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Buying health insurance plans in India is a simple, efficient & trustable process today. Many insurers provide top health plans on an individual & family floater basis, providing comprehensive healthcare benefits to you & your family. When buying one, look for offerings like quick claim settlement, network hospitals, rewards & benefits to get the best advantages.

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Health Insurance

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Health Insurance In India

As a common Indian citizen do we care about health insurance coverage? Or do we wait till something unfortunate happens to us or our family members?

As per Forbes Advisor, health insurance is a 12.8 million dollar industry and one of the largest contributors to the Indian economy. However, 400 million individuals have no access to health insurance in India.

Best Health Insurance Plans

Health insurance penetration in the country has improved over the years due to the global pandemic COVID-19, and consistently increasing medical inflation. The importance of health insurance plans is not unnoticed. In India health insurance is divided into 2 categories, namely private and public. Around 70% of the population is covered under public health insurance or voluntarily private health insurance as per Forbes.

What Is Health Insurance?

A health insurance plan offers financial assistance along with medical care coverage during unforeseen medical emergencies or for planned surgeries and treatments.

It is an indemnity-based health insurance contract between the insurance holder and insurance provider which can be bought by paying minimal premium fees to the latter.

A health plan is capable of covering all medical expenses like hospitalization, operational costs, ICU costs, personal accidents, and more.

Health insurance plans are available to you in various categories which are extensively discussed in the next section.

What Are The Types Of Health Insurance In India

There are multiple types of health insurance plans available in India that satisfy your financial and healthcare needs, and they are:

Individual Health Insurance

As the name suggests these plans cover single individuals against any medical care expenses and the sum insured opted for is utilized for one person.

Individual Health Insurance Plans

Name Of Plan Sum Insured Premiums

Niva Bupa Aspire
Up to INR 1 Crore Rs. 834/- Per month

Star Health Assure
Up to INR 2 Crores Rs. 960/- Per month

Care Supreme
Up to INR 1 Crore Rs. 929/- Per month

Aditya Birla Activ Health Platinum Enhanced
Up to INR 2 Crores Rs. 934/- Per month

ManipalCigna Prime Active
Up to INR 15 Lakhs Rs. 919/- Per month

*Premiums are calculated for base SI INR 10 lakhs & for a 30-year-old individual including GST

Family Health Insurance

Family health insurance takes care of you and your family by covering all members under a single sum insured.

Family Health Insurance Plans

Name Of Plan Sum Insured Premiums

Star Family Health Optima
Up to INR 25 L Rs. 2,110 /- Per month

Niva Bupa Reassure 2.0 Bronze+
Up to INR 1 Crore Rs. 1,706 /- Per month

ManipalCigna Prime Protect
Up to INR 15 L Rs. 1,778 /- Per month

Care Classic
Up to INR 75 L Rs. 1,557/- Per month

Star Comprehensive
Up to INR 1 Crore Rs. 1,879/- Per month

*Premiums are calculated for base SI INR 10 lakhs & for 2 Adults (30 yrs male + 28 yrs female) + 1 Child (5 yrs) including GST

Senior Citizen Health Insurance

These health insurance plans cater to individuals above 60 years, offering a plethora of medical care features like annual health check-ups, hospitalization expenses, and home hospitalisation - all popular for senior citizen treatment and care.

Senior Citizen Health Insurance Plans

Name Of Plan Sum Insured Premiums

Care Freedom
Up to INR 10 L Rs. 2,312/- Per month

Care Senior
Up to INR 10 L Rs. 2,598/- Per month

ManipalCigna Prime Senior Classic
Up to INR 50 L Rs. 2,246/- Per month

Niva Bupa Health Companion
Up to INR 1 Crore Rs. 3,119/- Per month

Star Senior Citizen Plan
Up to INR 25 L Rs. 2,489/- Per month

*Premiums are calculated for base SI INR 10 lakhs & for individuals aged 60 years including GST

Critical Illness Health Insurance

Critical Illness health insurance plans are specialized plans designed to help you in case you are diagnosed with life-threatening ailments affecting the vital organs like cancer, heart ailment, liver failure, etc.

Critical Illness Health Insurance Plans

Name Of Plan Sum Insured Premiums

Care Heart
Up to INR 10 Lakhs Rs. 14,195 /- Per year

Star Critical Illness Multipay Policy
Up to INR 25 L Call Our Insurance Experts At 1800-4200-269

Niva Bupa CritiCare
Up to INR 2 Crores Rs. 12, 521/- Per year

ManipalCigna Lifestyle Protection Critical Care Basic
Up to INR 25 Crores Rs. 2,915/- Per year

Aditya Birla Activ Secure Critical Illness
Up to INR 1 Crore Rs. 5,463/- Per year

*Premiums are calculated for base SI INR 10 lakhs & for a 30-year-old individual including GST

Health Insurance For Women

Maternity care health insurance plans are designed specifically to keep in mind the needs of women. The popularity of these plans is growing exponentially in the market. They offer maternity care and cover for female-centric diseases like breast cancer, menstrual/menopausal diseases, newborn care, etc.

Health Insurance Plans For Women

Name Of Plan Sum Insured Premiums

Future Generali Health PowHer
Up to INR 1 Crore Call Our Insurance Experts At 1800-4200-269

Niva Bupa Aspire Gold+
Up to INR 1 Crore Rs. 834/- Per month

Star Women Care
Up to INR 1 Crore Rs. 1,103/- Per month

Niva Bupa Aspire Titanium+
Up to INR 1 Crore Rs. 1,114/- Per month

Star Young Star Gold
Up to INR 1 Crore Rs. 699/- Per month

*Premiums are calculated for base SI INR 10 lakhs & for a 30-year-old woman including GST

Government Health Schemes In India

Along with private health insurance, there is a wide range of public health insurance plans designed by the state and central government.

  1. Ayushman Bharat - SI Up to INR 5 L
  2. Mukhyamantri Amrutam Yojana - SI Up to INR 3 L
  3. Dr YSR Aarogyasri Trust - SI Up to INR 5 L
  4. Awaaz Health Insurance Scheme - SI Up to INR 2 L
  5. Bhamashah Swasthya Bima Yojana - SI Up to INR 3 L

Want to know more if you are eligible for these public health insurance plans? Click Here

Health Insurance Companies

Benefits Of Health Insurance

Often we overlook the importance of a health insurance plan in our lives but it has immense benefits, the following points are just to name a few:

Eligibility Criteria For Health Insurance Policy

Purchasing health insurance is no challenging task, you need to fulfil the following eligibility criteria.

Aspects Specifications
Minimum Entry Age 18 Years/ For children - 91 Days
Maximum Entry Age 65 Years/ For senior Citizens - 75 Years
Initial Waiting Period 30 Days
Pre-Existing Diseases Waiting Period 2 - 4 Years (Depending on plan chosen)
Tax Benefits Applicable Under Section 80D

*The figures mentioned above are generally applicable for purchasing health insurance but may vary from plan to plan or depending on the insurance company.

Tax Benefits on Health Insurance

While health insurance plans are an excellent way to safeguard your family from unforeseen medical expenses, it is also capable of helping you save taxes.

Tax benefits under section 80D are as follows as per the age criteria for different individuals

Types of Policyholders Tax Benefit (Deductions) In Rs.
Age above 60 years Age below 60 years
Parents 50,000 25,000
Dependent children None 25,000
Spouse and Self 50,000 25,000
Preventive Healthcare 5,000 5,000

Insurance holders are eligible to buy the best health insurance plans with the tax deductions mentioned above.

You are eligible for the following tax deductions as per the Income Tax Laws in India

  • For parents less than 60 years old - Rs. 25,000
  • For parents above 60 years - Rs. 50,000
  • For self and spouse below 60 years - Rs. 25,000
  • For dependent children - Rs. 25,000

Let us understand tax benefits through a real-time scenario:

Raj is a 30-year-old working professional and his father is 70 years old. He purchases an individual health plan for himself and a senior citizen health plan for his father separately. He pays premiums of INR 30,000 and 35,000 respectively for individual and senior citizen health plans.

As per section 80D, Raj can claim tax deductions up to INR 25,000 for his health plan and INR 35,000 for the separate senior citizen health plan taken for his father. Raj can claim a total of INR 60,000 in tax deductions.

How To Compare Health Insurance?

Selecting the best health insurance in India is a challenging job. You must compare the sum insured, affordable premiums, network hospitals , and more. However, to make your job easier we have compiled a list of factors that will further help you to compare health insurance in India.

Comparison Parameters How Will It Help?
Incurred Claims Ratio (ICR) Compare health insurance companies ICR. It is the ratio between the total claim amount paid by the health insurer to the premium amount collected in a financial year.
Network Hospitals Look for network hospitals associated with your health insurance provider to compare health insurance plans.
Riders & Add-ons It is always beneficial to have some extra coverage when it comes to health insurance. Compare your health insurance plans and look for rider/add-on options available.
Waiting Period When comparing health plans in India, look for minimal waiting periods offered by different plans.
Co-payment Look for minimal co-pay/co-pay waiver options in your health insurance when comparing the best health insurance for yourself or your family.
Pre-policy Medical Check-up Does your health insurer demand a pre-policy medical check-up? If so, will it be covered by the health insurer? Compare health plans for pre-policy medical check-up terms.

How To Calculate Health Insurance Premiums?

There are multiple health insurance calculators on the internet. However, rely on a trusted resource to achieve accurate premium amounts. PolicyX, India's leading insurance aggregator for health insurance offers a FREE premium calculator to make your life & insurance buying more efficient. Follow these simple steps:

  • Step 1

    Visit the official website of PolicyX

  • Step 2

    Select 'Health Insurance' on the website

  • Step 3

    Fill in the details required in the form such as the number of members to be covered, city, age, name, and contact details

  • Step 4

    Click on 'Get Free Quotes' to view all available health insurance plans with premium quotes

  • Step 5

    Compare the list of health insurance plans with premiums as per your requirements

Factors Affecting Health Insurance Premiums In India

We are well aware of the multiple stress factors affecting our lifestyle and day-to-day activities, further causing hindrance in acquiring the best health insurance policy or may lead to overall increased premiums.

Regular Smoking

Regular Smoking

It is a known fact that a smoker has to pay higher premiums as compared to a non-smoker being a bigger liability. Smokers are also prone to health risks like cancer, heart attacks, and more. However, the premium difference for smokers and non-smokers may vary anywhere between 15 - 50% depending on the number of cigarettes one smokes in a day.

Your Occupation

Your Occupation

Health insurance policy premiums are affected highly by the nature of your job. A professional working in high-risk conditions will have to pay higher health plan premiums as compared to a corporate job.

Pre-Existing Diseases

Pre-Existing Diseases

In India, prevalent pre-existing diseases such as Asthma, Blood Pressure, and Diabetes are deciding factors for your increased health insurance premiums.

Your Age

Your Age

Health insurance policy premiums depend on your age. It is recommended to purchase a health insurance plan as increasing age brings multiple health ailments depending on your lifestyle and some inevitable age-related problems.

Your Gender

Your Gender

Health insurance plans offer female insurance holders discounts on premiums due to their longevity as well as to encourage insurance awareness among females.

Health Banner

Health Banner

Riders In Health Insurance In India

Health insurance riders are additional features that enhance your overall health insurance policy. You can attach these add-ons to your base policy and enjoy vast benefits at a minimal additional premium.

Critical Illness Rider

Critical Illness Rider

Offers coverage against listed critical illnesses such as cancer, stroke, organ failure, and many other life-threatening diseases.

Personal Accident Rider

Personal Accident Rider

Covers medical expenses caused due to unforeseen accidental injuries or disabilities.

Hospital Daily Cash

Hospital Daily Cash

Loss of income caused due to hospitalization can be recovered with a daily hospital cash rider. The rider pays you a fixed amount daily as per pre-defined sub-limits.

Maternity Benefit Rider

Maternity Benefit Rider

Expenses during pregnancy and childbirth may be expensive without a health cover, this is when a maternity add-on steps in and helps you manage your health and finances, altogether.

Why You Should Invest In Health Insurance At An Early Age?

The medical inflation rate in India is at 14%, leading to a constant increase in the prices of basic medical care. One of the many reasons you must invest in a health insurance policy at a young age is to make it affordable in the future. Other reasons include:

  • Comprehensive coverage for you and your family members for health emergencies and planned treatments without draining your savings.
  • You can wait out the waiting periods for coverages like maternity which may be your plan. So when the time comes for you to plan a family, you do not have to worry about the waiting periods.
  • Affordable premiums are one major point of attraction to purchase a health insurance plan in your early 20s.
  • You are eligible for tax benefits under section 80D.
Health Insurance For young India

Who Should Invest In A Health Policy?

Investing in the best health insurance plan is essential for everyone. However, pay close attention to investing in a health insurance plan if:

  • You are between 25 to 65 years old and are a salaried employee
  • You are planning to start a family
  • You are a newly married couple
  • You have dependent children, parents, or grandparents
  • If you are seeking tax savings tools

General Exclusions of Health Insurance In India

Health insurance plans come with a certain set of terms and conditions such as exclusions that you must be aware of like:


Breach Of Law

Substance Abuse

Cosmetic Surgeries


Gender Change Treatments

Steps To Choose the Best Health Insurance With PolicyX

The buying process at PolicyX is simple and hassle-free. Follow the steps mentioned below to buy the best health insurance policy.

  • Step 1

    Visit the official website of PolicyX

  • Step 2

    Click on "Buy Now"

  • Step 3

    Fill in all the necessary details such as the number of family members you want health insurance cover for and your age and click on "View Plans"

  • Step 4

    Compare and select the best health insurance plan suitable for you and pay required premiums

Steps To Choose the Best Health Insurance With PolicyX

Documents Required For Health Insurance Policy

When purchasing a medical insurance you will need a few documents readily available such as:

Proof of Identity

  • Aadhar Card
  • Passport
  • Voter ID Card
  • Driving License

Proof of Address

  • Rent Agreement
  • Utility Bills
  • Telephone Bills
  • Aadhar Card

Proof of Age

  • Aadhar Card
  • Birth Certificate
  • Voter ID Card
  • Driving License

Health Insurer Network Hospitals

Cashless and Reimbursement Claim Settlement

Claim settlement is the most crucial aspect of a health insurance policy. In times of medical distress, difficulty in claim settlement can cause problems.

Before we understand the steps to claim a health insurance policy, let us look at on-ground examples of how cashless and reimbursement claims work.

Mr. Ramesh holds an insurance plan from XYZ health insurance company and is hospitalized in a network hospital due to an accident. He files a claim from XYZ insurance company within the allowed time and the company provides a cashless claim settlement and pays the bill directly to the hospital.

As per the latest IRDAI regulations, cashless claims can be filed in a network or non-network hospital. However, there are certain terms and conditions attached to the same.

Steps For A Hassle-free Health Insurance Claim Settlement

  • Visit PolicyX official website for your health insurance plan claim settlement
  • Click on the 'Claims' section given in the top right corner of our website
  • Simply connect with our claim settlement team at PolicyX by calling 1800-4200-269.

The Bottom Line

A health insurance plan is not only your friend in need but a necessity in today's era. Neglecting health insurance may lead to grave consequences given the consistently rising medical inflation. Lifestyle diseases, life-threatening ailments, and stress-induced illnesses have the potential to harm the quality of your life.

To explore the best health insurance plans as well as in-depth information regarding health insurance, connect with our insurance experts.

Health Insurance News

21 Jun

Paytm Got a Green Flag for Insurance Product Withdrawal


On 12th June 2024, IRDAI accepted the Paytm General Insurance withdrawal request. The services they used to provide will be processed through its wholly-owned subsidiary, Paytm Insurance Broking Private Limited. These services include health, life, motor, shop, and gadget segments. Now they are aiming to innovate on the small ticket insurance products for the customers and merchants. 

20 Jun

Health Insurance Gets Futuristic with AI: Star Health Launches New AI Tool


Star Health Insurance Company has recently launched the AI-driven Star Health Face Scan. It is an innovative Artificial Intelligence tool designed for remote health assessment. This tool is all set to revolutionise the monitoring of our health. It can perform a comprehensive health check-up in under a minute by just scanning your face. Also, it gives real-time insights on 18 vital health parameters at your convenience. On the launch of Star Health Face Scan, the MD and CEO of Star Health and Allied Insurance Company says, ”The Star Health Face Scan tool not only exemplifies the company’s commitment to innovation but also represents a significant step towards the future of digital health assessments. This initiative is expected to increase customer engagement, improve health management and reinforce Star Health’s position as a pioneer in the health insurance sector. The company will continue expanding its technological capabilities to provide even more advanced and user-friendly solutions for its customers.”

18 Jun

New Health Insurance Rules: Insurers Seek Clarification from IRDAI


On 29th May 2024 IRDAI issued a new master circular on health insurance products. The main aim of the circular is to improve policyholder rights and make health insurance more accessible. The circular includes stricter timelines for the claim approvals and easier policy portability between the insurers. Certain areas of uncertainty for the insurers such as operational challenges like meeting the strict timelines for the claim approvals and data transfer between insurers might be difficult for some companies. Providing all the necessary details for group policies within the specified timeframes might be complex. The new rules require insurer committees to approve claim rejections, which could lead to delays. The insurance companies are likely to reach out to IRDAI for clarification on how to implement certain aspects of the circular. 

17 Jun

Maharashtra Revamps Health Insurance Scheme: MJPJAY


Mahatma Jyotirao Phule Jan Arogya Abhiyan (MJPJAY) has surged by 60% to over Rs 3000 crore. This is due to the larger number of people covered under the plan and the increased insurance amount per family. This is the biggest upgrade to MJPJAY since its launch in 2012. It now offers health insurance to all the residents of Maharashtra, not just those below the poverty line. The insurance amount per family has been increased from Rs 1.5 lakh to Rs 5 lakh, providing better financial aid for comprehensive medical treatment. 

14 Jun

Health Minister JP Nadda ready to Focus on Health Insurance for 70+


On 11th June, BJP president JP Nadda took charge of the health ministry. In the meeting with senior officials of the ministry, he got a brief about ongoing projects. Which includes the functioning of Ayushman Bharat Yojana and its potential extension to include senior citizens who are above 70 years of age. Also, they discussed the U-WIN portal to digitise all routine immunization records. Though Nadda did not make any statement about his agenda, in a recent post, he wrote: “The Ministry of Health and Family Welfare plays a crucial role in the nation’s progress and the well-being of its people. As the backbone of the country, the health sector not only promotes public health but also stands as a strong force in addressing and overcoming health challenges.”

Health Insurance: FAQ's

1. How to select the best health insurance plan?

There are various factors affecting health insurance plan selection such as:

  • Sum Insured
  • Riders
  • Coverage Features
  • Network Hospitals
  • Customer Care Services
  • Claim Settlement Ratio

2. Are there any discounts and rewards available when purchasing the best medical insurance policy?

Yes, there are multiple health insurance providers that offer multiple discounts on premiums on certain conditions such as a good health discount for individuals who have excellent health vitals, discounts for females and non-smokers, discounts for long term policy, and more.

3. What is the correct age to invest in a health insurance policy?

It is advised to purchase mediclaim insurance at a young age as it drastically affects your premium prices and provides you with an extended coverage. The earlier you invest in a health insurance policy the lower are the premiums as there is a lesser risk of developing any health issues.

4. Are pre-policy medical check-ups mandatory before purchasing a health insurance plan?

No, most health insurance plans do not require the insurance holder to undergo a pre-policy medical check-up. However, most medical insurance policies have a certain age limit up to which there is no need for a pre-policy medical check-up. The usual age is up to 45 years but varies depending on insurer to insurer.

5. Can I include my children in a family floater health insurance policy?

Yes, you can include your kids in a family floater health insurance policy right from day 1 up to the age of 20 to 25 years varying from insurer to insurer.

6. What is the ideal mediclaim insurance sum insured required by a policyholder?

In order to fulfill the medical care needs for yourself and your family it is best to select 100% of your annual income as the sum insured amount for the health insurance plan you purchase.

7. What is not covered by the health insurance plan?

There are multiple exclusions associated with your mediclaim insurance. The various conditions that are excluded are:

  • Injuries due to act of war and terrorism
  • Hospitalization or injuries due to substance abuse and intoxication
  • Injuries caused due to adventure sports
  • Sterilization and Infertility Treatments

8. What are the coverage benefits offered under a health insurance plan?

There are various coverage features provided to insurance holders under health insurance plans like

  • Pre and Post Hospitalization Expenses
  • Room Rent
  • ICU Cover
  • Domiciliary Hospitalization
  • Modern Treatment
  • AYUSH Cover

9. What are the various bonuses and discounts available to customers when purchasing a mediclaim policy?

Multiple discounts and rewards are enlisted within the health insurance plan which you can avail when purchasing health insurance plans like:

  • No Claim Bonus
  • Loyalty Discounts
  • Non-Smokers Discount
  • Female Policyholders Discount

10. How will smoking affect the premiums of my health insurance plan?

It is common knowledge that people who smoke are prone to serious health ailments like bronchitis, asthma, and even lung cancer. Hence, health insurance plans are available to smokers at high premiums as they are a bigger liability on the health insurance providers.

11. What are the various riders available under Health Insurance Plans?

The various riders available with health insurance plans are

  • Critical Illness Rider
  • Daily Hospital Cash Rider
  • Personal Accident Rider
  • OPD Rider
  • Global Coverage Rider
  • Reduction in waiting period Rider
  • PED coverage from day 1 rider

12. Can I port my health insurance plan?

Yes, insurance holders can port health insurance plans from one insurance provider to the next 45 days before their existing policy expires. To do the same you simply have to submit a few documents

  • Policy Portability Form
  • Proposal Form for New Policy
  • Current Health Insurance Documents
  • Claim History
  • Identity Proof
  • Residential Proof
  • Age Proof
  • Medical Records
  • Proposal Acceptance Letter
  • Premium Payment

13. Can I add riders in the middle of my health insurance policy tenure?

Insurance holders can add a rider of their choice and availability during the time of purchase of the plan, or during the time of renewal. However, adding a rider in the middle of the policy tenure is not available.

14. What is sum insured of a health insurance plan?

Sum insured means the maximum amount that the insurance provider will pay you in case you are diagnosed with an illness, or are hospitalized due to any injury or accident. It is the maximum amount that you can claim in case any medical emergency or planned hospitalization arises.

15. Can an individual purchase more than one health insurance plan?

Yes, individuals can have more than one health insurance plan. For example many individuals in India who are salaried employees already have a health insurance policy through their employer. However, if they want to avail additional coverage, they can purchase a super top up or top up health insurance plan.

16. What are the various documents required for purchasing a health insurance plan?

You do not need any particular documents at the time of purchase of a health insurance policy. However, it is essential to showcase documents at the time of filing a claim like

  • Identity Proof
  • Address Proof
  • Age Proof

17. Can I increase the sum insured amount of my health insurance plan?

Yes, if you feel that you have additional responsibilities and your current sum insured amount can not fulfill your requirements you can ask your health insurance provider to increase the sum insured at the time of renewal. However, with increased sum insured the premiums will also be increased.

18. Are there any discounts available during the policy renewal?

Yes, there are many advantages and discounts you accumulate during the entire policy period that can be beneficial to you during policy renewal. In case you have not applied for any claims during the entire policy period, you are entitled to a no-claim bonus which means your sum insured amount will be increased at the time of renewal. You may also be eligible for family discounts and long term discounts if you opt for long term policy tenures.

19. Will my health insurance policy lapse if I do not renew my policy on time?

Yes, your health insurance policy will lapse in case you do not renew your policy on time and you will lose all the benefits incurred throughout the policy.

20. How can I file a claim if I am admitted to a non-network hospital?

You can file a reimbursement claim after you have availed a treatment in a non-network hospital. Once you complete the course of your treatment, you can file for a reimbursement claim by filling a form and submitting documents related to your treatment and any other documents asked by the health insurance provider.

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