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IDBI Federal Life Insurance Company Limited

IDBI is one of the fastest growing life insurance companies which offer a wide range of wealth management, protection and retirement solutions to individual and corporate customers. It is basically a joint venture between IDBI Bank and Federal bank. It commenced operations in 2008.It has around 2, 964 branches. As on March 31, 2015, the company had issued nearly 7.88 lakh policies with a sum assured of over Rs. 41,856 crore. IDBI Federal Life Insurance has entire assets under management of 4,087 crore and a strong capital base of over 800 crores, as on March 31, 2015.

Life insurance is a one stop solution for a secure and tension free life. Life insurance is in demand for several different reasons. We have put the top reason through which you will be able to understand the importance of having a life insurance policy. Life insurance is one of the best plans to secure future of your family and to gain higher returns. Under life insurance plans section, you will get several plans that provide security to your family and some plan will act as a great investment option as well.

Importance of Life Insurance


Once you set the financial goal, then you must be thinking of different ways to attain the same. This is where life insurance comes into existence. With the help of a life insurance, you will be sure about the fact that your family will be secure and able to live a peaceful life. They don’t have to worry about the financial issues, life insurer will be there to support them in every possible manner.

Tax Benefit

By buying a life insurance you would be able to save money on taxes. Even the maturity amount will also be tax-free under Section 10 (10D).


Life insurance plans such as ULIPs offers flexibility for asset allocation that suits specific risk needs, searching options and multiple premium payment options as well.

Wider Range

Life insurance comes along with a wider range of helpful plans that goes well with a person need such as a child plan, retirement planning, term plan and much more. You will surely get a plan that goes well with your needs. Just search for the right one.

Insurance for Financial Security

Yes, insurance helps you with different liabilities such as hospitalization, critical illness, debt redemption, etc. in a cost efficient manner.

Term insurance

Life is short and you possibly can’t guess what the future holds. With the intention to make your family at ease even when you aren't there to help them, pick out a term insurance plan. A term plan gives monetary support to family and allows them to face the uncertainties.

Term insurance is a popular plan because it provides financial coverage at low rates and the family of the deceased receives the complete sum insured amount. If the policyholder survives the policy tenure, this insurance coverage might now not deliver any maturity benefits. Currently, insurance companies have begun providing certain advantages in case the insured survives the policy term, they might pay back a certain percentage of the entire premium paid.

Provide coverage to your family against financial loss

You may wish to have a term insurance, however, just delaying your purchase isn’t always the right thing to do as it only increases the risk of having a trouble at your doorstep. The cash that you have in your bank account isn't enough for your dependents and that’s why you want to buy a term coverage as early as possible.

A premature demise of breadwinner is unfortunate for the family. A term insurance will assist to take care of their monetary desires.

Term Insurance Plans Are Effective

As there is no investment option in the same, the premium for term plans is less when compared to different insurance plans. One would possibly need to pay only one percent of his annual profits for a life cover.

Peace of Mind

It offers you a relaxed state of mind as you know that your family needs are covered if something happens to you. It may help your family to pay off different liabilities in case of your demise. Check plans by leading insurance providers and select the best term insurance plan that suits your financial needs.

Insurance Plans Turn Out To Be Costly With Age

The premiums of most insurance plans increase with age. So, it’s critical to shop for it in the early phase of your life. Search to buy appropriate term insurance on time as your profits will increase. It’s recommended to check your term insurance necessities and pick out the best term insurance plan to match your needs.

Your family will love it

When you cover your life with life insurance, your family will respect you more as it shows that you care about them and think of their needs. The amount of premium paid for the plan is tax-free and hence you can also avail of additional benefits from your plan.

IDBI Federal Life Insurance Plans

IDBI Federal Life Insurance Company is offering a wide range of effective life insurance plan. You can easily choose the best one for yourself.

Childsurance Savings Protection Insurance Plan: It provides annual payouts for essential levels in your child’s life

Group Microinsurance plan cover: It provides affordable life insurance covers to groups.

Incomesurance Guaranteed Money Back: It provides a secure future with guaranteed income.

IDBI Federal Lifesurance Whole Life Savings Insurance Plan: It assists in living a healthy and worry free life.

Loansurance Group Insurance Plan: Provides financial protection against the burden of loan liability for the borrower’s family.

Retiresurance: It helps in managing funds that you have set for employee’s retirement benefits.

Lifesurance: It provides a lump sum amount at maturity.

Termsurace: It is designed for different formal and informal group.

Termsurance Life Protection Insurance Plan: It is a non linked insurance plan which allows you to protect your family against any mishap.

Sampoorna Suraksha Micro Insurance Plan: It provides financial protection at an affordable price.

Wealthsurance: It is a life insurance plan that comes along triplets benefits.

Wealth Growth insurance plan: It provides the opportunity to choose the funds that you want to invest.

Wealth Growth Insurance Single Premium Insurance: It provides guaranteed additions to improve your investment.

Suvidha Growth Insurance plan: It assists in building wealth easily.

Loasurance: Secures liability in affordable manner.

Contact Address

IDBI Federal Life Insurance Company Limited
Tradeview, 1st Floor, Oasis Complex,
Kamala City, P.B. Marg, Lower Panel (W), Mumbai-400 013
Tel No.: 022- 66552836

IDBI Life Insurance News

IDBI Federal Life Insurance: Sponsor of Delhi Marathon

The IDBI Federal Life Insurance will be the Title Sponsor of the first edition of the New Delhi Marathon. It will be now called IDBI Federal Life Insurance New Delhi Marathon and will take place in Delhi on 28th February 2016. The ‘Face of the Event’ will be Virat Kohli, India’s Test Cricket captain. Around


Friday January 29, 2016

IDBI Federal Life Insurance Buys Office In Marathon Futurex

In one of the main office space deal, IDBI Federal Life Insurance Company Limited has bought commercial space worth over Rs 111 crore at Marathon Futurex in Lower Parel in Mumbai. The corporation has acquired around 61,720 sq ft office space extend over two floors at the IGBC’s Gold rated Green Building. The contract was registered in the


Tuesday March 15, 2016

Linking Of Aadhaar With Insurance Policy Is Mandatory, Says IRDA

On Wednesday, 8th Nov 2017, the Insurance Regulatory And Development Authority Of India (IRDA) said that the linking of Aadhar number with insurance plans is compulsory and asked insurance companies to implement the statutory norms.  “The Authority clarifies that, linkage of Aadhaar number to insurance policies is mandatory under the Prevention of Money Laundering (Maintenance


Monday November 13, 2017

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