, to find out which dental insurance policy gear up their needs better. For example, the premium that he/she will pay is affordable or whether critical dental surgeries such as root canals are covered or not. These all criteria must be compared.
  • Check for the inclusions
    The dental insurance policy you buy must be comprehensive, with maximum coverage that may cover preventive care such as day-to-day oral healthcare treatments or check-ups, and critical oral healthcare treatments. So, read the policy document, to check if there is any waiting period involved in your dental plan or if its is covers these check-ups and treatments without any extra clause.
  • Check for the exclusions
    A dental insurance policy also has some exclusions, such as most dental insurance plans do not cover the cost of cosmetic treatments and surgeries. So it is highly recommended to read the policy documents carefully and then opt for a plan.
  • Network hospitals
    Few dental procedures conducted, need hospitalizing such as dental injury, illness or an accident. So, find an insurance company with a good network of hospitals across India to make it easier for you to avail of in-patient dental treatment wherever needed.
  • It is also wise to do some research before buying a plan, as it is a one-time investment, that will provide you many benefits and a piece of mind.

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Dental Insurance :FAQ's

1. Does dental cover count under medical insurance?

No, health insurance policies don't consider dental insurance as standard coverage. But, companies include dental treatment as an additional coverage to their policy.

2. Are dental injuries caused by accidents covered by all dental insurance plans?

Yes, dental injuries caused due to accidents are covered by all dental insurance plans.

3. Do insurance companies in India cover canal treatment in dental insurance plans?

Yes, insurance companies in India cover canal treatment in dental insurance plans.

4. Are tooth extraction costs covered under dental insurance?

Yes, tooth extraction costs are covered under dental insurance

5. Do the insurance companies in India cover dental implants?

No, the insurance companies in India don't cover dental implants.

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