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Top 5 Maternity Insurance Plans in India 2024

Are you gearing up to bring your little bundle of joy into the world?


Embarking on the journey of parenthood can be an exciting and equally overwhelming experience. The many expenses attached to pregnancy and childbirth can shake your financial stability without a great maternity health plan.

Opting for the best maternity insurance plan for the mother and unborn child is the key to a stress-free transition into parenthood.

Scroll further as we uncover the top 5 maternity insurance plans from established insurers like Star Health, Niva Bupa, Care, and many more market toppers. Learn further what sets them apart, and why you should consider a maternity insurance plan to be an integral part of your journey.

Understanding Maternity Health Insurance

Before we reveal the top 5 maternity insurance plans let us understand the basic features and characteristics of maternity health insurance:

  • Maternity health insurance covers expenses related to pregnancy, childbirth, and other necessary medical care.
  • Maternity health plans cover normal and c-section delivery expenses
  • Pre-natal and post-natal care is covered under the best maternity insurance plans

List of 5 Best Maternity Insurance Plans in India 2024

According to data provided by UNICEF, 63,578 babies are born in India every day, contributing to one-sixth of the world's total births. However, every minute one of these newborns dies.

Investing in one of the top 5 maternity plans is necessary and can provide life-saving medical care to both mother and child.

Keep reading to find out more about the same.

Health Plan
Maternity Waiting Period
Sum Insured
Care Joy Min: 18 Years
Max: 65 Years
9 Months 3 and 5 L
Star Women Care Min: 18 Years
Max: 75 Years
24 Months 5 L to 1 Crore
Niva Bupa Aspire Min: 18 Years
Max: No Limit
9 Months 3 L to 1 Crore
Star Assure Min: 18 Years
Max: 75 Years
24 Months 5 L to 2 Crore
Star Youngstar Min: 18 Years
Max: 40 Years
24 Months 5 L to 1 Crore
What is Eligibility?

Eligibility is the pre-set criteria that you must fit into to buy an insurance policy. Eligibility includes age, the status of your health, income, pre-existing diseases, nationality, salaried or self-employed, etc.

What is Sum insured?

Sum insured is the maximum monetary coverage that a health insurance policy provides you. You should decide your sum insured based on the cost of medical treatments, your health, income, and lifestyle habits.

What is Maternity Waiting Period?

The duration between the end of the first waiting period and the beginning of the coverage for maternal costs is known as the maternity waiting period. This time typically lasts between nine months and six years, in most cases.

Features Of The Top 5 Maternity Insurance Plans

Now that we have rounded up the best maternity health insurance plans, let us understand the features and benefits offered which help in making your journey to motherhood smoother & stress-free.

  1. Care Joy Plan

    One of the best maternity health insurance plans out in the market, the health insurer offers versatile coverage for both the mother and newborn child. The waiting period for covering maternity and newborn baby expenses is limited to 9 months only. Care Joy policy tenure varies from 1/2/3 years making it a long-term health plan so that you do not have to worry about renewals, focusing only on your baby.

    Why We Recommend It?

    • Available in 2 variants namely, Care Joy Today (Sum Insured 3 L) and Care Joy Tomorrow (Sum Insured 5 L)
    • Covers Prenatal and Post natal expenses
    • Newborn medical expenses are covered from birth up to 90 days for your little bundle of joy!

    Notable Sub-Limits

    Maternity Cover (Pre and post-natal included) Up to INR 50,000
    Newborn Baby Cover Up to INR 50,000

    Premium Chart

    Sum Insured (In Rs.)3 L 5 L
    Premium (In Rs.)61,13982,452

    *Premium calculated for Care Joy Plan for 1 year policy tenure including GST*

    Explore further the various maternity benefits related to Care Joy Plan

  2. Star Women Care Plan

    A unique maternity health insurance designed for women, available on an individual basis to only females aged between 18 to 75 years as well as families. Pregnant women can also avail of this plan by submitting scan reports taken at Star Health-specified scan centres during the 12th and 20th week of their pregnancy period.

    Why We Recommend It?

    • Life-saving surgeries covered like Open Fetal Surgery, Fetendo Fetal Surgery
    • Star Women Care maternity health plan covers miscarriage due to accidents
    • Expenses related to surrogacy are covered after serving a waiting period of 36 months.

    Notable Sub-Limits

    Miscarriage Due to Accident Up to INR 40,000
    Assisted Reproduction Treatment Up to INR 3,00,000

    Premium Chart

    Sum Insured (In Rs.)10 L 20 L 50 L 1 Cr
    Premium (In Rs.)12,15416,46722,00126,762

    *Premium calculated for Star Woman Care Plan for 1 year policy tenure including GST*

    Explore further the various maternity benefits related to Star Women Care Plan

  3. Niva Bupa Aspire Plan

    A new-age maternity health insurance plan that covers you for IVF treatments, adoption, surrogacy, and more. It is available in Gold+, Diamond+, Titanium+, and Platinum+ variants. Delivery expenses are covered under the plan for both normal and C-section along with Pre-natal and vaccination expenses for newborn babies.

    Why We Recommend It?

    • Serve a waiting period of only 9 months before maternity benefits are covered under the Titanium+ and Platinum+ variants of the plan
    • Avail of treatment anywhere in the world with personalized co-pay options between 0% to 50%
    • The waiting period you serve will be carried forward to your spouse when added in the future

    Notable Sub-Limits

    All maternity-related expenses are covered up to the sub-limits under the M-iracle section of the Niva Bupa Aspire. However, the waiting period varies for maternity coverage.

    Plan Variants Gold+ Diamond+ Platinum+ Titanium+
    Maternity Waiting Period 48 Months 24 Months 9 Months

    Premium Chart

    Sum Insured (In Rs.)10 L 20 L 50 L 1 Cr
    Premium (In Rs.)12,42918,33424,17328,678

    *Premium calculated for Niva Bupa Aspire Plan for 1 year policy tenure including GST*

    Explore further the various maternity benefits related to Niva Bupa Aspire Plan

  4. Star Assure Health Plan

    Ideal health insurance for individuals seeking maternity health plans with a wide range of sum insured options and a multitude of features such as compassionate travel, assisted reproduction treatment, and automatic restoration of the sum insured.

    Why We Recommend It?

    • Multiple sum insured options for maternity health insurance coverage ranging from INR 5 Lakhs to 2 Crores.
    • Star health insurance will reimburse medical expenses incurred on Assisted Reproduction Treatment
    • Air ambulance is payable to covered individuals and families in case of any medical emergency or other requirements subject to the mentioned sub-limits in the policy schedule

    Notable Sub-Limits

    Hospitalisation Expense For Treatment of Newborn Baby Up to INR 4,00,000
    Assisted Reproduction Treatment Up to INR 4,00,000

    Premium Chart

    Sum Insured (In Rs.)10 L 20 L 50 L 2 Cr
    Premium (In Rs.)11,51916,28420,99228,286

    *Premium calculated for Star Assure Plan for 1-year policy tenure including GST*

    Explore further the various maternity benefits related to Star Assure Health Plan

  5. Star Young Star Insurance Plan

    Available in 2 variants Silver and Gold, covers you for normal and c-sections. Pre-natal and post-natal expenses are also covered. A minimal waiting period of 1 year before maternity along with lifelong renewal benefits is available with the plan

    Why We Recommend It?

    • You can easily avail of mid-term inclusion with Star Young star wherein you can add a newly wedded spouse/ legally adopted child or newborn baby.
    • Up to INR 30,000 per delivery coverage is available for expenses related to a normal or c-section delivery.
    • Wellness benefits are available with the Star Young star health plan wherein on the collection of 1000 wellness points you are subjected to up to a 10% renewal premium discount.

    Notable Sub-Limits

    Normal Delivery Expense Up to INR 30,000
    C-section Delivery Expense Up to INR 30,000

    Premium Chart

    Sum Insured (In Rs.)10 L 20 L 50 L 2 Cr
    Premium (In Rs.)8,39011,18614,73818,160

    *Premium calculated for Star Young Star Health Plan for 1 year policy tenure including GST*

    Explore further the various maternity benefits related to Young Star Insurance Policy

Other Maternity Health insurance Companies

How To Identify The Best Maternity Insurance Plans?

There are certain factors that the best maternity insurance plans have set them apart from the rest of the lot. Here are the ones you must look for:

  • Network Hospitals

    A vast list of network hospitals is great, but a vast list of network hospitals offering top-quality maternity medical care is what you should consider.
    One of the most important features the best maternity insurance plans can provide is a robust network of hospitals that can cater to you at this crucial phase of your life.
  • No Sub-Limits

    The best maternity insurance plans are the ones that offer you ideal maternity care with no sub-limits attached to them.
    Covering delivery expenses, pre-natal and post-natal expenses up to Sum Insured is beneficial over setting a capping on the same.
  • High Claim Settlement Ratio

    A high claim settlement ratio is indicative of the number of claims settled by an insurer. A high CSR is essential to identify the best maternity insurance policy among many.
  • Advance Medical Treatments

    The best maternity insurance policies are the ones that offer you the latest maternity treatments and procedures ensuring the overall well-being of you and your child.
    Procedures like IVF treatments, surrogacies, and legal adoption are rarely covered by health plans. Opt for maternity health plans that can offer it all.
  • Adequate Sum Insured

    A high sum insured is a key characteristic of the best maternity insurance policy. Medical care costs related to pregnancy and childbirth are on a consistent rise due to medical inflation.
    To tackle the same opt for maternity health insurance which offers you adequate sum insured enough to cover you for all costly procedures.

How To File A Claim For The Best Maternity Insurance Plans

Filing maternity health insurance claims might seem confusing but in reality, it is an uncomplicated process. All you need are your essential documents, prescriptions, medical reports, etc. Our article on Maternity health insurance will further resolve your doubts about how to settle claims.

The Final Verdict

Picking the best health insurance plan among an ocean of maternity plans available in the market today is a task for many.

We have listed the top 5 maternity health plans with their features, benefits, significant waiting periods, and premium tables to make your decision-making process easier.

Always remember investing in the best maternity insurance policy will bring you the best medical care for yourself and your newborn baby. For further information or queries, visit us at PolicyX.

Top Maternity Insurance Plans: FAQs

1. Which are the top 5 maternity health insurance plans in India in 2024?

The top 5 maternity insurance plans are:

  • Care Joy Plan
  • Star Women Care Plan
  • Star Assure health Plan
  • Young Star Insurance Plan
  • Niva Bupa Aspire Plan

2. Can you buy a maternity health insurance plan if you are already expecting?

Yes, pregnant women can avail of Star Women Care by submitting scan reports taken at Star Health-specified scan centres during the 12th and 20th week of their pregnancy period.

3. What are the factors to consider when selecting the best health insurance plan for pregnancy?

The various factors to consider are:

  • Network Hospitals
  • High Claim Settlement Ratio
  • Advance Maternity Treatments
  • No Sub-Limits
  • Adequate Sum Insured

4. Are newborn baby expenses covered under the best maternity health insurance?

Yes, newborn baby expenses are covered under the best maternity health insurance plans.

5. Are waiting periods mandatory for all maternity insurance plans?

Yes, waiting periods are mandatory to serve under any maternity health insurance plan you choose. However, look for those plans that have a minimal waiting period.

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